Muster List, Kilkenny City, 1667

The following names have been extracted from a paper published in the “Proceedings and Transactions of the Kilkenny and the South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society” Vol 3. 1855. pp. 231-274

The article was written by John G. A. Prim.

The following is a list of men ‘mustered’ at St. Kenny’s Butts, April 8th, 1667.
All spellings of names are as they were listed in the document.  in such cases as a different spelling was given for a name I have listed this spelling in brackets on the line relating to the man. I have also sorted the list of surname alphabetically.

It must be noted that at that date in time only Protestant Citizens were ‘qualified’ to serve, as Roman Catholics did not take the oath of supremacy, without which, no one could under the then existing law, serve the State.

Peter Hilton was unable to serve because he was ‘in prison”
Robert Wilkinson, John Pape, ffrancis Harris, William Heyes and Davyd Rice ‘came late’
William Walters was represented by his son
Jacob Carnockes was represented by his servant
Richard Daniells also sent his servant who was marked ‘Papist’.

A third muster roll shows the Militia Medical Officer Mr. Tho. Bond, Chyrurgeon.

Name Surname Note/Year
John Ablewitt
John Allen
William Ayers
Michael Badge Sheriff 1664, 1665
Benjam Barton
Ralph Bayley
Bray Beaver
William Beaver Member of Merchant’s Guild at this time
John Beavere Cromwellian settler in Kilkenny. Member of the Merchant’s Guild (Beavor or Beaver)
Willm Bennet
Christopher Berry
Peeter Blacknall
Christopher Blott Sergt Sheriff 1668
Overington Blunden Cromwellian Adventurer – received grant of Clonmorne forfeited by Helias Shee
Nathaniell Bolster
Thomas Boshell
ffrancis Bradish Portreve Irishtown 1667
Joseph Brenane
Robt Broes
Richard Browne
Willm Burch Sheriff 1665. Portreve Irishtown 1668
Willm Burgesse Capt
John Burgesse taylor
George Burgesse
Edward Bustian Corporll
John Caddan Drumr
Thomas Campion
John Chamberlin
William Chapman
Thomas Chapman Sheriff 1658
Rich Clarke
Thomas Collins
John Collyns
Thomas Cone
William Connell Sheriff
  1. Mayor 1672
Willm Connell, Junr
Barthol Connor Sheriff 1664 & 1665.  Portreve Irishtown 1671 Mayor 1682
Thady Coogan
Tho: Cooksey Sheriff 1668
Thomas Cooksey
Henry Cookson member of Corporation Elected Sheriff 1671 but did not attend to be sworn into office
Richd Core
Jacob Cornocke
Ralph Coward
Mathew Crowe
Richd Danniell Sheriff, 1656
John Date Sergt Sheriff 1675
Tho Davijs *****a Thomas Davis of the Kilkenny Excise office struck a toekn about this time BUT 4 persons of that name on this muster roll
John Davys Sheriff , 1693, 1694 1693, 1694 (Davis)
Thomas Davys
Tho Davys
Willm Davys Sheriff 1676 & 1685.  Portreve Irishtown 1661 & 1665. (Davis)
Tho Davys taylor
Henery Dowson Drumr
Nicholas Doyle
Edward Dubberly
Charles Duke
Tho Dullard
John Dyan
Tho Edmonds
Evans Sheriff 1667 Mayor
Thomas Evans Mayor this year Chief Magistrate 1659, 1660, 1666, 1667 & 1668
Tho ffag
Nicholas ffarie
William ffletcher
Robt ffloyd
John ffollows
Thomas Foart
Edward Goddart
Thomas Golborne
Peeter Goodwin Sheriff, 1657 Mayor 1664, 1665
Myler Goodwin
Oudam Gourden
Allexander Gourdon
Daniell Grady
Christopher Greaves
George Grifith
Richd Grymes
Nicholas Halfpenny Portreve Irishtown, 1662
ffrancis Hamlin
ffrancis Harris
William Hart
Stephen Hassard
Adam Haydocke Sheriff 1667 (Haydock)
Josias Haydocke Ensigne Sheriff, 1659.  Mayor 1673, 1674, 1675 & 1701
Arthur Helsham Capt of foot in Cromwel’s army. Received a grant of land at Leggetsrath Mayor 1679 – year he died
Phillip Henderson
Thomas Heyden
Willm Heyes
Thomas Heyes
Edwd Hicks Sheriff 1666
Christopher Hill
Peeter Hilton
Gameliel Holden
John Horsley Corporll
Richd Inwood Innkeeper, Sheriff 1671 Coroner, 1672
Garrat Jacob Corporll
John Joly French Protestant settler His son Edward Jollie Sheriff 1752
Richd Jones
Willm Keast
Willm Kymberlin Joint Sheriff , 1669 Portreve of Irishtwn 1672, 1673 (Kimberley)
John Kyrke
Hugh Langam
William Laugharne
William Lawler
Nathan Lodge
Tho Lyon
William Marwood
ffrancis Mitchel
John Morgan
Richd Mukin
David Murphy
Ebenezer Mylam
John Neale
Thomas Norris Sheriff 1679
Richd Nowlan
George Oliver Sheriff 1666
John Pape Sheriff , 1677, 16788 Mayor 1696
Thomas Parkin
Walter Peart
Nicholas Pharey
Richd Phillips Sheriff , 1709
Sam Phillips Sergt Sheriff 1662, Mayor 1681
Antho Phillips
John Phillips Sheriff, 1660
John Plumer
Willm Plym
Thomas Pollardt
Richd Prat
Tho Price
Tho: Read
Joseph Read
Valentine Reed Leift Sheriff 1656
David Rice
Tho Richards
Willm Robinson
James Robinson
Robt Rose Joint Sheriff , 1669 with Kymberlin
ffrancis Rowlidge Sheriff
  1. Portreve Irishtown 1663.  Mayor 1676 & 1677
John Sandford
John Sayers
Robt Scarbrough Portreve Irishtown 1680
Richd Sergeant
Willm Sewell Warden of the Guild of Shoemakery Guild of Butchers at this time
John Sharpe
Willm Smith
James Syncock, Junr.
James Synocke, Senr. Sheriff, 1667 (Sinock)
Thomas Talbot Keeper of a wine tavern
Jeptha Tovey Sergt Sheriff 1670
James Tovey Sheriff, 1672 Portreve Irishtown 1669, 1674 & 1675
Willm Tydmarsh
Willm Veike
John Wall
Willm Walters
Willm Walters
John White
Henry White
Joseph Whitle son to Job Whittle, soldier in Cromwellian army
John Whittle Sheriff part of 1664.  Coroner 1665
George Wilkinson Sheriff , 1673, 1674
Randle Wilkinson
Tho Wilkinson
Richd Wilkinson
Walter Williams
Williams Smith
Robt Wilson
Tho Woodward
Cornelius Wright Sheriff , 1661 (Wright or Right)
Thomas Yong Sheriff , 1673, 1674 Mayor 1679 (Young)
Henery Yonge Corporll