Griffith’s Primary Valuation Records, Co. Wexford

From the 1820s to the 1840s a complex process of reform attempted to standardise the basis of local taxation in Ireland. The first steps were to map and fix administrative boundaries through the Ordnance Survey and the associated Boundary Commission. The next step was to assess the productive capacity of all property in the country in a thoroughly uniform way. Richard Griffith, a geologist based in Dublin, became Boundary Commissioner in 1825 and Commissioner of Valuation in 1827. The results of his great survey, the Primary Valuation of Ireland, were published between 1847 and 1864. The valuation is arranged by county, barony, Poor Law Union, civil parish and townland, and it lists every landholder and every householder in Ireland.

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Dwyer JamesFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Fitzhenry EdwardFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Flood ThomasFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
French ElizaFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
French MartinFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Furlong MaryFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Furlong PatrickFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Furlong ThomasFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Gaffney JohannaFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Hamilton JohnFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Hamilton PatrickFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Hore JohnFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Kehoe PeterFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Moore CatherineFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Moore JamesFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Murphy DenisFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Murphy JamesFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Murphy MichaelFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Murphy NicholasFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Murphy PatrickFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Mylor ThomasFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Quey JohnFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Quey MaryFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Quirke WilliamFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Reilly JamesFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Roche JohnFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Sinnott JamesFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Stafford JamesFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Walsh JohnFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Walsh RichardFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
White LaurenceFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
White MaryFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
White MaryanneFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
White PatrickFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Wright ElizaFreeShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Kearns JohnFurlong, MaryWexford roadWexford
Doyle AnneFurlong, MaryShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Whitney? MichaelFurlong, MaryShelmaliere CommonsWexford
Doyle MaryFurlong, NicholasAughermonWexford
Doyle PeterFurlong, NicholasPoulmarlWexford
Forrestal JamesFurlong, NicholasAughermonWexford
Martin PatrickFurlong, NicholasAughermonWexford
Carroll MaryFurlong, PatrickArdenagh LittleWexford
Connors JohnFurlong, PatrickArdenagh LittleWexford
Doyle WilliamFurlong, PatrickUptonWexford
Furlong JohnFurlong, PatrickArdenagh LittleWexford
Keelty JamesFurlong, PatrickUptonWexford
Fortune JohannaGeary, William SirMulmontryWexford
Kavanagh MatthewGeary, William SirMulmontryWexford
Stafford JosephGeary, William SirMulmontryWexford
Bryan MaryGoff, Strangman D.Tracystown, WestWexford
Cooney WilliamGoff, Strangman D.Tracystown, WestWexford
Dillon WilliamGoff, Strangman D.Tracystown, WestWexford
Donnelly MartinGoff, Strangman D.Tracystown, WestWexford
Donnelly PatrickGoff, Strangman D.UptonWexford
Furlong JohnGoff, Strangman D.Tracystown, WestWexford
Furlong PatrickGoff, Strangman D.UptonWexford
Furlong PatrickGoff, Strangman D.Tracystown, WestWexford
