King’s Co. Chronicle, 1845: Great Hibernian Central Junction Railway Provisional Committee

Preliminary Prospectus
Of the
Registered Provisionally
Capital: £2,000,000, in 80,000 shares of £25 each –
Deposit: £2. 12s. 6d. per Share
No Shareholder will be liable beyond the amount of his subscription

(with power to add to their number)
The Right Hon. John Ladaveze Arabin, Lord Mayor of Dublin
The Most Noble, the Marquis of Ormonde
The Right Hon. The Earl of Limerick
The Right Hon. The Earl of Gosford
The Right Hon. Lord Rossmore, Lord Lieutenant of the County of Monaghan
The Right Hon. Lord Dunalley
Colonel The Right Hon. G. L. Dawson Damer, M. P.,
The Hon. Henry Walker
The Hon. F. A. Prittie
The Hon. George Handcock, Chairman of the Belfast and Ballymena Railway
Sir Thomas Barret Leonard, Bart.,
Sir Anthony Weldon, Bart.,
Sir Edward H. Walsh, Bart.,
Sir George Forster, Bart.,
Sir Edmund Waller, Bart.,
Sir James Murray, Merrion-squaer, Dublin
The Very Rev. The Dean of Ardfert
The Very Rev. the Dean of Ross, Director of the Ulster Railway
Cornelius O’Brien, Esq., M.P.
Peter Kirk, Esq., M. P.
J. Goddard, Esq,. Director of the Ulster railway
William Graham Esq., Lisburn, Director of the Ulster Railway
John M’Neile, Esq., J. P. and D. L., Parkmount Belfast, Director of the Northern Banking Company and of the Belfast and Ballymena Railway
John Thomson Esq., Lowtown, Belfast. Director of the Belfast Banking Company and of the Belfast and Ballymena Railway.
John Harrison, Esq., Belfast, Director of he Belfast and Ballymena Railway
Thomas Harkness, Esq., Stranraer, Member of the Provisional Committee of the British and Irish Union Railway.
Abram Campbell, Esq.,, Stranraer, Director of the Provisional Committee of the British and Irish Union Railway.
Hugh Barton., Esq., Straffan, Kildare
William T. Osborne, Esq., Beechwood, Tipperary
Charles Granby Burke, Esq., Dublin
John Ross Mahon, Esq., Dublin
Robert H. Kinahan, sq., J.P. Alderman, Dublin
Luke White, Esq., J. P., Rathcline, Longford
Isaac M. D’Olier, Esq., Dublin, Director of the Bank of Ireland
A.M. M’Moran, Esq., Cambridge-street, Hyde Park Square, Londno. Director of the East and West Junction Railway
John W. Fitzpatrick, Esq., J. P., Lisduff, Queen’s CO.,
Charles Doyne, Esq., Newtown Park, Dublin
Michael Furnell, Esq,. D.L., and J.P., Caher Elly Castle, Limerick
Thomas Lloyd, Esq., D.L., and J.P., Beechmount, Limerick
W. Cope Cooper, Esq., D.L., and J.P., Cooper Hill, Queen’s Co.
Samuel Garnett, Esq., J.P., Arch-hall, Meath
Henry Thompson, Esq., Dublin
Robert H. Stubber, Esq., D.L., and J.P., oyne, Queen’s Co.,
Major W. Thompson, J.P., Hollywood, Rath, Dublin
Edward Wilmot Chetwode, Esq., J.P., Woodbrook, Queen’s Co.,
Fulk Greville, Esq., Granard, Longford
Richard Greville, Esq., Granard, Longford
J. West, Esq., Capel Street, Dublin
Michael Andrews, Esq., Ardoyne, Belfast
S. Robert B. Evatt., Esq., Mount Louise, Monaghan. D.L. and J.P.
Edward Galwey, Esq., Limerick
Henry yan, Esq., J.P., Kilfera, Kilkenny
Henry Lloyd, Esq., J.P., Butler House, Kilkenny
Timothy O’Brien, Esq., Crescent, Limerick
George Garvey, Esq., J.P., Thornvale, King’s Co.
Isaac English, Esq., Dublin
Eonard Thornhill, Esq., Monkstown, Dublin
Alexander M’Donnell, Esq., Stranraer, Agent for the Union Bank of Scotland
George L’Estrange, Esq., Dublin Castle
Michael Head Drought, Esq., J.P., Harristown, Queen’s Co.,
Thomas Bermingham, Esq., J.P., Carromana, Galway
Robert White, Esq., J.P., Old Park, Queen’s Co.,
Edward Waller, Esq., Finnoe House, Tipperary
Thomas G. Stoney, Esq., J.P., Kyle Park, Tipperary
Henry White, Esq., J.P., Charleville, Queen’s Co.,
Philip Reade, Esq., J.P., The Wood Parks, Galway
J. R. Price, Esq,. J.P., Westfield Farm, Queen’s Co.,
Benjamin L. Lefroy, Esq,. J.P., Cardenton House, Kildare
D. M. Maunsell, Esq,. J.P., Ballymullen House, Sligo
Henry Smith, Esq., Kilmartin, Queen’s Co.,
Charles Gamble, Esq., J.P., Castletown, Tipperary
Christopher Harkness, Esq., Craigs Cottage, Dumfries
John Wetherall, Esq,. Parstonstown, King’s Co.,
James Killinger, Esq., Dublin
Daniel Henry F(?err)all, Esq., J.P., Beechwood, Roscommon
William Humphrys, Esq., J.P., and D.L., Ballyhaise House, Cavan
Robert William Law, Esq,. J.P., Johnstownmore, Dublin.

Thomas Rhodes, Esq., C.E., M.I.C.E., and Samuel Nicholason, Esq., C.E.

Provisional Secretary
William Hamilton, Esq., Roundwood, Queen’s Co., and 42 Upper Sackville Street, Dublin

Messrs. Robert Hamilton nd Co., Upper Sackville Street, Dublin

Bankers in Ireland
The Bank of Ireland and its branches
The Provincial Bank of Ireland and its branches
The National Bank of Ireland and its branches
The Royal Bank Dublin
Messrs J. B. Ball & Co., Dublin
The Belfast Banking Company and its branches
The Northern Banking Company and its branches
The Tipperary Joint Stock Bank and its branches