Griffith’s Primary Valuation Records, Co. Cork

From the 1820s to the 1840s a complex process of reform attempted to standardise the basis of local taxation in Ireland. The first steps were to map and fix administrative boundaries through the Ordnance Survey and the associated Boundary Commission. The next step was to assess the productive capacity of all property in the country in a thoroughly uniform way. Richard Griffith, a geologist based in Dublin, became Boundary Commissioner in 1825 and Commissioner of Valuation in 1827. The results of his great survey, the Primary Valuation of Ireland, were published between 1847 and 1864. The valuation is arranged by county, barony, Poor Law Union, civil parish and townland, and it lists every landholder and every householder in Ireland.

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The Ladies BoyleIn FeeGrange MoreCork
The Ladies BoyleIn FeeGrangebegCork
The Ladies BoyleIn FeeLehenaghCork
The Ladies Boyle x 2In FeeAghaforeCork
The Ladies Boyle x 2In FeeCurrahyCork
The Ladies Boyle x 3In FeeLislevaneCork
The Ladies Boyle, x 3In FeeAbbeymahonCork
George A. Daunt, Esq.In feeBallinluig, EastCork
George A. Daunt, Esq.In feeBallinluig, WestCork
George A. Daunt, Esq. x 2In feeKilboyCork
Arthur H. Daunt, Esq. x 3In feeRobertstownCork
Rev. Richard John MeadeIn feeBallingarry, EastCork
Leonard Potter, Esq.In feeFarthaCork
Daniel DonovanKeoghane, DenisLislevane VillageCork
Johanna BarryKiely, MichaelBallingarry, EastCork
John SiskKiely, MichaelBallingarry, EastCork
Catherine LumbardKiely, WilliamBallingarry, WestCork
Cornelius DonovanKingston, GeorgeArdgehaneCork
John DonovanKingston, GeorgeArdgehaneCork
William DriscollKingston, GeorgeArdgehaneCork
Patrick FoleyKingston, GeorgeArdgehaneCork
William JenningsKingston, GeorgeArdgehaneCork
John RiordanKingston, GeorgeArdgehaneCork
Timothy WheltonKingston, JeremiahAghaforeCork
Michael CoghlanLeary, DanielLislevaneCork
John CrowleyLeary, DanielCurrahevern, WestCork
James LearyLeary, DanielCurrahevern, WestCork
Denis MurphyLeary, DanielCurrahevern, EastCork
John GogginLocke, JohnFarthaCork
Patrick ClearyLucas, Thomas, Esq.AghaforeCork
Johanna DonovanLucas, Thomas, Esq.AghaforeCork
Cornelius LearyLucas, Thomas, Esq.AghaforeCork
Cornelius MinahaneLucas, Thomas, Esq.AghaforeCork
John SullivanLucas, Thomas, Esq.AghaforeCork
Michael LyonsLyons, JeremiahLehenaghCork
Michael MaddenMadden, CorneliusLehenaghCork
Mary McCarthyM'Carthy, Daniel, jun.ArdgehaneCork
Mary McDonnellM'Carthy, OwenBallingarry, MiddleCork
Michael HayesM'Carthy, SimonArdgehaneCork
Thomas HosfordM'Dermott, William, Esq.Ballinluig, WestCork
William IrelandM'Dermott, William, Esq.Ballinluig, WestCork
David KielyM'Dermott, William, Esq.Ballinluig, EastCork
Michael McDanielM'Dermott, William, Esq.Ballinluig, WestCork
Owen McDonnellM'Dermott, William, Esq.Ballinluig, WestCork
Daniel MeehiganM'Dermott, William, Esq.Ballinluig, WestCork
Mary SheehanM'Dermott, William, Esq.Ballinluig, WestCork
Daniel KidneyM'Donnell, OwenBallyhamsaneCork
