Griffith’s Primary Valuation Records, Co. Galway

From the 1820s to the 1840s a complex process of reform attempted to standardise the basis of local taxation in Ireland. The first steps were to map and fix administrative boundaries through the Ordnance Survey and the associated Boundary Commission. The next step was to assess the productive capacity of all property in the country in a thoroughly uniform way. Richard Griffith, a geologist based in Dublin, became Boundary Commissioner in 1825 and Commissioner of Valuation in 1827. The results of his great survey, the Primary Valuation of Ireland, were published between 1847 and 1864. The valuation is arranged by county, barony, Poor Law Union, civil parish and townland, and it lists every landholder and every householder in Ireland.

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Kyne PatrickBarfoot & Digby**CarrowntempleGalway
Kyne ThomasBarfoot & Digby**CarrowntempleGalway
Maher JamesBarfoot & Digby**CarrowntempleGalway
Maher MargaretBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
Maher PatrickBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
Maher ThomasBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
Malley JohnBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
M'Donough JohnBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
M'Donough PatrickBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
M'Donough PeterBarfoot & Digby**CarrowntempleGalway
Mulkern CatherineBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
Mulkern JohnBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
Mulkern PatrickBarfoot & Digby**CarrowntempleGalway
Mulkern ThomasBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
Murray PatrickBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
O'Brien MichaelBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
O'Brien PeterBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
O'Donnell BartholomewBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
O'Donnell BridgetBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
O'Donnell CatherineBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
O'Donnell MaryBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
O'Donnell MichaelBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
Quinn ThomasBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
Sullivan BartholomewBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
Sullivan PatrickBarfoot & Digby**CarrowlisheenGalway
Sullivan PeterBarfoot & Digby**CarrowntempleGalway
Berry MichaelBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Brabazon MargaretBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Bryan ThomasBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Burke MichaelBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Burke RedmondBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Burke RichardBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Burke RickardBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Burke ThomasBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Burke ThomasBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Burke ThomasBarfoot & Digby**Sound quarterGalway
Clarke MaryBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Coleman AnneBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Coleman JamesBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Conneely (Patrick (Peter)Barfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Conneely AnneBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Conneely BartholomewBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Conneely Bartholomew (Jn.)Barfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Conneely Bartholomew x 3Barfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Conneely BridgetBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Conneely BridgetBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Conneely Bridget x 2Barfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Conneely Catherine, jun.Barfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Conneely ColmanBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Conneely EllenBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Conneely HonoriaBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Conneely Jno (Captain)Barfoot & Digby**Sound quarterGalway
Conneely Jno (Catherine)Barfoot & Digby**Sound quarterGalway
Conneely JohnBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Conneely JohnBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Conneely JohnBarfoot & Digby**Sound quarterGalway
Conneely John x 3Barfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Conneely KateBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Conneely MargaretBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Conneely MartinBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Conneely Mary (Bawn)Barfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Conneely Mary (Catherine)Barfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Conneely PatrickBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Conneely PatrickBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Conneely PatrickBarfoot & Digby**Sound quarterGalway
Conneely Patrick (Mary) x 2Barfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Conneely Patrick (Paddagh)Barfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Conneely StephenBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Conneely ThomasBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Conneely ThomasBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Conneely ThomasBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Conneely Ts. (Howe)Barfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Connolly MichaelBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Connor JamesBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Conroy PeterBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Conroy Peter x 2Barfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Cook MargaretBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Cooke CatherineBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Cooke PatrickBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Cooke SylvesterBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Cooke ThomasBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Cooke WalterBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Corbett JohnBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Costello BartholomewBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Costello CatherineBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Costello EdwardBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Costello MacdaraBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Costello MacdaraBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Costello MaryBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Costello MaryBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Costello MaryBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Costello MatthewBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Costello PatrickBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Costello PeterBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Cox MaryBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Curlin BridgetBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Curlin CatherineBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Curlin EdwardBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Curlin MartinBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Curlin Michael (John)Barfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Curlin Michael (Peter)Barfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Derrane AnthonyBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Derrane AnthonyBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Derrane BridgetBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Derrane BridgetBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Derrane CatherineBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Derrane Catherine x 2Barfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Derrane ColmanBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Derrane ColmanBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Derrane DanielBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Derrane Daniel x 2Barfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Derrane EdwardBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Derrane EdwardBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Derrane EllenBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Derrane EllenBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Derrane JohnBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Derrane JohnBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Derrane JohnBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Derrane John x 2Barfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Derrane JudithBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Derrane MargaretBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Derrane MartinBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Derrane Martin x 2Barfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Derrane MaryBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Derrane Mary x 2Barfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Derrane Michael x 2Barfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Derrane PatrickBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Derrane Patrick (Red)Barfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Derrane Patrick (Red)Barfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Derrane Patrick x 2Barfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Derrane Patrick, sen.Barfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Derrane Patrick, sen. X 2Barfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Derrane PeterBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Derrane PeterBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Derrane Peter x 2Barfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Derrane SarahBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Derrane ThomasBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Derrane ThomasBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Derrane ThomasBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Derrane Thomas (John)Barfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Derrane Thomas, jun.Barfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Derrane Thomas, sen.Barfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Derrane TimothyBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Derrane TimothyBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Devany ThomasBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Dillane ColemanBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Dillane JohnBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Dillane MichaelBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Dillane MichaelBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Dillane ThomasBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Dirrane AnneBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Donegan ThomasBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Donohoe BartholomewBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Donohoe BartholomewBarfoot & Digby**Sound quarterGalway
Donohoe ColemanBarfoot & Digby**Sound quarterGalway
Donohoe ColmanBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Donohoe Michael x 2Barfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Donohoe ThomasBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Donohoe ThomasBarfoot & Digby**Sound quarterGalway
Dooley MaryBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Faherty HonoriaBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Faherty JamesBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Faherty JohnBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Faherty MargaretBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Faherty MarkBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Faherty MarkBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Faherty Michael (John)Barfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Faherty Michael (Tom)Barfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Faherty PatrickBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Faherty Patrick, junBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Faherty Patrick, sen.Barfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Fahy MichaelBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Feeney ThomasBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Fitzmaurice MartinBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Fitzpatrick AnneBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Fitzpatrick BridgetBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Fitzpatrick JohnBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Fitzpatrick MaryBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Fitzpatrick PatrickBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Fitzpatrick PatrickBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Fitzpatrick Patrick x 2Barfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Flaherty AndrewBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Flaherty AndrewBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Flaherty AnneBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Flaherty AnthonyBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Flaherty AnthonyBarfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Flaherty AnthonyBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Flaherty Anthony x 2Barfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Flaherty BartholomewBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Flaherty Bartholomew (Anthony)Barfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Flaherty Bartholomew (More)Barfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Flaherty Bartholomew, jun.Barfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Flaherty Bartholomew, sen.Barfoot & Digby**OghillGalway
Flaherty BridgetBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Flaherty BridgetBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway
Flaherty CatherineBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Flaherty ColmanBarfoot & Digby**OnaghtGalway
Flaherty ColmanBarfoot & Digby**Carnagat quarterGalway
Flaherty DanielBarfoot & Digby**KilmurvyGalway
Flaherty EdwardBarfoot & Digby**Kilronan quarterGalway

My tables are sorted alphabetically by Occupiers’ name – any Immediate Lessor may be listed numerous times throughout a parish. Immediate Lessor names are not sorted alphebetically

In those instances when a person is listed twice in the same townland and the Immediate lessor was the same for each entry I have the occupiers name once and indicated how many times that name occurs in that townland beside it.

I have excluded the name of Immediate Lessors of Vacant properties when that person was already listed as being an Immediate Lessor in the same townland. The names of Immediate Lessors of vacant properties are included if that person was not listed as an Immediate Occupier previously in that townland.

In those instances when a person is listed twice in the same townland and the Immediate lessor was the same for each entry I have the occupiers name once and indicated how many times that name occurs in that townland beside it. I have excluded the name of Immediate Lessors of Vacant properties when that person was already listed as being an Immediate Lessor in the same townland. The names of Immediate Lessors of vacant properties are included if that person was not listed as an Immediate Occupier previously in that townland.

The Immediate Lessor is the person who owns or leases the property from the Landholder. The Occupier is the person who leases the land from the Immediate Lessor. The Occupier, in turn, may sub-let part of the property that they are listed as being the Occupier of, in which case, their name is then listed in the Immediate Lessor column. You need to see the original pages of the Griffiths Valuation which lists the type of property being leased.