Irish Proverbs: Women and Men


Beauty is only skin deep but nobody wants to be drowned

Elegance and beauty are the same thing when there’s a man after them

Always make sure she looks beautiful before breakfast as well as after dinner


Love is blind but the neighbours see through it

Love is like stirabout, it must be made fresh every day

Love at first sight often happens at twilight

If you live in my heart you live rent free

Old coals are easiest kindled

Sheeps eyes don’t see beyond the settle

If she has a mind of her own, there won’t be many with a mind for her

Wait till you’re 18 to marry and don’t be spoiling your growth

If a man is in love he’s no judge of beauty but when love wears off he’ll tell a woman about her warts


Men are like bagpipes: no sound comes from them until they’re full

A man is a man when his woman is a woman

A sea wind changes less often than the mind of a weak man

A man works hard for success and then squanders his time talking about it

No man can prosper without his womans leave


She mightn’t be much good to boil a pot of spuds, but she’d look lovely carrying them to the table

Women would drive you mad but the asylum would be a cold place without them

A jealous woamn would make trouble between two breast bones

There’s nothing that makes the windows (eyes) open like a fine doorful of a woman

Never be in a court or acastle without a woman to make your excuse

A Tyrone woman will never buy a rabbit without a head for fear it’s a cat

A woman and child are like a goat, if they’re not in trouble they’re coming out of it

It takes a woman to outwit the devil

An inch makes a world of differnce when it’s in a womans nose

Where comes a cow, there follows a woman

Where comes a woman, there follows trouble

Let her rant and rave as long as the sun is high and as long as she’s loving, close and tender when the sun sets