Estate Records, Co. Kilkenny

The following are lists of estate records that exist for Co. Kilkenny. There are a few ‘categories’ of records, rent rolls or leases are probably the most useful for any family history researcher or maps that include tenants names. These are the type of estate records for which references are usually found. There are however, other types of esate records which may prove of use such as account books, petitions and proposals from tenants, lists of landlords families and also vouchers or receipts. These can be overlooked when creating any list of estate records.

For the most part, estate records remain in their original manuscript form. These have not to the best of my knowledge been filmed by any organisation outside Ireland or England. Copies of some of these records are held in repositories in Dublin, but the majority are held by PRONI. The Latter Day Saints Library does hold some estate records on film or copies of books written about landlords.

This page lists the the names of the landlords, (bold) and some records existing for their estates – the manuscript or film numbers all refer to material held in Ireland. Where there is only one reference for any Landlord, then the years covered are beside the Landlords name. Where there is more than one reference then the Landlords name is at the top of any grouping and the years listed with each manuscript reference under that name.

The estates that your ancestors lived on (if they did) may at times be found by checking through the Tithes Applotment/Griffiths Valuation lists for the parish or county.

The Following abbreviations are used:
PRONI : Public Records Office of Northern Ireland
NAI : National Archives, Ireland (Dublin)
NLI: National Library Ireland (Dublin)
Check out the United Kingdom National Register of Archives for other records


Baker 1848
Surveys & reports
National Library Ms. 21040

Barker 1843-44, 1850-60
Rolls – tenants names
National Archives M5390

Blessington 1700-1878
Legal Papers
National Library Ms. 4850

Bradshaw 1754-1855
National Archives D17000-6

Bryan mid 19th Century

Maps with names of tenants included
National Library 21F.26:1

Burtchaell 1845-51,1854-55
NL Mss.7800-11
Burtchaell 1846-47
Information on relief & relief committees
National Archives BR.KK.37/3

Bushe 1843
National Library 21F.26:8

Butler 1851-70
Estate accounts
National Library Ms.11707

Clifden 1841
NL 16H.17:23
Clifden 1843-44
Rent Rolls – tenants names
National Archives BR.KK.37/2

Courtown 1827-57
Rent Rolls, Estate Accounts
Trinity College C’n P /9
Courtown 1829-59
Estate & Wage accounts
Trinity College C’n P /30/14-27
Trinity College C’n P /31/1-2
Surveys, reports, valuations; Estate accounts; Landlords
Trinity College C’n P/32/9
Trinity College C’n P /5/220-351
Estate accounts, vouchers
Trinity College C’n P /31/4-13
Maps with names of tenants
National Library 16H.33:1

Cox 1842-53
Deeds & Leases
National Archives D17097-101

Donoughmore 17th -20th Centuries
Rent Rolls, Estate accounts
Trinity College D’more Z

Downshire 1845
Estate & private accounts
PRONI D671/ A21

Drought 1849
Rent Rolls
National Archives M5491

Greene 19th Century
U P2

Loftus 1820-48
Estate accounts
National Library Mss.3916-17

Marsh 18th -19th Century
Estate acounts, Deeds & miscellaneous, Leases
National Library Unsorted

O’Neill 1845-75
Estate accounts
National Library Mss.5509-11

Ormonde 1824-43
Deeds & household accounts
National Library Ms.23,791
Ormonde 1825-1912
Estate accounts
National Library Mss.23930-4

Ormonde 1838-91
Rent Rolls
National Library Mss.23668-721
Ormonde 1838-91
Rent rolls, Estate accounts
National Library Mss.23797-801
Ormonde 1839-57
National Library Ms. 23808
Ormonde 1839-92
Estate accounts
National Library Mss.23802-7
Ormonde 1840-1914
Estate accounts
National Library Mss.25046-8
Ormonde 1845-62
Petitions & proposals from tenants
National Library Ms. 25026
Ormonde 1846-1912
Rent rolls
National Library Mss.25016-23
Ormonde 1847-71
Observations on tenants
National Library Ms.25058
Ormonde 1848-91
Rent rolls
National Library Mss.23812-15
Ormonde 1854-76
Estate accounts
National Library Ms. 23823
Ormonde 1854-80
Estate Accounts
National Library Ms. 25025

Pope 1840
Maps with tenants names
National Library 16H.33:5

Prior-Wandesforde 1819-53
Rent rolls, Surveys & Reports, Vouchers, bills or receipts
National Library Mss.14172-80

Stopford 1675-1856
National Library D18749-811

Tighe 1800-53
National Library D9656-705
Tighe 1800-53
National Library D10723-49
Tighe 1836-59
Rent rolls
National Library Ms.873

Tighe 1844-67
Wage accounts
National Library Mss. 7336-8

Wall 1732-1881
National Archives D18165-230