Killabban 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Killabban in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Anne Abbin Ballynagall Arles
Patrick Allen Clonbrock Newtown
Samuel Atkinson Ardough or Huntspark Ardough
Thomas Aughaney Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Henry Ayres Gortahile Ardough
Edward Bambrick Rahin Ballylynan
John Bambrick Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
William Bambrick Ballylynan Ballylynan
Eliza Bannon Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Mary Barron Ballyfoyle Killabban
Michael Barron Killabban Killabban
Myles Behan Oldcourt Tankardstown
Patrick Behan Oldcourt Tankardstown
Eliza Belton Rahin Ballylynan
Michael Bergin Garrendenny Newtown
Kate Betts Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Nicholas Bolger Ballynagall Arles
William Bolger Gurteen Arles
William Bolger Farnans Farnans
Richard E. N Bolton Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Bessie Bowe Ballylynan Ballylynan
Anne Bowen Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Bridget Bowen Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Edward Brady Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Eliza Brenna Kilcruise Farnans
Andrew Brennan Farnans Farnans
Andrew Brennan Kilcruise Farnans
Anne Brennan Clonbrock Newtown
Bridget brennan Kilcruise Farnans
Bridget Brennan Ballynakill Turra
Catherine Brennan Clonpierce Tankardstown
Catherine Brennan Woodlands or Garragh Turra
Denis Brennan Woodlands or Garragh Turra
Edward Brennan Clonbrock Newtown
Edward Brennan Cullenagh Tankardstown
Edward Brennan Ballickmoyler Upper Turra
Eliza Brennan Crettyyard Newtown
Eliza Brennan Turra Turra
James Brennan Aughanure Ballylynan
James Brennan Farnans Farnans
James Brennan Clonpierce Tankardstown
James Brennan Oldcourt Tankardstown
James Brennan Skehanagh Tankardstown
James Brennan Ballynakill Turra
James Brennan Rushes Turra
James Brennan Towlerton Turra
James (?skent) Brennan Farnans Farnans
James (goon) Brennan Monavea Ardough
James (Rush) Brennan Monavea Ardough
john brennan Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
John Brennan Kilcruise Farnans
John Brennan Garrendenny Newtown
Kate Brennan Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Margaret Brennan Monavea Ardough
Margaret Brennan Clonbrock Newtown
Mark Brennan Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Martin Brennan Clonbrock Newtown
Mary Brennan Kilcruise Farnans
Michael Brennan Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Michael Brennan Castletown Farnans
Michael Brennan Farnans Farnans
Michael Brennan Clonbrock Newtown
Michael Brennan Clonbrock Newtown
Michael Brennan Clonbrock Newtown
Michael Brennan Crettyyard Newtown
Michael Brennan Garrendenny Newtown
Michael Brennan Skehanagh Tankardstown
Michael Brennan Drumagh Turra
Owen Brennan Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Owen Brennan Aghaterry Turra
Patrick Brennan Gortahile Ardough
Patrick Brennan Monavea Ardough
Patrick Brennan Ashfield Arles
Patrick Brennan Farnans Farnans
Patrick Brennan Aghaterry Turra
Peter Brennan Rahin Ballylynan
Philip Brennan Aughanure Ballylynan
Stephen Brennan Kilcruise Farnans
Thomas Brennan Monavea Ardough
Thomas Brennan Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Thomas Brennan Towlerton Turra
William Brennan Kilcruise Farnans
William Brennan Ballycorman Tankardstown
Maria Brien Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Catherine Brown Mayo Newtown
James Browne Mayo Newtown
John Browne Kilgory Newtown
John Browne Rushes Turra
John, jun. Browne Farnans Farnans
John, sen. Browne Farnans Farnans
Thomas Browne Farnans Farnans
John Bulfin Ballylynan Ballylynan
Kate Bulger Aughanure Ballylynan
Nicholas Bulger Aughanure Ballylynan
John Burke Turra Turra
Margaret Burke Ashfield Arles
Margaret Burke Coolanowle Arles
Patrick Burke Maidenhead Farnans
Pierce Butler Gortahile Ardough
bridget Byrne Arless Arles
Bridget Byrne Towlerton Turra
Catherine Byrne Ballyfoyle Killabban
Edward Byrne Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Edward Byrne Killeen Killabban
Elizabeth Byrne Mayo Newtown
Jno Byrne Monavea Ardough
John Byrne Clonagh Shrule
John Byrne Drumagh Turra
Katherine byrne Aughanure Ballylynan
Maria Byrne Ballyfoyle Killabban
Mary Byrne Ballynagall Arles
Mathew Byrne Ballyfoyle Killabban
Michael Byrne Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Patrick Byrne Kilcruise Farnans
