Kilcolmanbane 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Kilcolmanbane in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Anne Allen Ballyknockan Kilcolmanbane
Richard Allen Cappoley Kilcolmanbane
Bridget Bergin Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
William Bergin Kilcolmanbane Kilcolmanbane
John Berrington Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Denis Bowe Cappoley Kilcolmanbane
Francis Bowe Kilcolmanbane Kilcolmanbane
John Bowe Kilcolmanbane Kilcolmanbane
Andrew Brady Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
John Brennan Ballyheylands Cullenagh
Patrick Brennan Kilcolmanbane Kilcolmanbane
John Bruton Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Roger Burton Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
John Byrne Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
Michael Byrne Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
Joseph Cassan Ballyknockan Kilcolmanbane
Matthew S. Cassan Cappoley Kilcolmanbane
Denis Condran Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
Margaret Conroy Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
Peter Conroy Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Grace Cooper Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
Robert Coyle Ballyheylands Cullenagh
Thomas Cripps Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
Thomas Cripps Kilcolmanbane Kilcolmanbane
Mary Cunningham Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
Laurence Delaney Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Michael Devoy Meelick Maryborough, Rural
James Donohoe Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Murtha Downey Ballyknockan Kilcolmanbane
Thomas Duff Ballyknockan Kilcolmanbane
John Dunne Meelick Maryborough, Rural
William Dunne Ballyknockan Kilcolmanbane
James Ennis Ballyheylands Cullenagh
Bridget Fitzpatrick Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
John Fitzpatrick Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Joseph Fitzpatrick Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
Peter Fitzpatrick Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Nicholas Fortune Meelick Maryborough, Rural
John Gorman Ballyheylands Cullenagh
Thomas Hargroves Cappoley Kilcolmanbane
Thomas Hargroves Kilcolmanbane Kilcolmanbane
Mary Harvey Cappoley Kilcolmanbane
Thomas Haslam Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
Thomas Haslam Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
James Hayes Ballyheylands Cullenagh
Patrick Higgons Pass No. 1 Cullenagh
William Hill Ballyheylands Cullenagh
Austin Hosey Cappoley Kilcolmanbane
John James Cappoley Kilcolmanbane
Patrick Kays Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
Edward Kealey Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
John Kealey Ballyknockan Kilcolmanbane
William Kealey Ballyknockan Kilcolmanbane
Patrick Kearney Ballyheylands Cullenagh
John Kenna Ballyknockan Kilcolmanbane
Peter Kenna Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
John Kennedy Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Ellen Kerwin Cappoley Kilcolmanbane
Peter Kinsella Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Andrew Lalor Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
Margaret Mara Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Henry McEvoy Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Patrick McEvoy Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
Patrick McEvoy Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
William J. McKenna Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
John Meredith Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
Walsh Michael Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
Thomas Mitchell Ballyheylands Cullenagh
John Moore Kilcolmanbane Kilcolmanbane
Mary Murphy Kilcolmanbane Kilcolmanbane
Michael Murphy Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Richard Nicholson Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
John Nolan Pass No. 1 Cullenagh
Rebecca Odlum Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Mary Quinn Meelick Maryborough, Rural
John Ryan Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Mary Ryan Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Patrick Shield Ballyheylands Cullenagh
Mary Stuart Rathleague Maryborough, Rural
Patrick Tynan Meelick Maryborough, Rural
Honora Walsh Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
Mary Walsh Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane
Jeremiah Wilkinson Ballycarnan Kilcolmanbane

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