Griffith’s Primary Valuation Records: Search

From the 1820s to the 1840s a complex process of reform attempted to standardise the basis of local taxation in Ireland. The first steps were to map and fix administrative boundaries through the Ordnance Survey and the associated Boundary Commission. The next step was to assess the productive capacity of all property in the country in a thoroughly uniform way. Richard Griffith, a geologist based in Dublin, became Boundary Commissioner in 1825 and Commissioner of Valuation in 1827. The results of his great survey, the Primary Valuation of Ireland, were published between 1847 and 1864. The valuation is arranged by county, barony, Poor Law Union, civil parish and townland, and it lists every landholder and every householder in Ireland.

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M'Mullen WilliamBell, William JohnBallysessyAntrim
Coburn MaryBolton, JohnBallydonaghyAntrim
Johnston Rose AnneBolton, JohnBallydonaghyAntrim
Lavery SamuelBolton, JohnBallydonaghyAntrim
M'Larnon MaryBolton, JohnBallydonaghyAntrim
Smith WilliamBrowne, JamesBallydonaghyAntrim
Mallen HenryBullock, WilliamBallydonaghyAntrim
Lynn CharlesBurke, AnneBallysessyAntrim
Kelly MaryCampbell, JaneMain streetAntrim
Magill RobertCampbell, JaneMain streetAntrim
Bell AndrewCharters, JamesGorranaAntrim
M'Keone PatrickCharters, JamesGorranaAntrim
Stewart RobertCharters, JamesGorranaAntrim
Adair WilliamCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Adrain JacobCoey Edward SirBallycraigyAntrim
Agnew WilliamCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Alexander JamesCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Alexander SamuelCoey Edward SirAntivilleAntrim
Alexander SamuelCoey Edward SirBlackcave, SouthAntrim
Allen MaryCoey Edward SirBallycraigyAntrim
Allen MaryCoey Edward SirBlackcave, NorthAntrim
Atkinson MylesCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Boyd JosephCoey Edward SirAntivilleAntrim
Boyd JosephCoey Edward SirBallycraigyAntrim
Boyd Josh. ThompsonCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Boyd Samuel & JamesCoey Edward SirBallycraigyAntrim
Bruce WilliamCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Buchanan AlexanderCoey Edward SirAntivilleAntrim
Buchanan AlexanderCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Cairns DenisCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Campbell JamesCoey Edward SirBlackcave, SouthAntrim
Carmichael JamesCoey Edward SirBallyloranAntrim
???? ArchibaldCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
???? Margaret AnneCoey Edward SirBallyloranAntrim
???? ThomasCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Coach JamesCoey Edward SirBlackcave, SouthAntrim
Couch JamesCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Crawford JohnCoey Edward SirAntivilleAntrim
Crawford JohnCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Darcus SolomonCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Dugan JamesCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Ferguson DavidCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Ferris CharlesCoey Edward SirAntivilleAntrim
Ferris CharlesCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Fitzsimmons MatthewCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Fleming MalcolmCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Gibson RobertCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Hamilton AlexanderCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Hunter AnneCoey Edward SirBallycraigyAntrim
Hunter JamesCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Hutton JamesCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Kilpatrick ThomasCoey Edward SirBlackcave, SouthAntrim
Kirkpatrick AlexanderCoey Edward SirBlackcave, SouthAntrim
Lorimer ElizaCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Magill ArthurCoey Edward SirAntivilleAntrim
Maninch RobertCoey Edward SirBallycraigyAntrim
Martin CharlesCoey Edward SirAntivilleAntrim
M'Clarkin RobertCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
M'Cormack DanielCoey Edward SirBallyloranAntrim
M'Dowell AlexanderCoey Edward SirAntivilleAntrim
M'Fall Archibald, junCoey Edward SirBallyloranAntrim
M'Fall?? Archibald, sen.Coey Edward SirBallyloranAntrim
M'Garel?? HelenaCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
M'Garrell WilliamCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Miller IsaacCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
M'Kinty SarahCoey Edward SirBlackcave, SouthAntrim
M'Master JamesCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
M'Neill HenryCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
M'Neill JohnCoey Edward SirBlackcave, NorthAntrim
M'Neill John x 2Coey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
M'Neill JosephCoey Edward SirBlackcave, NorthAntrim
Molyneaux H. M., Rev.Coey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Molyneaux SamuelCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Molyneaux Samuel, Rev.Coey Edward SirBallyloranAntrim
Moone WilliamCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Moore AlexanderCoey Edward SirBlackcave, SouthAntrim
Paden Ellen LorimerCoey Edward SirBallycraigyAntrim
Rainey ThomasCoey Edward SirAntivilleAntrim
Ritchie JohnCoey Edward SirBlackcave, SouthAntrim
Ross JamesCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Smyth JohnCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Snoddy SamuelCoey Edward SirAntivilleAntrim
Wilson HughCoey Edward SirTownparksAntrim
Workman AbrahamCoey Edward SirBlackcave, SouthAntrim
Workman JaneCoey Edward SirBallycraigyAntrim
Workman WilliamCoey Edward SirBallyloranAntrim
M'Clooney WilliamCousins, MargaretBallytromeryAntrim
Moore ArchibaldDixon ThomasTownparksAntrim
M'Keever WilliamDonaldson, SamuelBallytromeryAntrim
Carothers SamuelDouglas, GeorgeGorranaAntrim
Clifford GeorgeDouglas, GeorgeGorranaAntrim
Hall JohnDouglas, GeorgeGorranaAntrim
Hall StephenDouglas, GeorgeGorranaAntrim
Nelson RobertDouglas, GeorgeGorranaAntrim
Young WilliamDouglas, GeorgeGorranaAntrim
Coey , Sir EdwardEarl of AntrimBlackcave, SouthAntrim
Cardwell JaneFerris, ArthurBallysessyAntrim
Elliott JohnFerris, ArthurBallysessyAntrim
Smith JamesFerris, ArthurBallysessyAntrim
Bullock JohnFerris, GeorgeBallysessyAntrim