Griffith’s Primary Valuation Records, Co. Antrim

From the 1820s to the 1840s a complex process of reform attempted to standardise the basis of local taxation in Ireland. The first steps were to map and fix administrative boundaries through the Ordnance Survey and the associated Boundary Commission. The next step was to assess the productive capacity of all property in the country in a thoroughly uniform way. Richard Griffith, a geologist based in Dublin, became Boundary Commissioner in 1825 and Commissioner of Valuation in 1827. The results of his great survey, the Primary Valuation of Ireland, were published between 1847 and 1864. The valuation is arranged by county, barony, Poor Law Union, civil parish and townland, and it lists every landholder and every householder in Ireland.

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Campbell MariaJohnson, JaneBallysessyAntrim
Craig RobertJohnson, JaneBallysessyAntrim
Kenard JohnJohnson, JaneBallysessyAntrim
Kinnaird WilliamJohnson, JaneBallysessyAntrim
M'Clure SarahJohnson, JaneBallysessyAntrim
Moran JamesJohnson, JaneBallysessyAntrim
Patterson JamesJohnson, JaneBallysessyAntrim
Smith MaryJohnson, JaneBallysessyAntrim
Weight JohnJohnson, JaneBallysessyAntrim
Arbuckles MatildaKinshander, Henry - Rep ofBallydonaghyAntrim
Johnson JamesLeatham, CharlesBallydonaghyAntrim
Ballentine?? WilliamLords of the AdmiraltyCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Donegan WilliamLorimer, AndrewBallysessyAntrim
Ferris RobertLorimer, AndrewBallysessyAntrim
Hanna BernardLorimer, AndrewBallysessyAntrim
Henry BernardLorimer, AndrewBallysessyAntrim
Pigott AlexanderLorimer, AndrewBallysessyAntrim
Browne MargaretMacauley, Robert & sonBallygortgarveAntrim
M'Cann SamuelManinch RobertBallyboleyAntrim
Watt JaneManinch RobertBallycraigyAntrim
Mullen SamuelManinch Robert BallyboleyAntrim
M'Neill MalcolmMarquis of DonegalCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Addis ThomasMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Allen JamesMarquis of HertfordBallyvollenAntrim
Allen SarahMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Armstrong AndrewMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Armstrong BernardMarquis of HertfordLangarveAntrim
Armstrong JamesMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Armstrong JohnMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Armstrong John, jun x 2Marquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Armstrong John, senMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Arnold WilliamMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Barnes FrancisMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Bell AbrahamMarquis of HertfordBallyvollenAntrim
Bell DalwayMarquis of HertfordAghnadarraghAntrim
Bell JohnMarquis of HertfordAghnadarraghAntrim
Bell WilliamMarquis of HertfordLangarveAntrim
Bell WilliamMarquis of HertfordAghnadarraghAntrim
Bell William JohnMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Bell William JohnMarquis of HertfordBallyvollenAntrim
Bell William R.Marquis of HertfordLangarveAntrim
Bell William RobertMarquis of HertfordAghnadarraghAntrim
Bolton JohnMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Boomer RanyMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Boyd Thomas - Reps ofMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Browne JamesMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Browne Thomas x 2Marquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Bullock NelsonMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Bullock WilliamMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Burke AnneMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Charters JamesMarquis of HertfordGorranaAntrim
Colburn JamesMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Colburn RobertMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Crothers JamesMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Dobson WilliamMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Dornan EdwardMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Dornan HenryMarquis of HertfordLangarveAntrim
Douglas GeorgeMarquis of HertfordGorranaAntrim
English Mary AnneMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Farr HenryMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Ferguson JamesMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Ferris ArthurMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Ferris ArthurMarquis of HertfordLangarveAntrim
Ferris ArthurMarquis of HertfordAghnadarraghAntrim
Ferris CharlesMarquis of HertfordBallyvollenAntrim
Ferris GeorgeMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Ferris GeorgeMarquis of HertfordLangarveAntrim
Ferris Susanna x 3Marquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Ganley JamesMarquis of HertfordLangarveAntrim
Ganley JamesMarquis of HertfordAghnadarraghAntrim
Gillan PatrickMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Gillespie Thomas x 2Marquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Gilliland WilliamMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Gresham RobertMarquis of HertfordGorranaAntrim
Gresham Robert x 2Marquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Hay WilliamMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Henderson John x 2Marquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Higgison RobertMarquis of HertfordBallyvollenAntrim
Higgison William J.Marquis of HertfordLangarveAntrim
Holmes William J.Marquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Hood WilliamMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Houston ThomasMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Hull EdwardMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Hunter JamesMarquis of HertfordBallyvollenAntrim
Ingram GeorgeMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Ingram William JohnMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Ingram William JohnMarquis of HertfordBallyvollenAntrim
