Kilberry COI Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare

The following Kilberry COI gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

Richard Hendy BA. H. DIP. ED. Who Died 4/1/1981 Aged 79 Years. His Wife Kathleen Doris Hendy Nee James Who Died 17/7/1983 Aged 84 Years.

Mary Hendy Who Died 18/2/1930 Aged 67 Years. Her Husband Richard Hendy Who Died 14/10/1934 Aged 65 years. Their Son William Hendy Who Died 1/4/1966 Aged 69 Years. His Wife Harriet Hendy Who Died 14/4/1987 Aged 73 Years.

Albert H. Hendy Born March 1959 Died June 2003

George Frederick Hicks Ex RIC Who Died 28/4/1928 Aged 71 Years. His Wife Annie Hicks Who Died 24/12/1943.

Joseph Glynn The Glebe Kilberry Who Died 26/2/1928 Aged 76 Years. His Wife Sloane Glynn Who Died 5/3/1946 Aged 88 Years. Their Son John James Glynn Who Died 13/5/1966 Aged 70 Years. His Wife Lucy Deborah (Kitty) Glynn Who Died 5/12/1988 Aged 68 Years.

Thomas Mullen Who Died 4/8/1920 Aged 84 Years. His Infant Daughter Edith Frances Who Died 14/3/1888. His Youngest Son Albert Charles Irish Guards Killed In Action In The Great War 30/9/1915 Aged 18 Years. Interred In loos France.

Sacred To The Memory Of Annette Countess Of Clonmel As A ….E..Her … C. Love And Devotion. Blessed Are The Dead Which Die In The Lord Even So ..The Spirit For.. They Shall Rest From Their Labours. This Stone Is A Copy Of An Original Stone Ereected By Her Father Lord Downes Which Unfortunatly Fell Many Years Back.

Sacred To The Memory Of Charlotte Lady Seaton Who Departed This Life At Torquay On Sunday 26th Of …….. Leaving ….. Husband And 8 Young Children Un….. Beloved Member … Venerated By Her Devoted Father General Lord Downes. The Lord Gave And The Lord Hath Taken Away Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord. Erected By Her Son Lord Seaton Oct. 1880.

This Tablet Is Erected To Preserve The Memory Of Harriet And Charlotte Burgh Who Died The Former 4 March 1840 The Latter On The 27th Novr 1829. In Their Lives They Were United By An Affection Rarely Equalled Whilst Their Benevolence Extended To All. Blessed Are The Pure In Heart For They Shall See God.

To The Beloved And Honoured Memory Of Thomas Burgh Esqr Who Died At Bert House On The 14 June 1810 Aged 68. In Fervent Recollection Of The Superior Qualities Of Head And Heart Which Endeared Him To All Who Knew Him On Earth And In Humble Hope That Trough The Memrits Of His Saviour His Soul Is Now With The Spirits Of The Just Made In Perfect Heaven.

Sacred To The Beloved Memory of Anne Sneyd Who Died At Genoa On The 26th Febr 1842. The Best And Kindest Of Sisters For Whose Loss Her Weeping Friends Can Only Find Consolation In The Hope Of A Happy Meeting In The World To Come.

Sacred To The Memory Of Maria The Beloved Wife Of Ulysses Lord Downes. She Departed This Life On The 20th Of August 1812. In Her The poor Have Lost The Kindest Of Friends, The Rich Their Brightest Ornament And her Affectionate Family The Tenderest And Most Devoted Of Wives And Mother. This Tablet Is Erected By Her Beloved Husband Who Tho’ Sorrowing Yet Rejoiceth In The Prospect Of A Reunion With Her At That Blessed Day When Her Loved Remains Which rest In This Spot Shall Thro’ The All Sufficient Merits Of Jesus Christ Rise Of The Everlasting.

Mervyn Richard McCann Bert, Athy Who Died 17/4/1991 Aged 82 Years. His Wife Edith Mary McCann Who Died 30/12/1999 Aged 83 Years.

Henry William James McCann Kilberry Who Died 6/4/1989 Aged 83 Years. His Son Henry George McCann Who Died 16/9/1993 Aged 41 Years. (Interred In Carrick-On-Shannon)

Sarah Jane Vanston Who Died 8/10/1942. Her Husband John Vanston Who Died 24/2/1948. Her Son Richard (Dick) Vanston Who Died 13/10/2009.

James Vanston Who Died 7/9/1927 Aged 64 years. His Sister Mary Jane Vanston Who Died 14/11/1946.

Marion Geoghegan Wife Of The Late Major Geoghegan 3rd Bombay Cavalry Who Died 16/10/1938.

Violet Muriel Geogeghan Who Died 20/11/1958

Arabella Haughton Of Rheban Who Died 1/12/1855 Aged 83 Years.

