Galmoy Barony, Co. Kilkenny, (Notes from General Assizes), 1861

Galmoy Barony, County Kilkenny Notes Taken from : 
County of Kilkenny
at a
General Assizes
General Gaol Delivery
held at
Grace’s Old Castle, Kilkenny
In and for said County
On Wednesday, the 13th day of March 1861
Before the
Hon. Mr. Justice Christian and the Hon. Mr. Justice O’Bren
The following
Were made by the Grand Jury and fiated by the Court
Printed by order of the Grand Jury
By Mary Anne Maxwell
the Kilkenny Journal Newspaper and General Printing office

The basics have been transcribed from the above – for New Works, the name of the person, a note on work and the name of the people who offered securities.  in some notes the name of another person was given so these names have been included.  Spellings are as given in notes and you will see that sometimes the same surname is spelled differently e.g. Brenan and Brennan

Galmoy Barony
Spring Assizes 1861
New Works

Making a Footpath
To Denis McCabe for 505 perches from Durrow & Ballyraggett between the school house at Ballyconra and
the Mill at Ballyraggett.
Securities John M’Cabe & Patrick Shortall

Making Fences
James Dowling – 2 protecting fences between the street at Urlingford and the county bounds at Fennard
Securities: Owen Dowling & Michael Corgan

Building Walls
John Brennan – build wall at Foulkscourt
Securities: James Brennan & John Hughes

John Brennan – build wall at Warrenstown on road from Johnstown to Urlingford
Securities John Brennan & John Hughes

Repairing Roads
Summer 1856
James Kavanagh – Johnstown to Durrow
Securities John Loughman & Nicholas Brennan

Spring 1858
John Murphy : Kilkenny to Durow
Securities Patrick McEvoy & Patrick Murphy

Summer 1858
William Doheny from Durrow to Templemore
Securities William Lewis & Patrick Feeny

John Curran – Durrow to Thurles
Securities Martin Maher & John Costigan

John Curran – Rathdowney to Thurles
Securities Martin Maher & John Costigan ???

James Dowling – Freshford to Johnstown
Securities Owen Dowling & John Breen

Michael Gaffney – Johnstown to Roscrea
Securities John Brenan & Michael Maher

Martin Dooly – Durrow to Thurles
Securities Thomas Maher & John M’Cabe

John Brennan Durrow to Thurles
Securities John Costigan and Michael Maher

John Costigan Durrow to Thurles
Securities: John Hughes Michael Maher

Thomas Kennedy Freshford to Urlingford
Securities Patrick Feeny & Michael Dowling

Michael Maher Durrow to Templemore between Michael Phelan’s house at Rathree and cross roads at
Securities Michael Gaffney & John Hughes

Denis M’Cabe Ballyragget to Durrow
Securities Thomas Maher & John M’Cabe

Denis M’Cabe Ballyraggett to Durrow
Securities Thomas Maher & John M’Cabe

Spring 1859
John Murphy Johnstown to Ballyraggett
Securities Martin Kerevan & Thomas Quinn

Daniel Maher Durrow to Templemore
Securities: Mathew Maher & Oliver Blanchfield

John Brennan Johnstown to Templemore
Securities: Martin Brenan and Muchael Brenan

Martin Brennan Kilkenny to Templemore
Securities: John Brenan and Michael Brennan

Thomas Kennedy Urlingford to Freshford
Securities: Patrick Feeny & Michael Dowling

Michael Grace Kilkenny to Durrow – Mr. Nixon’s gate at Clone
Secorities John Holohan and Patrick Kenny

Michael Grace Freshford to Durrow
Securities John Holohan and Patrick Kenny

Martin Brennan Kilkenny to Roscrea
Securities Michael Brennan abd John Brennan

John Hoyne allyraggett to Freshford
Securities Thomas Butler & Michael Grace

Michael M’Cabe Ballyraggett to Johnstown
Securities: Michael Grace & Daniel Maher

William Proctor Rathdowney to Kilkenny
Securities: Stephen Proctor and Michael Maher

Summer 1859
Richard Doheny Kilkenny to Urlingford (John Scully’s house Urlingford)
Securities: William Kennedy & Patrick Feeny

John Curran Rathdowney to Johnstown
Securities: Martin Maher & James Kennedy

John Hughes Johnstown to Rathdowney
Securities: Michael Kavanagh and Edmond Rochford

John Walsh Johnstown to Durrow
Securities: Martin Maher & Daniel Maher

William Doheny Urlingford to Rathdowney (James Bowden’s house at Urlingford)
Securities: James Doheny & Patrick Feeny

John Maher Durrow to Thurles
Securities: James Brophy & Kyran Ryan

John Neary Freshford to Rathdowney
Securities: Patrick Mulhall & Thomas Butler

John Costigan Kilkenny to Roscrea
Securities: John Hughes & John Walsh

John Ryan Kilkenny to ROSCREA (Mathias Phelan’s house at Coolnacrutta)
Securities: John Maher & John Costigan

James Kavanagh Ballyraggett to Johnstown (John Loughnan’s House at the Spa)
Securities: Nicholas Brenan and John Loughnan

Patrick Feeny Urlingford to Kilkenny (John Bowden’s house at Tincashel)
Securities: William Kennedy & Richard Doheny

John Costigan Kilkenny to Roscrea
Securities: John Hughes and John Walsh

Martin Dowling Freshford to Durrow
Securities: Patrick Mulhall & Thomas Butler

Martin Dowling Ballyraggett to Johnstown (Michael Phelan’s house at Ballyring)
Securities: Patrick Mulhall & Thomas Butler

James Dowling footpath, Johntown to Durrow (Edmond Rochford’s house Donoughmore)
Securities: Owen Dowling & John Colhesy

James Dowling footpath Johnstown to Urlingford
Securities: Owen Dowling ohn Clohesy

Spring 1860
John Hughes footpath Johnstown to Rathdowney (Rev. Dr. Birch’s fence)
Securities: John Brennan and Owen Dowling

James Dowling footpath Johnstown to Durrow (Daniel Bergin’s house in Johnstown – Widow Rochford’s house
Securities: John hughes & Owen Dowling

Summer 1860
John Ryan Kilkenny to Roscrea (Mathias Phelan’s house Coolnacrutta)
Securities: John Phelan and John Fogarty

James Kavanagh footpath Johnstown to Templemore (Michael Bergin’s barn Johnstown and Mr. Hely’s demesne
wall Foulkscourt)
Securities: John Sweeney and William Hayden

John Hughes footpath Johnstown to Rathdowney (Widow Fitzpatrick’s house at Bawn
Securities: Michael Kavanagh & John Walsh

John Curran footpath from Johnstown to Rathdowney (Dr. Birch’s fence near Johnstown
Securities: Michael Gaffney & John Feign

High Constable
Mr. Thomas Ringwood

Superannuated Police
Ralph Geale

Parish of Urlingford
Bridget Quinn – maintaining male child named Thomas Fielding about age of 12

Parish of Aharney
Catherine Dagge – maintaining female child named Mary Grove aged about 11 – to be paid to Rev. Samuel Madden