Estate Records, Co. Galway

The following are lists of estate records that exist for Co. Galway. There are a few ‘categories’ of records, rent rolls or leases are probably the most useful for any family history researcher or maps that include tenants names. These are the type of estate records for which references are usually found. There are however, other types of esate records which may prove of use such as account books, petitions and proposals from tenants, lists of landlords families and also vouchers or receipts. These can be overlooked when creating any list of estate records.

For the most part, estate records remain in their original manuscript form. These have not to the best of my knowledge been filmed by any organisation outside Ireland or England. Copies of some of these records are held in repositories in Dublin, but the majority are held by PRONI. The Latter Day Saints Library does hold some estate records on film or copies of books written about landlords.

The first part of this page lists the the names of the landlords and some records existing for their estates – the manuscript or film numbers all refer to material held in Ireland.

An explanation of estate records with index for other counties

The Following abbreviations are used:
PRONI : Public Records Office of Northern Ireland
NAI : National Archives, Ireland (Dublin)
NLI: National Library Ireland (Dublin)
T: Trinity College (Dublin)


Ashtown 1852-59 Rent rolls & Estate Accounts, National Library Mss.1765-8

Bellew 1679-l775, estate wages book,NLI Ms 9200
Bellew 1844 and 1847 Maps NL 21F.76:22-24
Bellew 1845-74 Estate & Wage Accounts NL Mss.9207-8
Bellew 1845-74 Estate & Wage Accounts NL Mss.9269-70

Bevan 1854 Rent Rolls NA M5402

Blake 17th-19thC Deeds & unspecified legal papers NA M6931;6934
Blake 1750-1850 Estate & Household accounts NL Ms.10795
Blake 1755-1861 Deeds NL Dl6899-954
Blake 19thC Rent rolls Demesne farm accounts, Estate, household & Wage accounts NA M6933
Blake 1840-55 Landlord correspondence G
Blake 1851 Maps NL Ms.24560

Browne (Col John); Account of the sales of the estates of Col. John Browne in Cos Galway and Mayo, compiled in 1778, giving names of major tenants and purchasers 1698-1704, and those occupying the estates in 1778, covering townlands in the civil parishes of Ballynakill, Cong, Kilcummin, Killannin, Omey, Ross,NLI Pos. 940

Campbell 1845-55 Rent rolls NA M3439

Clanmorris (Lord) NLI Ms 3279, Estate rental, 1833, all tenants, covering townlands in the civil parish of Claregalway

Clonbrock (Dillon, Barons Clonbrock) tenants’ ledger 1801-6, indexed; NLI Ms 19501,
Clonbrock (Dillon, Barons Clonbrock): rentals and accounts, 1827-1840, all tenants; NLI Mss 19585-19608 (24 vols),
Clonbrock (Dillon, Barons Clonbrock) maps of the Co. Galway estates, with full valuation of all tenants’ holdings; NLI Mss 22008, 22009,
Clonbrock (Dillon, Barons Clonbrock) 1840-44 Rent rolls & Estate accounts, NL Mss.19609-16 (Rentals and accounts, 1840-44, all tenants, covering townlands in the civil parishes of Ahascragh, Aughrim, Fohanagh, Kilcoona, Killaan, Killallaghtan, Killosolan, Kilteskil.)
Clonbrock (Dillon, Barons Clonbrock) 1842-60 Private accounts NL Mss.19517-27
Clonbrock (Dillon, Barons Clonbrock) 1846-64 Demesne, farm & household accounts, NL Mss. 19528-33
Clonbrock (Dillon, Barons Clonbrock) 1850-55 Rent rolls & Estate accounts NL Mss.19617-22
Clonbrock (Dillon, Barons Clonbrock) 1853-62 Wage accounts, NL Ms.19534

Cuff 1841 Maps NL 16H.5:17

Daly 1663-1892 Deeds, Miscellaneous & unspecified legal papers, NA 1012
Daly 1837-45 Estate Accounts NL Ms.7941

Eyre 1854 Rent rolls NA M5509

Ffrench: 1767-77 rent ledger, Monivea estate, major tenants only, NLI Ms 4920,
Ffrench: 1811/12, estate accounts and wages book, all tenants with index. NLI Ms 4929
Ffrench 1820-46 Estate accounts & receipts, NL Ms. 26800
Ffrench 1830-55 Estate & wage accounts, NL Mss. 4930-1 (covering townlands in the civil parishes of Abbeyknockmoy, Athenry, Cargin, Claregalway, Monivea, Moylough, Oranmore)
Ffrench 1847 Agent & Landlord correspondence, NL Ms. 8717

Gort 1812-75 Landlords & families correspondence NL Mss.21967-8

Hodson (Edward, Lieutenant): Rent rolls and tenants’ accounts, 1797-1824, indexed, covering townlands in the civil parish of Kiltormer. NLI Ms 2356

Kirwan 1849-54 Estate Accounts NL Ms.7990
Kirwan 1852 Maps NA 1078/2/3

Knox (Francis Blake) 1845-46 Rent Rolls NL Ms. 3077 (, covering townlands in the civil parishes of Annaghdown, Kilmacduagh, Kilmoylan.)

Longworth 1734-1850 Maps NL 14A.25

Lynch 1850-61 Landlords or families correspondence, NL Ms.18961

McDonnell 1852-55 Valuations, Landlords and families correspondence Trinity College Mun P30/43-51
McDonnell 1852—66 5E T Mun V82/11

McGwire 18-19C 6D PRONI D2223/24

Mahon 1841-59 1 NL Ms.8553
Mahon 1850-89 1,5E NL Mss. 23345-9
Mahon mid 19C 3V NL Ms.23022

Martin 1846-48 5H NL Ms. 19153
Martin 1847 1 NA M2430-1
Martin 1849 1,4 NL 14A.4
Martin 1849 1 NA M3440
Martin 1852 1 NA M3441;3443

O’Malley 1852 1 NA M3442

Shee (George): 1837-1859, Rent rolls around Dunmore, all tenants, covering townlands in the civil parishes of Addergoole, Boyounagh, Clonbern, Dunmore. NA M3105-3120

St. George (Richard & Mansergh) 1775, Rental of Headford town (all tenants), (b) estate rentals (major tenants only), both 1775, covering townlands in the civil parishes of Cargin, Donaghpatrick, Kilcoona, Kilkilvery, Killursa, NLI Pos. 5483 (a)
St. George 1855 1 NA M3445

Trench 1772-1890 Landlords correspondence NL Pos.4910
Trench 1840-51 Rent rolls, covering townlands in the civil parishes of Ballymacaward, Kilbeacanty, Killaan, Killimordaly.NL Ms.2577

Wolfe (Theobald): 1760 Estate maps with names of major tenants, indexed, covering townlands in the civil parishes of Kilmallinoge and Tiranascragh. NLI Ms 3876

(No Landlord Given): Maps of Cloonfane and Carogher townlands in Dunmore parish, with tenants’ names, mid-nineteenth century. NLI 21 9 76 (14) and 21 9 76 (26),
(No Landlord Given): 1851 Survey of occupiers, townlands of Ballinasoora, Streamsfort, Fortlands, Woodlands, parish of Killimordaly, NLI Ms 4633,
(No Landlord Given): 1854-85 Rentals, 1854-85, townlands of Ballyargadaun, Leitrim More, Kylebrack, Knockash in the civil parishes of Leitrim and Kilteskil. NLI Mss 2277-2280,