Patrick Byrne Killabban Killabban
Patrick Byrne Coolanagh Shrule
Robert B. Campbell Rahin Ballylynan
John Campion Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Patrick Campion Killabban Killabban
William Campion Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Margaret Cantwell Clonbrock Newtown
James Carpenter Rathtillig Arles
James Carpenter Farnans Farnans
Stephen Carroll Clonbrock Newtown
Thomas Carroll Clonbrock Newtown
Denis Carter Aughanure Ballylynan
Eliza Carter Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Margaret Carter Ballylynan Ballylynan
Mary Carter Gortahile Ardough
Samuel R. Carter Monavea Ardough
Edward Casey Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
John Cleary Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Michael Coady Ashfield Arles
William Coady Ashfield Arles
Laurence Coffee Ballynagall Arles
Philip Comerford Mayo Newtown
Edward Condron Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Eliza Condron Clonbrock Newtown
Helena Condron Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
James Condron Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
John Condron Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
John Condron Clonbrock Newtown
John Condron Clonbrock Newtown
John Condron Clonbrock Newtown
Patrick Condron Clonbrock Newtown
William Condron Clonbrock Newtown
Mary Conlon Arless Arles
Anne Connell Farnans Farnans
John Connolly Coolgarragh Killabban
Patrick Connolly Ballyfoyle Killabban
Thomas Connolly Ballyfoyle Killabban
Catherine Convill Mayo Newtown
Ellen Conville Monavea Ardough
James Conway Rushes Turra
John Conway Farnans Farnans
William Conway Farnans Farnans
Margaret Coogan Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Patrick Coogan Ashfield Arles
Patrick Cooney Gurteen Arles
Thomas Cooney Coolanowle Arles
William A. Cooper Cooperhill Demesne Ballickmoyler
Catherine Coss Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Michael Costigan Tirenan Arles
Eliza Crash Clonbrock Newtown
James Crash Clonbrock Newtown
Kuke Crash Clonbrock Newtown
Patrick Crash Clonbrock Newtown
Richard Crash Clonbrock Newtown
Thomas Crash Clonbrock Newtown
Daniel Cullen Towlerton Turra
Patrick Cunningham Ballyfoyle Killabban
Patrick Curran Clonbrock Newtown
John Daly Clonbrock Newtown
Mary Daly Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Michael Daly Crettyyard Newtown
William Daly Garrendenny Newtown
John Davis Rahin Ballylynan
Thomas Davis Ballylynan Ballylynan
James Deary Arless Arles
Bryan Deegan Ballynagall Arles
Eliza Deegan Arless Arles
Eliza Deegan Ballynagall Arles
James Deegan Ashfield Arles
Mary Deegan Killabban Killabban
James Delahunt Killabban Killabban
Thomas Delahunty Aghcross Turra
Anne Delaney Crettyyard Newtown
John Delaney Aughanure Ballylynan
Eliza Delany Clonbrock Newtown
James Delany Monavea Ardough
James Delany Kilgory Newtown
Jno Delany Gortahile Ardough
Joanna Delany Skehanagh Tankardstown
John Delany Clonbrock Newtown
Laurence Delany Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Luke Delany Clonbrock Newtown
Martin Delany Clonbrock Newtown
Mary Delany Kilgory Newtown
Michael Delany Clonbrock Newtown
Richard Delany Clonbrock Newtown
William P. Delany Clonbrock Newtown
J., Rev. Dempsey Ballynagall Arles
John Dempsey Clonbrock Newtown
Mary Dempsey Killeen Killabban
Norah Dempsey Farnans Farnans
Thomas Dempsey Clonbrock Newtown
Louisa C. Disney Ardough or Huntspark Ardough
Andy Dobbin Aughanure Ballylynan
Richard Dobbin Ballylynan Ballylynan
James Doherty Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Abbin Donnelly Ashfield Arles
James Donnelly Clonbrock Newtown
John Donnelly Farnans Farnans
Judith Donnelly Crettyyard Newtown
Margaret Donnelly Turra Turra
Peter Donnelly Ashfield Arles
Thomas Donnelly Rushes Turra
James Donohoe Kilcruise Farnans
Patrick Donohoe Kilcruise Farnans
Mary A. Dooan Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Anne Doogue Ashfield Arles
Catherine Doogue Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
John Doogue Towlerton Turra
Margaret Doogue Towlerton Turra
Patrick Doogue Farnans Farnans
Patrick Doogue Ballynakill Turra
John Dooley Cullenagh Tankardstown
John Dooley Turra Turra
Patrick Dooley Killabban Killabban
Patrick Dooley Killabban Killabban
Patrick Dooley Turra Turra
Thomas Dooley Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
