Waterford During the Civil War, 1641-53

Waterford during the Civil War(1641 -1653).

Traits and Stories from the T.C.D. Depositions (Continued)

John Crockford, of Killgraney, in the County of Waterford (f. 125)
(Losses, 521(li) 13 shillings 9d (pence)

….. And further he sayth, yt there was murthered, of and in the parish of Whitedchurch, Ralph Bennetl jun., Wm Shoah, Robert Drew, James brother-in-law to Robert Wallis, Robert Damorell, and four others whose names he knoweth not.
And further the depont sayth, that he was robbed of his goods & chattells by the hands & means of Sr Nicholas Walsh of Ballykeroge, Knt, John Hore of Dungarvan, gent, Capt Edmond ffennell, now of Dungarvan, Richard Butler of Kilcash, a reputed Generall of the forces of Waterford and Tipperary, Edmund mc James, & Robcrt Stephens, parish of Whitechurch, John fitz gerald of Balliellane
Jur &c 18 June 1642
(Bisse, Badinedge, Rugge)

John Lambert of the Grange, barony of Decies (f. 126)
(Losses, 376 li)
……………. He saith that John fitz Gerrald of ffarnan, gent, James Welsh, Son to Sr Nicholas Welsh, Knt, and John Butler of Ringova (Ringagoona), gent (a reputed Captaine of the rebells), were the parties that robbed this depont, as he is [credibly] informed.
And further he deposeth that John Stutely (see also Nos. c, cxiv) of Ardmore (sic), in ye sd county, cleark, formerly curat of Armore, since this rebellion turned papist, together with his wife & family, John Adams his wife and family, likewise turned papists.
Jurat &c 23 Junii 1642
Tho: Badinedge,
Hen. Rugge)

Barnard Pabe of Ballingambon, parish of Whitechurch, yeoman
(Losses, 264 1i l1 shillings 4d (pence))
He was robbed by the hands & means of Robert Stephens & his followers, as, Wm Veale of Ballingambon, & John Veale brother to the sd Wm., husbandmen, & divers others
He further sayth that Phillipp Veale of ye parish of Whitechurch, taylor, John o Lyne of the same, husb., Daniell . . ” husb, who also tould his wife, a protestant, that she must shift for herself, for if it were knowne that he was in her company he should be cut to picces (how can the deponent swear to this?): All these were heretofore reputed protestants, and now, sithence this rebellion, tumed papists.
Jurat &c 18 June 1642
(Bisse, Badinedge, Rugge)

Hercules Beere of Gleinmore, parish of Lismore, carpenter (f. 129)
(Losses, 439 li sterl.)
The deponent saith that Morris o Downey of Glanmore, husbandman, James fitz Gerat of Coole-Ishell, gentleman, and others whose names he knoweth not, were the parties that then and there so robbed him.
Jur, &c 17 June 1642
(Bisse, Ellwell)

Charles Hart, parish of Kilgobint, barony of Decies, husbandman (f. 131)
(Losses, on New years day night, 9 li 5 shillings)
………….by Turlough o Brien his tenants. He saith that he himself his wife and children, were then and there stript by the tenants of Turlough o Brien aforesd and John Hore fitz Mathew of Shandon, barony of Decies, Esqrs.
Jurat &c 15 Aug. 1642
Phil Bisse
Jam Wallis

Robert Clay of Coscam, parish of Dungarvan,: clothier, (f. 132)
(Losses, value 35 li 7 shillings)
He further sayth, he was robbed by Garrett Newgent, of Coscam, gent, & his followers…………….And further sayth that Sr Nicho. Welsh of Ballyearoge & his followers stole & carryed away certaine Englishmen’s cattle, & as they were driving them by an house nere wherein the deponant was ffaine to hyde himselfe for shelter, his wife and one child, being one James Mac Thomas his house, of Coscam…………….. hearing ye drove of cattle going by ye aforesd James Mac Thomas, now in actuall rebellion & his company, ran out and took of the prey an English heiffer & presently killed it. He further sayth that one . . . Boston, with his wife & three children were stripped by ye rebells; but knoweth not who they were yt stripped them.
And lastly this deponent sayth, that Peter Anthony of Comro (Comeragh) his wife, & children formerly a professed protestant, but since this rebellion turned papists.
Jurat &:c 22 June, 1642
(Badnedge, Bisse, Rugge, Ellwell)

Phillipp Chapple, of the town and parish of Whitechurch, clarke (f.133(
(Losses 39 li 3 shillings”)
(‘……… besides the loss of his curattship of Whit Church
under the Bishop’s seale, worth to this depont coibus annis twelve pounds per annum – further sayth he was robbed of his goods, as he is credibly informed,’ struck out) by Margrett Tobin of the same parish, with her son Edmond and daughter More, and David Morrish his brother-in-law – his name the deponent knoweth not, and Wm Brenagh of the said parish his brother & Margarett Garracoin, only so called in the sd parish, widow, with divers of the forces of Waterford and Tipperary he also sayth that he was stripped stark naked by the said rebells.
Jur 24 June 1642
Percye Smyth
Phi1 Bisse

to be continued