Hawkshaw Travers R.Goff, Strangman D.HillburnWexford
Kennedy JamesGoff, Strangman D.UptonWexford
Kennedy JamesGoff, Strangman D.Tracystown, WestWexford
Mackey JamesGoff, Strangman D.Tracystown, WestWexford
Parle MartinGoff, Strangman D.Tracystown, WestWexford
Parle ThomasGoff, Strangman D.Tracystown, WestWexford
Roche JohnGoff, Strangman D.UptonWexford
Roche PatrickGoff, Strangman D.UptonWexford
Ryan FrancisGoff, Strangman D.Tracystown, WestWexford
Kinsella RichardGorman, MarkTraceystown, EastWexford
Browne JamesGreene, JohnForestWexford
Carroll PatrickGreene, JohnForestWexford
Doyle EdwardGreene, JohnForestWexford
Doyle JohnGreene, JohnForestWexford
Ennis JohnGreene, JohnForestWexford
Porter? ThomasGreene, JohnForestWexford
White GeorgeGreene, JohnForestWexford
Connor PatrickHamilton, Patrick & JohnBallysheelinWexford
Kehoe PeterHamilton, Patrick & JohnBallysheelinWexford
White LaurenceHamilton, Patrick & JohnBallysheelinWexford
White MaryanneHamilton, Patrick & JohnBallysheelinWexford
Fanning MatthewHanlon, DenisBallyhenniganWexford
Hanlon & Fanning Denis H. & Matthew F.Hanlon, DenisBallyhenniganWexford
Murphy GeorgeHanlon, DenisBallyhenniganWexford
Bailey JaneHarley, John Rev.Harley's lane (Off Chapel street)Wexford
Browne ThomasHarley, John Rev.High streetWexford
Byrne CatherineHarley, John Rev.Back streetWexford
Carty MaryHarley, John Rev.High streetWexford
Connolly JohnHarley, John Rev.Back streetWexford
Francis MatthewHarley, John Rev.Chapel streetWexford
Furlong ArchibaldHarley, John Rev.Harley's lane (Off Chapel street)Wexford
Furlong MaryHarley, John Rev.Harley's lane (Off Chapel street)Wexford
Furlong WalterHarley, John Rev.Back streetWexford
Furlong WalterHarley, John Rev.Harley's lane (Off Chapel street)Wexford
Hoskins JamesHarley, John Rev.Harley's lane (Off Chapel street)Wexford
Howlin NicholasHarley, John Rev.Harley's lane (Off Chapel street)Wexford
Kehoe LaurenceHarley, John Rev.Harley's lane (Off Chapel street)Wexford
Magrath MargaretHarley, John Rev.Harley's lane (Off Chapel street)Wexford
Morris MargaretHarley, John Rev.High streetWexford
Morrissy MaryHarley, John Rev.High streetWexford
Murphy JohnHarley, John Rev.Back streetWexford
Murphy JohnHarley, John Rev.Harley's lane (Off Chapel street)Wexford
Murphy John x 3Harley, John Rev.Chapel streetWexford
Neale WilliamHarley, John Rev.Harley's lane (Off Chapel street)Wexford
Parle PatrickHarley, John Rev.Back streetWexford
Prendergast JamesHarley, John Rev.Chapel streetWexford
Prendergast JohnHarley, John Rev.Chapel streetWexford
Quirke MargaretHarley, John Rev.High streetWexford
Reilly MargaretHarley, John Rev.Harley's lane (Off Chapel street)Wexford
Reville BridgetHarley, John Rev.High streetWexford
Richards George, Rev.Harley, John Rev.High streetWexford
Roche MatthewHarley, John Rev.Chapel streetWexford
Shannon ThomasHarley, John Rev.High streetWexford
Shaw JohnHarley, John Rev.Chapel streetWexford
Toole JamesHarley, John Rev.Back streetWexford
Wall MaryHarley, John Rev.Back streetWexford
Walsh NicholasHarley, John Rev.High streetWexford
Walsh ThomasHarley, John Rev.High streetWexford
White MaryHarley, John Rev.High streetWexford
White ThomasHarley, John Rev.Back streetWexford
Hill MaryHill, ThomasArdenagh LittleWexford
Goff Strangman D. x 2Hoare, WalterTracystown, WestWexford
Connors PeterHore, MargaretTaghmon Green roadWexford
White CatherineHore, MargaretTaghmon Green roadWexford
Bolger ThomasHore, WalterMain streetWexford
Brennan EdwardHore, WalterMain streetWexford
Carroll WilliamHore, WalterMain streetWexford
Chapman PhilipHore, WalterMain streetWexford
Doyle AndrewHore, WalterAdamstown roadWexford
Dunne JohnHore, WalterAdamstown roadWexford
Ennis JohnHore, WalterMain streetWexford
Franks ThomasHore, WalterMain streetWexford
Harpur MaryHore, WalterBack streetWexford
Hore MargaretHore, WalterTaghmon Green roadWexford
Irwin JamesHore, WalterAdamstown roadWexford
Kirwan JohnHore, WalterTaghmon Green roadWexford
Leary MichaelHore, WalterChurch streetWexford
Leonard NicholasHore, WalterTaghmon Green roadWexford
M'Coy JohnHore, WalterBack streetWexford
Morris Margaret x 3Hore, WalterBack streetWexford
Mullett CatherineHore, WalterBack streetWexford
Murphy JohnHore, WalterMain streetWexford
Prendergast StephenHore, WalterMain streetWexford
Rossiter PatrickHore, WalterMain streetWexford
