Blog: Irish Dancing, ACE UCC 2015

Irish Dancing  : Genealogy Summer School 2015

University College Cork (UCC)

There’s not an awful lot that one can say about an evening of Irish dancing.

I can say though that from my point of view it was a wonderful evening, it got the people doing the course together so to speak. It relaxed everyone. The group were very good and knew well how to talk to the people they were playing for.

I think we’ll all agree that not everyone got up and danced and *definitely* I really and truly know that even though I walk my dogs at least two miles every day that I am NOT fit. One dance on the floor and that was it, I wanted to sit and do nothing. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to do ‘nothing’ when Irish music is playing. I didn’t dance on the floor very much but I made great use of the free floor!

I have to mention Aiden Feerick who was part of the organisation of the evening, he’s the man in blue in the photos and he danced the night away. You can see himself and Anne the here.

John Nangle (our other Gravestone person) joined the group and sang a few songs and we’ve been teasing him about that since then. We’re organising another session for next year and we’ve told him that he has to sing again!

Rosaleen Underwood also gave us a song or two. I’ve also got a photograph of Janice here, Janice was photographing everything and so will appear in none of her own shots.

I dare not forget her! Sitting down is Lorna Moloney the lady who organises the ACE Irish Genealogy Summer School down in UCC and then in the first photo here we have Nicholas with Lorna.  Nicholas was everywhere because he had the first aid box and minded us all and he was wonderful.