Blog: Met Another Man

Met a man last Sunday and I saw the most incredible Audio Visual ‘presentations’ Spent nearly 5 hours listening and talking, it was great.

He was off in Kilrush I think it was Tuesday evening, at a presentation or conference organised by the Clare Roots Society. He called his brother yesterday to tell him that my work, my website and the number of graveyards I have online for Laois were mentioned. I’d written him an email yesterday or day before so reply came in today in which he told me my name had been mentioned.

I forget these things don’t I?. Wrote back to him today telling him that yes, I do forget these things and that there is at least a paragraph about my website mentioning my name in a book that the British Irish Genealogy site sell. Book is called ‘My Ancestor was Irish’ written by a man called Alan Stewart.
Neither here nor there. Just telling you smile emoticon

Back in 2010 probably the Clare Roots Society was planning it’s first ever Genealogy Conference. I was asked if I’d give a talk and I said lovely, wonderful, great, of course I will.

Then – I fell down the stairs, didn’t I? Had 1/4 of my skull removed to allow my brain swell and was kept in a coma for a few weeks. Bit of a long recovery and of course I have Dan & Joe who kept going.

Can’t remember whether it was October or November that I drove from Dublin down to Clare and as I did, I will never forget saying to myself, “Isn’t this fantastic, just think you nearly killed yourself 10 months ago and now you’re off to give a presentation at a conference.

I think Jim (as in James McNamara telephoned me just before I got where-ever I was going and I pulled up to talk to him) Lyn was there as well. I really had a great few days, loved every minute of it.
That’s my Clare connection and I have to say it was really nice to hear that my site was mentioned when gravestones were being talked about