Muster List, Kilkenny City, 1685

The following names have been extracted from a paper published in the “Proceedings and Transactions of the Kilkenny and the South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society” Vol 3. 1855. pp. 231-274

The article was written by John G. A. Prim.

Under  Captain King in 1685

Name Surname
Ri…. ??
Jo. Barry
Alexander Beane
Willm Beane
Edward Blurton Sen
Thomas Brenan
Edward Brenan
Alexander Burnett
John Byrne
Hugh Chitters
Thomas Chitters gone
James Connell
James Connell
Denne Cooper
Arthur Cornes
John Davis
Michael Davis
Ralph Davis Sen
Ralph Davis Jun
Philip Deane Serjts
George Desbrough Corpls
Willm Deveerd
George Dongon
Willm Dongon
Samuel Dowler
John Dowler
Thomas Evans
Henry ffarrell
Walter ffibbs
John ffillpott
James fflanagan
Willm fflanaghane
Bryan ffolerton
Owen ffolerton
Thomas Gale
Thomas Glin
John Glover
Edward Goddard Serjts
Edward Goddard Jun
Bryan Gormoyle
Charles Gosling Ensigne
Willm Gowane
Willm Grantham
John Griffin
Mathew Griffith Drumers
Edward Hamilton gone
Nicholas Harding
Thomas Hart Lt.
Henry Heard
Teige Higgane Drumers
Hugh Hill
Willm Jackson
Ralph Jackson
John Jones
Edward Jones
Tyronne Kelly
John King Capt.
Abraham King
Samuel Lake
Teige Lapp
Thomas Lee
Edward Leith gone
John Lloyd
Wilm Locksmyth Corpls
Patrick Markeney
Bryan McDermott roe
Hugh McDonnogh
Tyrence McDonnogh
John McHenry
Potter Medloe
John Morgan
John Morry
James Morry
John Morry
John Morry
Thomas Mosse Corpls
Roger Mulroony Jun
James Neylane
John Norry NOTE No John Norry listed, there is a John Morry
Daniel O’Doherty Pike of Thomas Parker was given to Daniel O’Doherty
Willm O’Donnell
Manus O’Gaffe
Donogh O’Learaghan
Thomas Parkens NOTE No Thomas Parkens listed but there is a Thomas Parker
Thomas Parker
Tho Prise
John Reeves gone
John Reynolds
Richard Richardson
John Rise
John Saint Sen
John Saint Jun
James Sanotson
James Sheely
Thomas Shelton
Robert Shepard Jun
Robert Shepard
John Shepard
John Shore
Bryan Smyth
Michael Sparkes
Robert Steevans
Humphrey Thomas
Philip Tweed Sen
Philip Tweed Jun
Richard Warren
Thomas Watts
William West
Richard Whitmore
Robert Wilson
Thomas Witch
Nicholas Wood
Noble Wright