1641 Hangings, Co. Fermanagh

Rebellion of 1641

Letter : 4th December 1641
“This day by our Colonell’s command, a gallowes was erected upon the top of an hill neare the castle (Manor Hamilton) , and having about 24 prisoners in the castle he (Sir Frederick Hamilton) caused eight of them to be hanged up which had been at the burning of Ballyshannon in the County of Donegal, and at the burning of the iron works in the county of Fermanagh.”

The gallows was kept busy, for we find that a number of men were tried by and executed under martial law since the beginning of this Rebellion, whose names are given as below.

The Names of such as have been hanged at Manor Hamilton, by Martial Law since the beginning of this Rebellion
Dec. 3rd Turlogh Mac Clevor
Neale Mac Cluan
Manus O’Gallogher
Manus O’Hay

Dec 12th
Phelemy Duff Mac Cob

Dec 18th
Gelpatrick O’Kan
Brian O’Moriice

Dec 20th
Turlough O’Cally

Jan 2nd
Brian O’Cannan
Con. O’Rourk, the Colonell’s brother

Jan 8th
Connour Mac Shane
MacLoughlin, the chief of his name

Aug 23rd
Owen Mac Garraghy
Cormack O’Cornan

Aug 31st
Shane Mac Skerrie
John Spence

Sept 10th
Capt Con O’Connour
Credagh Mac Derno
Cor Mac O’Hay, had been a Minister
Teig Mac Goane

Sept 1st
Brian Mac Diffit

Sept 17
Donnogh O’Dowde

Sept 19th
Granny O’Dowgan
Patrick O’Neale

Feb 2nd
John Witherspin

Feb 11th
Donnogh boy O’Bane
Mewe Mac Loughlin

Feb 22nd
Owen Mac Thomas Murray

Feb 26th Ferrall Mac Regan
Tutmultagh Mac Garraghy, subsheriffe deputy of Donegall
Cormack O’Hay’s wife neare kinswoman to O’Connour
Hugh O’Hart
O’Donnell O’Hart
Granny ny Kewe
Phelomy Mack A NAw
Gilpatrick O’Mullane
Laughlin O Degannian
Call boy Mac Garty
Donnogh O’Hart
Hugh O’Flin
James Roch, the chief Murtherer of the British at Sligo
Donnell O’Clery
Hugh O’Cullen
Glany O’Regan
James Wytherspin

July 12th
James Halfpenny

July 26th
Hugh O’Fay

Nov 4th
Captain Charles Mac Guire

Nov 26th Phelomy Mac Pierce

Dec 22nd
M. Gwyre

Jan 7th
Edmond MacGawran
Turrogh Beagh O’Mortelan
Brian O’Cuer

Feb 3rd Cormack O’Cuer
Cormack O’Quillan

Feb 18th
KAhill Mac Kan
Donnell Mac Glanaghy
William Mac Roregan”

Comment: Extracts from “The History of Enniskillen”

pages 222-225

Hangings Manorhamilton – Fermanagh

1641 Rebellion

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