William Dooley Ardough or Huntspark Ardough
William Dooley Coolgarragh Killabban
Catherine Doone Ballynakill Turra
Mary Doran Ardough or Huntspark Ardough
James Dormer Kilgory Newtown
John Dormer Kilgory Newtown
Mary Dormer Farnans Farnans
Andrew Dowling Ballycorman Tankardstown
Andrew Dowling Skehanagh Tankardstown
Bridget Dowling Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Jno Dowling Monavea Ardough
Lawrence Dowling Gortahile Ardough
Mary Dowling Ballynakill Turra
Michael Dowling Gortahile Ardough
Michael Dowling Clonbrock Newtown
Sarah Dowling Arless Arles
Thomas Dowling Gortahile Ardough
Thomas Dowling Clonbrock Newtown
Andrew Doyle Monavea Ardough
Bridget Doyle Turra Turra
James Doyle Ardough or Huntspark Ardough
James doyle Rahin Ballylynan
James Doyle Aghcross Turra
John Doyle Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
John Doyle Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
John Doyle Ballylynan Ballylynan
Joseph M. Doyle Rathtillig Arles
Martin Doyle Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Mary Doyle Ashfield Arles
Mary Doyle Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Michael Doyle Ashfield Arles
Patrick Doyle Coolanowle Arles
Thomas Doyle Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Honoria Drennan Coolanagh Shrule
Thomas Duggan Clonbrock Newtown
Thomas Duggan Clonbrock Newtown
Denis Dunne Crettyyard Newtown
John Dunne Farnans Farnans
Mary Dunne Maidenhead Farnans
Maryanne Dunne Aughanure Ballylynan
Michael Dunne Turra Turra
Robert Dunne Arless Arles
Thomas Dunne Towlerton Turra
Bridget Duplex Farnans Farnans
Henry Duplex Farnans Farnans
Robert Dwyer Farnans Farnans
Kate Edge Castletown Farnans
William J. Edge Towlerton Turra
Edward Egan Aghaterry Turra
Patrick Egan Mayo Newtown
Richard Elliott Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Jacob English Castletown Farnans
Catherine Fahy Coolanowle Arles
Bridget Farrell Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Francis Farrell Ballynakill Turra
James Farrell Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Mary Anne Farrell Coolanowle Arles
Patrick Farrell Aughanure Ballylynan
Patrick Farrell Coolanagh Shrule
Patrick Farrell Ballynakill Turra
Thomas Farrell Ballynakill Turra
William Farrell Drumagh Turra
James Feehan Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
James Feely Coolanowle Arles
James Feenick Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
James Fenlon Gurteen Arles
Edward Fennell Woodlands or Garragh Turra
William Fennell Mayo Newtown
Michael Fennelly Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
James Fingleton Rahin Ballylynan
Richard Finlay Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Patrick Finnelly Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Humphrey Fishbourne Ashfield Arles
Anne Fitzpatrick Farnans Farnans
Catherine Fitzpatrick Ballickmoyler Upper Turra
Edward Fitzpatrick Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
John Fitzpatrick Gurteen Arles
John Fitzpatrick Clonbrock Newtown
Eliza Fleming Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Eliza Fleming Kilcruise Farnans
Murtha Fleming Ashfield Arles
William Fleming Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Patrick Flynn Skehanagh Tankardstown
Joseph Foley Aghaterry Turra
Thomas Foley Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
William Foley Aghaterry Turra
Julia Folliot Tirenan Arles
Margaret Franey Clonbrock Newtown
Thomas Franey Clonbrock Newtown
Alice Franklin Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Bridget Freany Clonbrock Newtown
Edward Furlong Ardough or Huntspark Ardough
Edmond B. Furney Castletown Farnans
Herbert Furney Coonbeg Farnans
James J. Furney Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
C.C. (?R)obertson Glasgow Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Eliza Gleeson Tirenan Arles
Patrick Gorman Cullenagh Tankardstown
Peter Gorman Ballynagar Killabban
Thomas Gorman Ballyfoyle Killabban
William Gorman Clonbrock Newtown
Mary Governey Rahin Ballylynan
Patrick Governey Ballylynan Ballylynan
Peter Governey Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Kate Grace Coolanowle Arles
John Graham Ardough or Huntspark Ardough
Thomas Graham Towlerton Turra
William H. Graham Ardough or Huntspark Ardough
Thomas Greene Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Margaret Grehan Clonbrock Newtown