Maurice AhernMeade, Richard John, Rev.Ballingarry, EastCork
Mary BarryMeade, Richard John, Rev.Ballingarry, EastCork
John CoveneyMeade, Richard John, Rev.Ballingarry, EastCork
Michael KielyMeade, Richard John, Rev.Ballingarry, EastCork
Johanna SullivanMeade, Richard John, Rev.Ballingarry, EastCork
Daniel McCarthyMinihane, JohnLislevaneCork
Daniel ConnellyMurphy, BartholomewAghaforeCork
Mary MinehaneMurphy, JeremiahAbbeymahonCork
Denis BrienMurphy, MichaelGarraneCork
Patrick CoghlanMurphy, MichaelGarraneCork
Johanna DriscollMurphy, TimothyAbbeymahonCork
Mary DriscollMurphy, TimothyAbbeymahonCork
Jeremiah HollandMurphy, TimothyAbbeymahonCork
Charles CullinaneMurphy, WilliamLehenaghCork
Jeremiah DonovanPead & Cussane*BallyhamsaneCork
W. McDermott, Esq.Pead & Cussane*Ballinluig, EastCork
William McDermott, Esq.Pead & Cussane*Ballinluig, EastCork
Luke Joseph Shea, Esq.Pead & Cussane*BallyhamsaneCork
William WhitePead & Cussane*BallyhamsaneCork
James WhitePerrot, JamesArdgehaneCork
Cornelius DonovanPerrott, DanielArdgehaneCork
Margaret DonovanPerrott, DanielArdgehaneCork
James DriscollPerrott, DanielArdgehaneCork
Ellen FlemmingPerrott, DanielArdgehaneCork
Robert PerrottPerrott, JohnArdgehaneCork
Bartholomew HorriganPerrott, Mathew - Reps ofArdgehaneCork
Ellen HorriganPerrott, Mathew - Reps ofArdgehaneCork
William FalveyPerrott, ThomasArdgehaneCork
David KeillyPerrott, ThomasArdgehaneCork
John KeillyPerrott, ThomasArdgehaneCork
Garrett HollandPerrott, WilliamAbbeymahonCork
Cornelius. Ahern, jun.Potter, Leonard, Esq.FarthaCork
Cornelius Ahern, sen.Potter, Leonard, Esq.FarthaCork
David BarryPotter, Leonard, Esq.FarthaCork
William BowenPotter, Leonard, Esq.FarthaCork
Bartholomew ColemanPotter, Leonard, Esq.FarthaCork
Nicholas CollinsPotter, Leonard, Esq.FarthaCork
James CoveneyPotter, Leonard, Esq.FarthaCork
John CoveneyPotter, Leonard, Esq.FarthaCork
Richard KenefickPotter, Leonard, Esq.FarthaCork
John LockePotter, Leonard, Esq.FarthaCork
John WalshPotter, Leonard, Esq.FarthaCork
William WalshPotter, Leonard, Esq.FarthaCork
Jeremiah MahonyPower, PatrickCregganeCork
John SmithSeymour, Isaac, Esq.Ballinluig, WestCork
John BrienShea, Luke Joseph, Esq.BallyhamsaneCork
John ChambersShea, Luke Joseph, Esq.BallyhamsaneCork
Daniel CoveneyShea, Luke Joseph, Esq.BallyhamsaneCork
Timothy DriscollShea, Luke Joseph, Esq.BallyhamsaneCork
John HalloranShea, Luke Joseph, Esq.BallyhamsaneCork
Jane LynchShea, Luke Joseph, Esq.BallyhamsaneCork
Anne MaddenShea, Luke Joseph, Esq.BallyhamsaneCork
Mary MahonySheehan, MaryBallinluig, WestCork
James MeathSmith, JohnBallinluig, WestCork
James AhernStaughton, Thomas A., Esq.BallintrideenCork
Owen AhernStaughton, Thomas A., Esq.BallintrideenCork
Robert BarryStaughton, Thomas A., Esq.BallintrideenCork
Timothy DinneenStaughton, Thomas A., Esq.BallintrideenCork
Cornelius FootStaughton, Thomas A., Esq.BallintrideenCork
Michael Glaveen (Donohoe)Staughton, Thomas A., Esq.BallintrideenCork
John KeeffeStaughton, Thomas A., Esq.BallintrideenCork
Daniel LeahyStaughton, Thomas A., Esq.BallintrideenCork