Ellie McCann Who Died 31/1/1945. Her Husband John McCann Who Died 22/6/1955

John Gilmore Who Died 17/11/1896 Aged 78 Years. His Wife Mary Gilmore Who Died 26/12/1877 Aged 54 Years. Their Daughter Isabella Sexton Who Died 21/6/1895 Aged 42 Years. Their Sons George Gilmore J.P. Who Died 27/4/1920 Aged 64 Years. William Gilmore Who Died 16/2/1924 Aged 76 Years And His Wife Martha Gilmore Who Died 5/4/1933 Aged 87 Years.

William Walpole Of Salisbury Who Died 17/10/1878 Aged 38 Years. His Wife Emily C. Walpole Who Died 30/4/1899.

In Memory Of Anne Daughter Of Henry Langley Esq. Of Archerstown Co. Tipperary And Beloved Wife William Walpole Esq. Of Salisbury House Co. Kildare Died July 16th 1868.

Here Lieth The Remains Of Joseph Lapham Butler Who Died On The 2nd January 1874 Aged 54 Year.

In Affectionate Remembrance Of Thomas Hunt Who Died 10/9/1879 Aged 71 Years. This Tribute Of Affection Is Erected By His Sorrowing Children.

Joan Hamilton Wortley (Nee Dennett) 7-11-1916 13-1-1997

Emma Gilbert Wife Of Mervyn Who Died At Bert 14/9/1914 Aged 34 Years.

Issabella Louden Died 5/9/1853 Aged 3 Years. Fernie Louden Died 19/4/1886 Aged 73 Years. William Louden Who Died 23/8/1886 Aged 36 Years. Euphemia Louden Who Died 5/12/1893 Aged 78 Years. James Louden Who Died 14/9/1916 Aged 60 Years. Charles Louden Who Died 1/1/1932 Aged 70 Years. Jessie Louden 9/2/1934 Aged 78 Years. Jeannie Louden Who Died 30/9/1938 Aged 80 Years.

Jonathan Yates Grangemellon House Who Died 8/9/1913 Aged 49 Years. His Sister Phoebe Lydia Yates Who Died 11/1/1924 Aged 57 Years.

Here Lieth The Remains Of Serjeant Robert Peel Of The 43rd Regt Who Departed This Life On The 29th Of March 1841 Aged 52 Years.

William Bailey Who Died 7/6/1917. His Wife Frances Bailey Who Died 7/11/1918.

Beneath This Tomb Lieth The Remains Of Richard Bailey Of Oldcourt Who Departed This Life 22nd Of December 1838 Aged 75 Years. Also His Beloved Wife Mary Bailey Who Departed This Life 10th Of Jany 1844 Aged 73 Years. Also Their Son James Bailey Who Departed This Life 15th Of August 1857 Aged 51 Years. Also Elizabeth Wife Of The Above James Bailey Who Died December 14th 1891 Aged 68. Also Elizabeth Rachel Granddaughter Of The Above Died September 1899 Aged 3 Years. Her Mother Susan Bailey Died October 22nd 1905 Aged 44 Years. Also Her Father George Bailey Died Septr 17th 1914 68 Yrs.

Here Lieth The Body Of Sarah Bailey Widow Of Thomas Bailey. He Died On The 21st December 1833. She Survived Her Dear Husband Untill The 8th Of June 1859 When Her Spirit Went To Jesus The Redeemer In Whom She Treated As Her Friend Who Laid And Said To The End. This Monument Has Been Erected A Small Tribute Of Affection By Their Son Samual Bailey Of Athy.

James Bailey Who Died 6/12/1925 Aged 68 Years. Mary Anne White Who Died 30/12/1926 Aged 71 Years.

Thomas Livingstone Oldcourt Who Died 24/11/1970 Aged 83 Years. His Wife Susan Kathleen Livingstone Who Died 15/12/1970 Aged 71 Years.

Erected By James Smith In Memory Of His Daughter Margaret Smith Who Depd January The 22nd 1837 Aged 13 Years.

Elizabeth Veronica Susan (Vera) Livingstone Oldcourt Who Died 28/12/1986 Aged 67 Years. George Victor Bailey Who Died 29/8/1987 Aged 66 Years.

Walter Inglis A Native Of Roxburgshire Scotland Who For 28 Years Was Gamekeeper At Kilkea To The Duke Of Leinster. He Died 22/1/1915 Aged 59 Years.

George Braithwaite Who Died 11/9/1897 Aged 84 Years.

In loving Memory Of Alice Anne The Beloved Wife Of J. Steede, LL.D. District Inspector Of National Schools Who Died Trusting In Jesus 19th October 1898 Aged 59 Years. Also For Her Daughter Hester Flora Who Died 15th May 1892 Aged 16 Years.