William Griffin Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
William Hall Farnans Farnans
Catherine Hanley Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Patrick Harty Farnans Farnans
Anne Haskins Mayo Newtown
Henry Gore Haskins Clonbrock Newtown
Catherine Haughney Turra Turra
James Haughney Clonbrock Newtown
James Haughney Clonbrock Newtown
John Haughney Clonbrock Newtown
Martin Haughney Clonbrock Newtown
Michael Haughney Clonbrock Newtown
James Hayden Ballynagall Arles
John Hayden Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
John Hayden Coonbeg Farnans
Maria A. Hayes Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Ellen Healy Clonbrock Newtown
Mary Healy Clonbrock Newtown
James Hefferan Aughanure Ballylynan
Anne Hennessy Towlerton Turra
Michael Hennessy Rushes Turra
Richard Hennessy Farnans Farnans
Thomas Hennessy Clonbrock Newtown
Michael Hickey Rahin Ballylynan
Rose Hickey Ballylynan Ballylynan
Michael Hill Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
James Hillock Cooperhill Demesne Ballickmoyler
James Hogan Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Patrick Hogan Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
James Holohan Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
John Horohan Ashfield Arles
Michael Horohan Ballickmoyler Upper Turra
Ellen Hosey Skehanagh Tankardstown
John Hosey Ardough or Huntspark Ardough
Patrick Hosey Ardough or Huntspark Ardough
Charles J. Hovenden Gurteen Arles
Sarah Hovenden Skehanagh Tankardstown
James Hughes Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
James Hughes Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
James Hughes Farnans Farnans
Margaret Hughes Kilcruise Farnans
Matthew Hughes Kilcruise Farnans
Michael Hughes Woodlands or Garragh Turra
William Hughes Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Anne Hurley Oldcourt Tankardstown
Bryan Hurley Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
James Hurley Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
John Hurley Ballylynan Ballylynan
Eliza Hutchinson Towlerton Turra
Thomas Hyland Killeen Killabban
William Irwin Ardough or Huntspark Ardough
henry James Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Mary Jones Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Thomas Julian Killeen Killabban
Catherine Kane Ballynakill Turra
Mary Kane Farnans Farnans
William Kane Rushes Turra
Eliza Kavanagh Ballynakill Turra
Ellen Kavanagh Cullenagh Tankardstown
john Kavanagh Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Margaret Kavanagh Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Margaret Kavanagh Farnans Farnans
Mary Kavanagh Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Eliza Kay Ballycorman Tankardstown
Thomas Keally Kilgory Newtown
Bridget Kealy Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Edward Kealy Ballycorman Tankardstown
Thomas Kealy Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Thomas Kealy Rushes Turra
Edward Keating Ballynagall Arles
Ellen Keating Clonbrock Newtown
John Keating Kilcruise Farnans
Nicholas Keating Oldcourt Tankardstown
Robert Keating Killabban Killabban
Andrew Keeffe Killeen Killabban
Jeremiah Keeffe Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Patrick Keeffe Killabban Killabban
James Keegan Ballylynan Ballylynan
John Keegan Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Mary Keegan Ballycorman Tankardstown
John Keenan Aughanure Ballylynan
john Keilly Gortahile Ardough
John Kells Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Anastacia Kelly Coolanowle Arles
Anne Kelly Monavea Ardough
Anne Kelly Tirenan Arles
Edward Kelly Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
James Kelly Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
James Kelly Kilgory Newtown
John Kelly Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
John Kelly Killeen Killabban
Kate Kelly Ashfield Arles
Mary Kelly Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Mary Kelly Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Michael Kelly Ballyfoyle Killabban
Patrick Kelly Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
sarah Kelly Farnans Farnans
Thomas Kelly Monavea Ardough
Thomas Kelly Killabban Killabban
Thomas Kelly Killeen Killabban
William Kelly Ballynagall Arles
William Kelly Clonbrock Newtown
Catherine Kenna Farnans Farnans
Dennis Kenna Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
