Griffith’s Primary Valuation Records: Search

From the 1820s to the 1840s a complex process of reform attempted to standardise the basis of local taxation in Ireland. The first steps were to map and fix administrative boundaries through the Ordnance Survey and the associated Boundary Commission. The next step was to assess the productive capacity of all property in the country in a thoroughly uniform way. Richard Griffith, a geologist based in Dublin, became Boundary Commissioner in 1825 and Commissioner of Valuation in 1827. The results of his great survey, the Primary Valuation of Ireland, were published between 1847 and 1864. The valuation is arranged by county, barony, Poor Law Union, civil parish and townland, and it lists every landholder and every householder in Ireland.

Walsh Patrick - Reps ofFitzpatrick, John W., Right Hon.PowelstownLaois
Whelan AnneWills, Thomas & John, Esqrs.GarryglassLaois
Whelan CatherineDoolin, Cornelius, Rev.Fossy, LowerLaois
Whelan CorneliusM'Donald, ThomasGarryglassLaois
Whelan EdwardWalsh, CharlesGarryglassLaois
Whelan JohnWills, Thomas & John, Esqrs.GarryglassLaois
Whelan KieranWills, Thomas & John, Esqrs.GarryglassLaois
Whelan MaryCosby, Robert A. G., Esq.BaunogemeelyLaois
Whelan MaryCosby, Robert A. G., Esq.KnockleadLaois
Whelan MichaelFitzpatrick, John W., Right Hon.Money, UpperLaois
Whelan MichaelCosby, Robert A. G., Esq.TimahoeLaois
Whelan PatrickMurray, Baptus & Barton*Ballygormill, NorthLaois
Whelan PatrickBarton & Murray**Ballygormill, SouthLaois
White JohnClose, Maxwell, Esq.TimahoeLaois
Wills John, Esq.In feeGarryglassLaois
Wills RobertWills, Thomas & John, Esqrs.GarryglassLaois
Wills Thomas, Esq.In feeGarryglassLaois
Bergin PatrickMarquis of LansdowneBallypriorLaois
Bergin ThomasDunne, DanielBallinteskinLaois
Boylan MichaelKelly, CalebTimogueLaois
Bradshaw HughMarquis of LansdowneTimogueLaois
Brady MarcusSheridan, WilliamTimogueLaois
Brennan ThomasMoiles, JamesBallycoolanLaois
Brennan WilliamMoiles, JamesBallycoolanLaois
Budds Thomas, Esq.Cosby, Sydney, Esq., - Reps ofTimogueLaois
Budds Thomas, Esq.Marquis of LansdowneTimogueLaois
Budds Thomas, Esq.Marquis of LansdowneBallinteskinLaois
Byrne ThomasMarquis of LansdowneClondoolaghLaois
Byrne ThomasMarquis of LansdowneGuileenLaois
Cantwell JohnDunne, DanielBallinteskinLaois
Conroy DenisMoiles, JamesBallycoolanLaois
Cooney DanielBudds, Thomas, Esq.TimogueLaois
Cosby Sydney, Esq., - Reps ofMarquis of LansdowneTimogueLaois
Creamer DavidKelly, CalebBallycoolanLaois
Donohoe PatrickDunne, JohnBallycoolanLaois
Doran EdwardMoiles, JamesBallycoolanLaois
Dunne DanielMarquis of LansdowneBallinteskinLaois
Dunne JohnDunne, DanielBallinteskinLaois
Dunne JohnMarquis of LansdowneBallycoolanLaois
Dunne WilliamBudds, Thomas, Esq.BallinteskinLaois
Kelly CalebDunne, DanielBallinteskinLaois
Kelly CalebMarquis of LansdowneBallycoolanLaois
Kelly CalebMarquis of LansdowneBallycoolanLaois
Kelly CalebMarquis of LansdowneTimogueLaois
Kelly CalebMoiles, JamesBallycoolanLaois
King MauriceMarquis of LansdowneBallinteskinLaois
Lalor EdwardMarquis of LansdowneBallypriorLaois
Lyons JosephMarquis of LansdowneGuileenLaois
Mackessy JohnBudds, Thomas, Esq.BallinteskinLaois
Mackessy JohnBudds, Thomas, Esq.BallinteskinLaois
Mahon WilliamMarquis of LansdowneTimogueLaois
Marquis of LansdowneIn feeBallypriorLaois
M'Evoy MichaelSheridan, WilliamTimogueLaois
Miller JamesBudds, Thomas, Esq.TimogueLaois
Moiles JamesMarquis of LansdowneBallycoolanLaois
Moiles JamesMarquis of LansdowneBallycoolanLaois
Morris JamesMoiles, JamesBallycoolanLaois
Mulhall JamesBudds, Thomas, Esq.BallinteskinLaois
Mulhall JohnBudds, Thomas, Esq.BallinteskinLaois
Mulhall ThomasMarquis of LansdowneBallypriorLaois
Neill MichaelBudds, Thomas, Esq.BallinteskinLaois
Purcell ThomasBudds, Thomas, Esq.TimogueLaois
Shea PatrickBudds, Thomas, Esq.BallinteskinLaois
Sheridan WilliamMarquis of LansdowneTimogueLaois
Tracey PatrickMarquis of LansdowneTimogueLaois
Tracey PatrickMarquis of LansdowneTimogueLaois
Tracey PatrickMarquis of LansdowneTimogueLaois
Whelan DanielCosby, Sydney, Esq., - Reps ofTimogueLaois
Whelan PeterDunne, DanielBallinteskinLaois
White MargaretSheridan, WilliamTimogueLaois