John NoonanStaughton, Thomas A., Esq.BallintrideenCork
William ReynoldsStaughton, Thomas A., Esq.BallintrideenCork
Denis SullivanSullivan, CorneliusGrangebegCork
Anne SullivanSullivan, Jer. (Denis)GarraneCork
Daniel MurphySullivan, Jer. (Mich.)GarraneCork
Patrick LyonsSullivan, JohannaBallingarry, EastCork
Mary BarrySullivan, JohnKilboyCork
Michael SullivanSullivan, JohnKilboyCork
Owen McDonnellTagney, JohnBallyhamsaneCork
Catherine BarryThe Ladies BoyleGrange MoreCork
Edward BarryThe Ladies BoyleGrange MoreCork
James BarryThe Ladies BoyleLehenaghCork
John BarryThe Ladies BoyleLehenaghCork
Richard BarryThe Ladies BoyleCurrahevern, EastCork
Richard Barry (Barravane)The Ladies BoyleGrange MoreCork
Patrick Barry (Barryvane)The Ladies BoyleGrange MoreCork
John Barry x 2The Ladies BoyleGrange MoreCork
John Barry, (Barryvane)The Ladies BoyleGrange MoreCork
John Barry, junThe Ladies BoyleGrange MoreCork
John BrickleyThe Ladies BoyleLehenaghCork
John BrienThe Ladies BoyleGrange MoreCork
Michael Brien (Houraghan)The Ladies BoyleCregganeCork
Patrick Brien (Bawn)The Ladies BoyleGrange MoreCork
Patrick Brien, senThe Ladies BoyleAbbeymahonCork
Patrick BuckleyThe Ladies BoyleCurrahevern, WestCork
Timothy CartyThe Ladies BoyleLislevane VillageCork
Jeremiah ClearyThe Ladies BoyleCregganeCork
John ClearyThe Ladies BoyleAbbeymahonCork
Laurence ClearyThe Ladies BoyleAbbeymahonCork
Laurence ClearyThe Ladies BoyleCregganeCork
Denis CoghlanThe Ladies BoyleLislevaneCork
John CoghlanThe Ladies BoyleGrangebegCork
John CoghlanThe Ladies BoyleLislevaneCork
Margaret ColemanThe Ladies BoyleCurrahevern, EastCork
Denis CollinsThe Ladies BoyleLehenaghCork
Jeremiah CollinsThe Ladies BoyleCregganeCork
Jeremiah & Thomas CollinsThe Ladies BoyleAbbeymahonCork
Timothy CollinsThe Ladies BoyleCurrahevern, EastCork
Thomas Collins x 2The Ladies BoyleAbbeymahonCork
Daniel Collins x 5The Ladies BoyleGarraneCork
John CommonsThe Ladies BoyleLislevane VillageCork
William CondonThe Ladies BoyleLislevaneCork
Jeremiah ConnellyThe Ladies BoyleArdgehaneCork
George Crofts, Esq.The Ladies BoyleAghmanister & SpitalCork
George Crofts, Esq.The Ladies BoyleCregganeCork
Michael CrowleyThe Ladies BoyleGrange MoreCork
Cornelius Crowley, junThe Ladies BoyleCurrahyCork
John CullinaneThe Ladies BoyleCregganeCork
Michael DauntThe Ladies BoyleCurrahevern, EastCork
Michael DauntThe Ladies BoyleCurrahevern, WestCork
Jeremiah DavisThe Ladies BoyleLislevaneCork
Jeremiah DavisThe Ladies BoyleLislevane VillageCork
James DeacyThe Ladies BoyleLehenaghCork
James DeacyThe Ladies BoyleLislevane VillageCork
John DeacyThe Ladies BoyleLehenaghCork
Michael DeacyThe Ladies BoyleLehenaghCork
Timothy DeacyThe Ladies BoyleLehenaghCork
Daniel Deacy x 2The Ladies BoyleLehenaghCork
John Dean x 3The Ladies BoyleAghaforeCork
Alexander DeaneThe Ladies BoyleArdgehaneCork
Alexander DeaneThe Ladies BoyleLislevane VillageCork
John DeaneThe Ladies BoyleCregganeCork
Alexander Deane, x 2The Ladies BoyleLislevaneCork
Jeremiah DonnellyThe Ladies BoyleAbbeymahonCork