John Kenna Killeen Killabban
Owen Kenna Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Peter Kenna Killeen Killabban
Andrew Kennedy Turra Turra
Bridget Kennedy Towlerton Turra
Mary Kennedy Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Patrick Kennedy Towlerton Turra
Samuel Kidd Maidenhead Farnans
Michael Kilroy Clonbrock Newtown
Daniel King Towlerton Turra
John King Arless Arles
Maurice King Ballickmoyler Upper Turra
Michael King Kilcruise Farnans
Michael King Towlerton Turra
Sarah King Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
John Kinlough Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Ellen Kinsella Gortahile Ardough
James Kinsella Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
John Kinsella Oldleagh Arles
Martin Kinsella Monavea Ardough
Denis Knowles Mayo Newtown
John Knowles Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Katie Knowles Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Joseph Lacey Rahin Ballylynan
Patrick Lacey Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Patrick Lacey Rahin Ballylynan
Patrick Langon Ballynakill Turra
Isaac Langrell Clonbrock Newtown
Edward Langton Rahin Ballylynan
Dennis Lawler Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Elizabeth Lawler Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Patrick Lawler Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Patrick Lawler Ballycorman Tankardstown
Michael Lawless Ballynagar Killabban
Andrew Lawlor Arless Arles
Denis Lawlor Killabban Killabban
James Lawlor Gortahile Ardough
James Lawlor Ballynagall Arles
John Lawlor Coolgarragh Killabban
John Lawlor Crettyyard Newtown
Joseph Lawlor Towlerton Turra
Margaret Lawlor Aghaterry Turra
Maryanne Lawlor Arless Arles
Michael Lawlor Ashfield Arles
Patrick Lawlor Gortahile Ardough
Thomas Lawlor Towlerton Turra
Michael Leigh Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Michael Lennon Clonagh Shrule
Bridget Leonard Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Michael Leonard Crettyyard Newtown
James Loughlin Killabban Killabban
Laurence Loughlin Clonybacon Arles
Patrick Lowry Ballyfinnane Arles
James Lukeman Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Thomas Lukeman Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Henry Lunstead Maidenhead Farnans
joseph Lunstead Tirenan Arles
John Luttrell Killeen Killabban
James Lynam Drumagh Turra
John Lynam Woodlands or Garragh Turra
William Lynam Drumagh Turra
James Lynch Maidenhead Farnans
Peter Lyons Ballylynan Ballylynan
James Maher Drumagh Turra
Henry Mape Aughanure Ballylynan
Patrick Mara Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Edward Martin Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Ellen Martin Ballynakill Turra
Kathleen Masterson Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Bridget McArdle Ballycorman Tankardstown
Edward McArdle Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Edward McArdle Skehanagh Tankardstown
Sergt. John McCarthy Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Anne McDarby Ashfield Arles
Anne McDarby Ballynakill Turra
Daniel McDarby Ballynakill Turra
Garrett McDarby Ballynakill Turra
John Mcdarby Arless Arles
Maria McDarby Ashfield Arles
William McDarby Rushes Turra
Mary McDermott Gortahile Ardough
Bernard McDonald Farnans Farnans
James McDonald Ashfield Arles
James McDonald Tinnasragh Arles
James McDonald Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Jane McDonald Ashfield Arles
Patrick McDonald Castletown Farnans
Thomas McDonald Arless Arles
Thomas McDonald Aughanure Ballylynan
James McDowell Castletown Farnans
James McEvoy Ashfield Arles
Patrick McEvoy Ashfield Arles
William McEvoy Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Edward McGrath Hollymount Shrule
Michael McGrath Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
william McGrath Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Thomas McKenna Rahin Ballylynan
Andrew McMahon Maidenhead Farnans
John McMahon Coolanagh Shrule
Joseph McMahon Coolanagh Shrule
Michael McMahon Hollymount Shrule
Emma McMunn Mayo Newtown
James McNamee Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Michael Mcvoy Kilcruise Farnans
Henry Meredith Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Richard, Rev. Meredith Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
James Moloney Ballylynan Ballylynan
Rev. Thomas Monaghan Towlerton Turra
