Munster Volunteer Registry, 1782, Co. Kerry

Kerry Legion Cavalry January 1779
Major Commanding Rowland Bateman
Captain Rowland Bateman jun.
Lieutenant Richard Yielding
Cornet Edward Gorham
One Troop. Uniform – Scarlet, faced black, edged white, silver epaulets, white buttons; furniture, goatskin, edged black

Woodford Rangers
Colonel William Townsend
Captain – ??
Lieutenant ??
Cornet ??


Royal Tralee Volunteers, January 4th 1779
Colonel Sir Barry Denny, bart.
Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel Morris
Major George Gun
Captain Robert Hickson
Captain Edward Collis
First lieutenant Nathaniel Payne
First Lieutenant Robert Helleard
Second Lieutenant William Weeks
Adjutant John Lewis Fitzmaurice
Chaplain May Denny
Surgeon Robert Collis
Quartermaster Christopher Helleard
Secretary William graves
Two companies- one grenadier, one light. Uniform: Scarlet, faced deep blue, edged white, yellow buttons, gold lace epaulets and wings

Kerry legion, January 1779
Colonel Arthur Blennerhasset
Lieutenant-Colonel James Ponsonby
Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Herbert
Major William Blennerhasset
Major William Godfrey
Captain Uriah Sealy
Captain Arthur Herbert
Captain Richard Meredith
Captain Thomas Blennerhasset
Captain Anthony Godfrey
Captain Whitwell Butler
Captain John Markham
Lieutenant John Sanders
Lieutenant Edward Herbert
Lieutenant Edward Blennerhasset
Lieutenant Richard blennerhasset
Lieutenant John Godfrey
Ensign Francis Fitzgerald
Adjutant and Secretary John Hurley
Chaplain John Blennerhasset
Surgeon Thomas Connell
Quartermaster Garret Barry
Seven companies. One grenadier, five battalion, one light. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, edged white, white buttons

Killarney Foresters, 1779
Captain Commandant Thomas Galway

Gunsborough Union, 1779
Colonel George Gun

Miltown Fusileers
Major Commandant William Godfrey

Laune Rangers
Colonel Rowland Blennerhasset

Dromore Volunteers
Colonel John Mahony