Johnson JaneMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Kilpatrick ChristianaMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Kinshander Henry - Rep ofMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Lorimer AndrewMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Macredy MeredythMarquis of HertfordAghnadarraghAntrim
Magee CharlesMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Magee JamesMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
M'Cabe PatrickMarquis of HertfordLangarveAntrim
M'Call JohnMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
M'Call WilliamMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
M'Cartney JohnMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
M'Cartney JohnMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
M'Cullagh JosephMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Megahey AlexanderMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Miller JohnMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Miller William x 2Marquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
M'Kee William A.Marquis of HertfordGorranaAntrim
M'Kee William A.Marquis of HertfordLangarveAntrim
M'Neece JohnMarquis of HertfordBallyvollenAntrim
Morgan ThomasMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Morrow RobertMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Mulholland DanielMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Mulholland James x 2Marquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Mulholland JohnMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Mulholland MichaelMarquis of HertfordLangarveAntrim
Nelson JohnMarquis of HertfordLangarveAntrim
Nichols GeorgeMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Oakman BenjaminMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Oakman JohnMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Oakman JohnMarquis of HertfordBallyvollenAntrim
Oakman William, junMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Oakman William, senMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Officer JohnMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Palmer ArthurMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Palmer JohnMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Palmer MariaMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Palmer Thomas, junMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Palmer Thomas, senMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Patterson RichardMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Peel HenryMarquis of HertfordLangarveAntrim
Quigley AbsalomMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Quigley BanisterMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Quigley EdwardMarquis of HertfordLangarveAntrim
Quigley GeorgeMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Quinn ThomasMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Ranton WilliamMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Scott ThomasMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Sherlock ThomasMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Sherlock WilliamMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Sherlock William, junMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Smith Edward J., RevMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Steel ElizabethMarquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Steel William x 2Marquis of HertfordBallysessyAntrim
Stewart JohnMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Suiter SusannaMarquis of HertfordGorranaAntrim
Walker JohnMarquis of HertfordGorranaAntrim
Waring LucasMarquis of HertfordAghnadarraghAntrim
Waring Lucas x 2Marquis of HertfordBallyvollenAntrim
White GeorgeMarquis of HertfordBallydonaghyAntrim
Whiteside WilliamMarquis of HertfordLangarveAntrim
Whiteside WilliamMarquis of HertfordAghnadarraghAntrim
Peel JonathanMarsh, JohnBallyvollenAntrim
M'Cloy DavidMartin Henry Rev.TownparksAntrim
M'Kay , Rev. Charles F.Martin Henry Rev.GlebeAntrim
M'Garry HenryMasterson, JohnBallymacrevanAntrim
M'Garrell JamesM'Cauley JohnCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Miller & Moffett M'Cauley JohnCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Butler DanielM'Cauley John Curran & DrumalissAntrim
Donaldson HughM'Claverty NealCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Carberry EdwardM'Clure, HughBallyshanaghillAntrim
Glover ThomasM'Clure, HughBallyshanaghillAntrim
Mulholland WalterM'Clure, HughBallyshanaghillAntrim
Tomm ThomasM'Clure, HughBallyshanaghillAntrim
Mateer JamesM'Cluskey, JamesMain streetAntrim
Halliday Sarah JaneM'Clusky, JamesMain streetAntrim
Hull? IsaacM'Clusky, JamesMain streetAntrim
Bullock JohnM'Connell, WilliamBallymacrevanAntrim
Campbell ElizabethM'Connell, WilliamBallymacrevanAntrim
Gray AlexanderM'Connell, WilliamBallygortgarveAntrim
Gray JohnM'Connell, WilliamBallygortgarveAntrim
Hazlett MosesM'Connell, WilliamBallymacrevanAntrim
Johnston JohnM'Connell, WilliamBallymacrevanAntrim
Malcomson RobertM'Connell, WilliamBallymacrevanAntrim
M'Mullen William JohnM'Connell, WilliamBallymacrevanAntrim
M'Quillan JohnM'Connell, WilliamBallymacrevanAntrim
Mulholland WalterM'Connell, WilliamBallymacrevanAntrim
Rogers JohnM'Connell, WilliamBallymacrevanAntrim
M'Cormack HughM'Cormack DanielBallyloranAntrim
Raine?? ThomasM'Cormack DanielBallyloranAntrim
Wherry JohnM'Fall ArchibaldBallyloranAntrim
M'Lester? JamesM'Fall Archibald jun.BallyloranAntrim
Brennan SamuelM'Fall Archibald sen.BallyloranAntrim
Reaney?? IsaacM'Fall Archibald sen.BallyloranAntrim
Stewart JamesM'Fall Archibald sen.BallyloranAntrim
Campbell JaneM'Gee, JohnMain streetAntrim
M'Garry HenryM'Gee, JohnMain streetAntrim
M'Naughten PatrickM'Gee, JohnMain streetAntrim
Kiernan JohnM'Gill PatrickCurran & DrumalissAntrim
M'Garel?? HelenaMillar JohnTownparksAntrim
Bell WilliamMiller, JohnBallysessyAntrim
Ingram JohnMiller, JohnBallysessyAntrim
M'Gee JohnM'Kee, William A.GorranaAntrim
Byrne James x 2M'Lernon, JamesBallytromeryAntrim
Haddock EdwardM'Lernon, JamesBallytromeryAntrim
Boyd WilliamM'Lorinan, JamesMain street*Antrim
Cormican ThomasM'Lorinan, JamesMain street*Antrim
Hamilton MargaretM'Lorinan, JamesMain street*Antrim