James Mooney Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
James Mooney Ballylynan Ballylynan
Thomas Mooney Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Daniel Moore Rushes Turra
Edward Moore Clonbrock Newtown
Ellen Moore Turra Turra
James Moore Arless Arles
John Moore Farnans Farnans
John Moore Ballyfoyle Killabban
John Moore Killabban Killabban
John Moore Rushes Turra
Laurence Moore Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Maria Moore Killabban Killabban
Mary Moore Drumagh Turra
Mary Moore Turra Turra
Michael Moore Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Patrick Moore Tirenan Arles
Patrick Moore Aughanure Ballylynan
Thomas Moore Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Thomas Moore Skehanagh Tankardstown
James Moran Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
James Moran Aughanure Ballylynan
James Moran Coolgarragh Killabban
Lawrence Moran Killabban Killabban
catherine Morrin Arless Arles
Margaret Morrin Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Mary Morrin Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
William Morrin Ballycorman Tankardstown
Michael Morrissey Oldcourt Tankardstown
Edward Muldowney Killabban Killabban
Martin Mulhall Garrendenny Newtown
Mary Mulhall Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Mary Mulhall Ballickmoyler Upper Turra
Patrick Mulhall Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Patrick Mulhall Drumagh Turra
Thomas Mulhall Clonbrock Newtown
William Mulhall Clonbrock Newtown
Michael Mullen Rahin Ballylynan
John Mullins Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
John Mullins Ballynakill Turra
Eliza Murphy Coolanagh Shrule
Hetty Murphy Ballycorman Tankardstown
James Murphy Ballickmoyler Upper Turra
John Murphy Cullenagh Tankardstown
John Murphy Turra Turra
Michael Murphy Oldleagh Arles
Patrick Murphy Ballynagall Arles
Patrick Murphy Clonybacon Arles
Richard Murphy Aughanure Ballylynan
Thomas Murphy Coolanagh Shrule
Thomas Murphy Turra Turra
Catherine Murray Rushes Turra
William Murray Turra Turra
Bridget Nash Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
James Nash Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Lesson Neale Crettyyard Newtown
Mary Anne Neale Farnans Farnans
arthur Neill Farnans Farnans
Edward Neill Clonbrock Newtown
James Neill Clonbrock Newtown
James Neill Turra Turra
John Neill Hollymount Shrule
Mary Neill Killabban Killabban
Patrick Neill Turra Turra
Anne Nolan Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
Anne Nolan Maidenhead Farnans
Edward Nolan Oldleagh Arles
James Nolan Ashfield Arles
James Nolan Tirenan Arles
James Nolan Oldcourt Tankardstown
James Nolan Turra Turra
John Nolan Arless Arles
John Nolan Maidenhead Farnans
Maria Nolan Ashfield Arles
Mary Nolan Clonpierce Tankardstown
Mary Nolan Ballynakill Turra
Michael Nolan Ashfield Arles
Michael Nolan Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Patrick Nolan Ashfield Arles
Thomas Nolan Ashfield Arles
Thomas Nolan Farnans Farnans
William Nolan Ashfield Arles
William Nolan Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
John Nowlan Aughanure Ballylynan
John O’Byrne Clonbrock Newtown
Owen O’Neill Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Owen O’Neill Kilgory Newtown
James O’Reilly Killabban Killabban
James Pender Tirenan Arles
Mary Pender Ballynakill Turra
Richard Pender Towlerton Turra
Henry Poole Garrendenny Newtown
James Price Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
James Price Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
James Price Farnans Farnans
Mary Price Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Michael Price Maidenhead Farnans
Eliza Purcell Gurteen Arles
James Purcell Monavea Ardough
James Purcell Clonbrock Newtown
James Purcell Clonbrock Newtown
John Purcell Arless Arles
Margaret Purcell Mayo Newtown
Margaret Purcell Clonagh Shrule
Mary Purcell Clonbrock Newtown
Thomas Purcell Clonbrock Newtown
Martha Puser Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Edward Quigley Skehanagh Tankardstown
James Quigley Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Anne Quinn Monavea Ardough
James Quinn Coolanagh Shrule
James (Martin) Quinn Gortahile Ardough
James (Michael) Quinn Gortahile Ardough
Julia Quinn Coolanagh Shrule
Margaret Quinn Monavea Ardough
Mary Quinn Turra Turra
Richard Quinn Monavea Ardough
Michael Reddy Farnans Farnans