Ellen DonovanThe Ladies BoyleLehenaghCork
John DonovanThe Ladies BoyleLehenaghCork
Laurence DonovanThe Ladies BoyleGrangebegCork
Mary DonovanThe Ladies BoyleAbbeymahonCork
Mary DonovanThe Ladies BoyleLislevane VillageCork
Patrick DonovanThe Ladies BoyleAghmanister & SpitalCork
Timothy DonovanThe Ladies BoyleCregganeCork
James Donovan x 2The Ladies BoyleAghaforeCork
Jeremiah Donovan x 2The Ladies BoyleCregganeCork
Timothy Donovan x 2The Ladies BoyleAbbeymahonCork
Cornelius DriscollThe Ladies BoyleGrange MoreCork
Jeremiah DriscollThe Ladies BoyleGrange MoreCork
Michael DriscollThe Ladies BoyleCurrahevern, EastCork
William DriscollThe Ladies BoyleCregganeCork
William Driscoll (Beg)The Ladies BoyleAbbeymahonCork
Jer. Driscoll (Boher)The Ladies BoyleGrangebegCork
Corn. & Timothy Driscoll (Cronaghan)The Ladies BoyleGrangebegCork
Jeremiah Driscoll (Cronaghan)The Ladies BoyleGrangebegCork
Cornelius Driscoll x 2The Ladies BoyleGrangebegCork
Ellen Driscoll x 2The Ladies BoyleAbbeymahonCork
Michael Driscoll x 2The Ladies BoyleGrange MoreCork
Wm. Driscoll, (Beg)The Ladies BoyleAbbeymahonCork
Denis Driscoll, (Beg) x 6The Ladies BoyleAbbeymahonCork
Wm. Driscoll, (More) x 2The Ladies BoyleAbbeymahonCork
Francis Ffolliott, Esq.The Ladies BoyleCregganeCork
Jeremiah FinnThe Ladies BoyleLehenaghCork
Honoria FitzgeraldThe Ladies BoyleCurrahevern, WestCork

My tables are sorted alphabetically by Occupiers’ name – any Immediate Lessor may be listed numerous times throughout a parish. Immediate Lessor names are not sorted alphebetically

In those instances when a person is listed twice in the same townland and the Immediate lessor was the same for each entry I have the occupiers name once and indicated how many times that name occurs in that townland beside it.

I have excluded the name of Immediate Lessors of Vacant properties when that person was already listed as being an Immediate Lessor in the same townland. The names of Immediate Lessors of vacant properties are included if that person was not listed as an Immediate Occupier previously in that townland.

In those instances when a person is listed twice in the same townland and the Immediate lessor was the same for each entry I have the occupiers name once and indicated how many times that name occurs in that townland beside it. I have excluded the name of Immediate Lessors of Vacant properties when that person was already listed as being an Immediate Lessor in the same townland. The names of Immediate Lessors of vacant properties are included if that person was not listed as an Immediate Occupier previously in that townland.

The Immediate Lessor is the person who owns or leases the property from the Landholder. The Occupier is the person who leases the land from the Immediate Lessor. The Occupier, in turn, may sub-let part of the property that they are listed as being the Occupier of, in which case, their name is then listed in the Immediate Lessor column. You need to see the original pages of the Griffiths Valuation which lists the type of property being leased.