Irish National League: City and Cappamore Branches, 1887

Irish National League
Branch Meetings
City branch
Mr. Henry O’Shea, V.P., presided at the City Branch on Thursday night. The Chairman condemned the Coercion Bill proposed by the Government. Mr. Keating proposed and Mr. Anglim T.C., seconded – that Mr. T. Mason Stewart be elected member. Mr. Stewart returned thanks, and said he was indured to enter the National League because of Mr. Balfour’s unbelief in the existence of Protestant Home Rulers outside Parliament. Mr. O’H. Lawlor proposed the following resolution : “That we heartily condemn the action of Judge Boyd in committing the Rev. Father Ryan, C.C., Herbertstown to Kilmainham Gaol for refusing to disclose matters confided to him in his capacity as a Priest of the Catholic Church ; that we look on this conduct as the grossed and most contemptible tyranny, and we believe such a power was never contemplated by the Bankruptcy Laws, and it tends to bring that court into the greatest contempt ; and that we convey to Father Ryan our deepest sympathy in his prison cell, and feel sure that he will be comforted in his suffering by the knowledge that he has earned the gratitude and esteem of the Irish race at home and abroad in his noble and patriotic endeavour to shield the oppressed and rack rented people of his parish.”
Mr. David Begley, TC., seconded the resolution and it was adopted unanimously.
Mr. Keating proposed “That we in future give no work to priest hunting Carmen who drove police to Hospital for the purpose of arresting Father Ryan, and that we call on other branches of the League to expel persons who have been guilty of such misconduct.” He subsequently deferred its consideration to next meeting, at the insistence of the Chairman.

Irish National League.
Cappamore Branch
Rev. E. Hogan, C.C., presiding. The Rev. President and members of he Committee met to consider the sale of Mr. martin Ryan’s farm at Towerhill, but owing to the death of the lamented pastor, Rev. P. Cleary, the committee adjourned the meeting till next Sunday. Proposed by Mr. P. Walsh, P.L.G., and seconded by Mr. Thomas Meagher: “That we hereby offer our heartfelt condolence to the friends and relations of Father Cleary, P.P., who was a truly pious Priest, and a wise counselor to his flock, and was dearly beloved by them.” The large congregation that assembled in the church on the day of his internment was a full testimony of this. The Secretary was directed to send copies of the resoltion to his friends.
Taken from “The Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate”,
April 2, 1887

Irish National League.
Shanagolden Branch
Meeting for electing officers and committee. Mr. D. J. Hishon, Central Branch, conducted the election by ballot. The result was as follows:
Very Rev. J. Mulqueen, P.P., VF., President
Rev. T. O. Kelly, C.C., Treasurer
E.J. O’Sullivan, Hon Sec.
Messrs. William O’rien, PLG
L’ OBrien PLG
P. Madigan, PLG
William Hishon, junr.
J. Creaghan
W. Larner
M. Gearon
M. O’Connor
E. Eyre
M. Creaghan
T. ENright
T. Cahill
P. Murray
M. Leahy
J. O’Reilly
Taken from “The Munster News and Limerick and Clare Advocate”,
April 2, 1887