Sinnott JohnHore, WalterTaghmon Green roadWexford
Stafford ThomasHore, WalterMain streetWexford
Waddy JosephHore, WalterChapel streetWexford
Waddy JosephHore, WalterHigh streetWexford
Walsh JohnHore, WalterChurch streetWexford
Whelan MatthewHore, WalterAdamstown roadWexford
Bolger ThomasHore, WalterClooneraneWexford
Brennan ThomasHore, WalterClooneraneWexford
Cahill MaryHore, WalterClooneraneWexford
Codd MichaelHore, WalterHarpurstownWexford
Coghlan JohnHore, WalterClooneraneWexford
Connors WilliamHore, WalterHarpurstownWexford
Corish MaryHore, WalterHarpurstownWexford
Crean JohnHore, WalterClooneraneWexford
Crean PatrickHore, WalterClooneraneWexford
Crean WalterHore, WalterClooneraneWexford
Donnelly ThomasHore, WalterCloghulataghWexford
Dunne JohnHore, WalterClooneraneWexford
Furlong GeorgeHore, WalterHarpurstownWexford
Hayes LawrenceHore, WalterHarpurstownWexford
Lane BartholomewHore, WalterHarpurstownWexford
Molloy LawrenceHore, WalterHarpurstownWexford
Morris MargaretHore, WalterClooneraneWexford
Murphy LukeHore, WalterHarpurstownWexford
O'Connor MargaretHore, WalterClooneraneWexford
Reilly JamesHore, WalterClooneraneWexford
Roche ThomasHore, WalterClooneraneWexford
Waddy Cadwallader - Reps ofHore, WalterPoulmarlWexford
Ward Richard x 3Hore, WalterClooneraneWexford
Whelan MatthewHore, WalterClooneraneWexford
Whitty WalterHore, WalterClooneraneWexford
Wright FrancisHore, WalterCloghulataghWexford
Barron OliverHowlin, JamesMain streetWexford
Bolger ThomasHowlin, JamesHigh streetWexford
Browne JamesHowlin, JamesMain streetWexford
Browne JohnHowlin, JamesMain streetWexford
Byrne PatrickHowlin, JamesNew Ross RoadWexford
Cantwell MichaelHowlin, JamesWexford roadWexford
Cooper HenryHowlin, JamesWexford roadWexford
Cullimore GeorgeHowlin, JamesNew Ross RoadWexford
Deegan DorotheaHowlin, JamesChurch laneWexford
Dowling PatrickHowlin, JamesChurch laneWexford
Doyle DenisHowlin, JamesWexford roadWexford
Furlong ThomasHowlin, JamesChurch streetWexford
Furlong ThomasHowlin, JamesMain streetWexford
Gahan MartinHowlin, JamesChurch streetWexford
Gorman PatrickHowlin, JamesWexford roadWexford
Kehoe JosephHowlin, JamesNew Ross RoadWexford
Kenny Mary & Catherine FarrellHowlin, JamesNew Ross RoadWexford
Lannan WilliamHowlin, JamesChurch streetWexford
Mahony MaryHowlin, JamesWexford roadWexford
Roche MichaelHowlin, JamesNew Ross RoadWexford
Rossiter WilliamHowlin, JamesMain streetWexford
Sides JohnHowlin, JamesWexford roadWexford
Walsh LaurenceHowlin, JamesMain streetWexford
Walsh MaryHowlin, JamesChurch laneWexford
Ward RichardHowlin, JamesChurch laneWexford
Whitty WalterHowlin, JamesNew Ross RoadWexford

My tables are sorted alphabetically by Occupiers’ name – any Immediate Lessor may be listed numerous times throughout a parish. Immediate Lessor names are not sorted alphebetically

In those instances when a person is listed twice in the same townland and the Immediate lessor was the same for each entry I have the occupiers name once and indicated how many times that name occurs in that townland beside it.

I have excluded the name of Immediate Lessors of Vacant properties when that person was already listed as being an Immediate Lessor in the same townland. The names of Immediate Lessors of vacant properties are included if that person was not listed as an Immediate Occupier previously in that townland.

In those instances when a person is listed twice in the same townland and the Immediate lessor was the same for each entry I have the occupiers name once and indicated how many times that name occurs in that townland beside it. I have excluded the name of Immediate Lessors of Vacant properties when that person was already listed as being an Immediate Lessor in the same townland. The names of Immediate Lessors of vacant properties are included if that person was not listed as an Immediate Occupier previously in that townland.

The Immediate Lessor is the person who owns or leases the property from the Landholder. The Occupier is the person who leases the land from the Immediate Lessor. The Occupier, in turn, may sub-let part of the property that they are listed as being the Occupier of, in which case, their name is then listed in the Immediate Lessor column. You need to see the original pages of the Griffiths Valuation which lists the type of property being leased.