Acragar, Laois. Gravestone index

Acragar graveyard
Gravestone Name index

Ardea Civil Parish
Mountmellick Poor Law Union (Civil Registration District)
Co. Laois

An index to the names that I have seen on gravestones in this graveyard in Acragar.

Copies of original photographs can be purchased for a figure of 5 Euro per stone.

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A word or two on first names

e.s.=erected stone
n.d. = no date
questionmarks indicate that I could not read or was not sure of what I thought I saw.

NameSurnameYearAgeStone Name
?Fitzpatrick179070Fitzpatrick 1
?KateButlerButler 1
?PatrickFullon1747Fullon 1
AnneButlerButler 1
AnnieDowling19?4?Dowling 1
BridgetO'Dowling1922Kelly 1
DenisCashin n.dCashin 1
DenisWoodse.s.Woods 1
FamilyDonnelly n.dDonnelly 1
FamilyDonnelly n.dDonnelly 2
FamilyPiercen.dPierce 1
FamilyConroyn.dPierce 1
HanoriaO'Dowling1893??5Kelly 1
JeremiahO'Dowling18827?9Kelly 1
JeremiahO'Dowling??Kelly 1
JohnO'Dowling1899??Kelly 1
JohnButlerButler 1
JohnDowling19?38Dowling 1
John JosephDowling19?33Dowling 1
JosephWoods?Woods 1
JuliaKeating18?92?55Keating 1
KateHartleye.s.Donnelly 2
LucyHorane.s.Donnelly 2
MargaretHoran190?Horan 1
MaryCashin n.dCashin 1
MaryCashin 1963Cashin 1
MaryKellyKelly 1
MichaelDonnelly e.s.Donnelly 1
PatrickKeating1889?65Keating 1
PeterO'Dowling1911??Kelly 1
SarahButlerButler 1
TobiasButlerButler 1
WilliamCashin 1944Cashin 1
WilliamHoran?78Horan 1
WilliamO'Dowling18?81??Kelly 1
WillieHartleye.s.Donnelly 2