Jones JamesM'Lorinan, JamesMain streetAntrim
Lackey JamesM'Neece, JohnBallyvollenAntrim
Mulholland SarahMulholland, MichaelLangarveAntrim
Johnson GeorgeMullan, RobertBallyshanaghillAntrim
Coburn FrancisOakman, JohnBallyvollenAntrim
Crossan StephenOakman, JohnBallyvollenAntrim
Kirkpatrick JohnOakman, JohnBallydonaghyAntrim
M'Neece JohnOakman, JohnBallyvollenAntrim
Toland WilliamOakman, William, senBallydonaghyAntrim
Crawford JohnO'Neill JohnTownparksAntrim
Armstrong John x 3Pakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallytromeryAntrim
Barr RosePakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main streetAntrim
Bell EdwardPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallymacrevanAntrim
Bell JohnPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallygortgarveAntrim
Bell William RobertPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallymacrevanAntrim
Berryhill John x 2Pakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallytromeryAntrim
Boyd JamesPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallymacrevanAntrim
Boyd RobertPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallyshanaghillAntrim
Boyd Robert x 2Pakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main streetAntrim
Burgess JohnPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.The Mill RoadAntrim
Burgess MatildaPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.The Mill RoadAntrim
Campbell CharlesPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main street*Antrim
Campbell CharlesPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallyshanaghillAntrim
Campbell HughPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallyshanaghillAntrim
Campbell JanePakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallyshanaghillAntrim
Campbell Jane x 2Pakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallytromeryAntrim
Campbell JohnPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main streetAntrim
Canning Alexander C., Rev.Pakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallyshanaghillAntrim
Canning Alexander, Rev.Pakenham, Arthur H., Rev.The Mill RoadAntrim
Cousin IsaacPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallyshanaghillAntrim
Cousins HenryPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main streetAntrim
Cousins IsaacPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main streetAntrim
Cousins MargaretPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallytromeryAntrim
Cranston JohnPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main streetAntrim
Dempsey BridgetPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main streetAntrim
Donaldson SamuelPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallytromeryAntrim
Donegan ArthurPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main streetAntrim
Dornan HenryPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallyshanaghillAntrim
Dornan Henry x 2Pakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallytromeryAntrim
English JosephPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main streetAntrim
English JosephPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallyshanaghillAntrim
Fenton EdwardPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main street*Antrim
Fenton EdwardPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallyshanaghillAntrim
Finton EdwardPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallygortgarveAntrim
Gaussen John L.Pakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallytromeryAntrim
Gaussen John L.Pakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallygortgarveAntrim
Gilbert ThomasPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallytromeryAntrim
Haddock MaryPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main streetAntrim
Harbison EdwardPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallyshanaghillAntrim
Harbisson EdwardPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main streetAntrim
Hume George A. x 2Pakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallyshanaghillAntrim
Hume George A. x 2Pakenham, Arthur H., Rev.BallytromeryAntrim
Hunter DeborahPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main streetAntrim
Hunter MarthaPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main streetAntrim
Ingram LeonardPakenham, Arthur H., Rev.Main streetAntrim
Johnston James x 2Pakenham, Arthur H., Rev.The Mill RoadAntrim

My tables are sorted alphabetically by Occupiers’ name – any Immediate Lessor may be listed numerous times throughout a parish. Immediate Lessor names are not sorted alphebetically

In those instances when a person is listed twice in the same townland and the Immediate lessor was the same for each entry I have the occupiers name once and indicated how many times that name occurs in that townland beside it.

I have excluded the name of Immediate Lessors of Vacant properties when that person was already listed as being an Immediate Lessor in the same townland. The names of Immediate Lessors of vacant properties are included if that person was not listed as an Immediate Occupier previously in that townland.

In those instances when a person is listed twice in the same townland and the Immediate lessor was the same for each entry I have the occupiers name once and indicated how many times that name occurs in that townland beside it. I have excluded the name of Immediate Lessors of Vacant properties when that person was already listed as being an Immediate Lessor in the same townland. The names of Immediate Lessors of vacant properties are included if that person was not listed as an Immediate Occupier previously in that townland.

The Immediate Lessor is the person who owns or leases the property from the Landholder. The Occupier is the person who leases the land from the Immediate Lessor. The Occupier, in turn, may sub-let part of the property that they are listed as being the Occupier of, in which case, their name is then listed in the Immediate Lessor column. You need to see the original pages of the Griffiths Valuation which lists the type of property being leased.