hanoria Redmond Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Julia Redmond Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Anne Redmonds Farnans Farnans
James Reilly Clonbrock Newtown
James Reilly Drumagh Turra
John Reilly Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Myles Reilly Clonbrock Newtown
Michael Rice Castletown Farnans
James Roche Mayo Newtown
Mary Roche Crettyyard Newtown
James Rochford Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
John Rochford Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
John Rock Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
William A. Roe Crettyyard Newtown
Catherine Rowan Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
James Rowan Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
John Rowan Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Patrick Rowan Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Patrick Rowan Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Timothy Rowan Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Timothy Rowan Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Robert Ruskell Clonbrock Newtown
Edward Ryan Clonbrock Newtown
James Ryan Clonbrock Newtown
John Ryan Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Laurence Ryan Killabban Killabban
Martin Ryan Clonbrock Newtown
Mary Ryan Arless Arles
Michael Ryan Tinnasragh Arles
Michael Ryan Ballylynan Ballylynan
Patrick Ryan Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Patrick Ryan Clonbrock Newtown
Thomas Ryan Ballylynan Ballylynan
Thomas Ryan Clonbrock Newtown
John Salmon Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Patrick Scollon Crettyyard Newtown
Denis Scully Coolanagh Shrule
James Scully Ballylehane, Lower Ballylehane
John Scully Arless Arles
John Scully Towlerton Turra
Michael Scully Arless Arles
Thomas Scully Arless Arles
William Scully Ballynagall Arles
Thomas Shaw Ardough or Huntspark Ardough
James Shea Clonbrock Newtown
Catherine Shelly Rushes Turra
Eliza Shirley Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Anne Shore Kilgory Newtown
Kenry Shore Crettyyard Newtown
Samuel Shore Kilgory Newtown
Michael Shortall Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
James Sixsmith Clonbrock Newtown
Michael Sixsmith Clonbrock Newtown
John Skehin Oldcourt Tankardstown
John Slater Kilgory Newtown
Elizabeth Slator Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Denis Smith Farnans Farnans
John Smith Rossena Shrule
Margaret Smith Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Mary Smith Clonbrock Newtown
Michael Smyth Rushes Turra
Patrick Smyth Clonbrock Newtown
Robert Smyth Farnans Farnans
Stephen Stone Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Michael Storey Coonbeg Farnans
William Storey Ballylynan Ballylynan
John Stynes Ballyfoyle Killabban
William Stynes Ballyfoyle Killabban
Patrick Swan Rathtillig Arles
Anne Taylor Garrendenny Newtown
George A. Taylor Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
Mary Taylor Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
James Thompson Monavea Ardough
John Thompson Woodlands or Garragh Turra
Daniel Thornton Ballyfoyle Killabban
Patrick Thornton Mayo Newtown
James Tobin Ballickmoyler Ballickmoyler
John Tobin Clonbrock Newtown
Mary Tobin Clonbrock Newtown
Patrick Tobin Clonbrock Newtown
James Toole Skehanagh Tankardstown
George Tunsted Gortahile Ardough
Patrick Varling Clonbrock Newtown
Mary Vaughan Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Daniel Wade Garrendenny Newtown
Patrick Wade Towlerton Turra
Thomas Wade Garrendenny Newtown
Bryan Wall Farnans Farnans
Elizabeth Wall Ballynagall Arles
Francis Wall Kilcruise Farnans
James Wall Ballyfinnane Arles
James Wall Clonpierce Tankardstown
John Wall Oldleagh Arles
Margaret Wall Ballylynan Ballylynan
Mary wALL Farnans Farnans
Patrick Wall Farnans Farnans
Catherine Walsh Killabban Killabban
Edward Walsh Ballynakill Turra
John Walsh Ballyfoyle Killabban
Martin Walsh Drumagh Turra
Nicholas Walsh Ballyfoyle Killabban
Edward Ward Maidenhead Farnans
Mary Ward Ballynagar Killabban
Michael Ward Clonbrock Newtown
Hubert B. Warren Garrendenny Newtown
Jeremiah Warren Killabban Killabban
John Warren Clonbrock Newtown
Margaret Warren Clonbrock Newtown
Mary Warren Killeen Killabban
William Warren Killeen Killabban
Sarah Weir Coolanagh Shrule
James Whelan Ballyfoyle Killabban
John Whelan Farnans Farnans
John Whelan Clonbrock Newtown
John Whelan Clonbrock Newtown
John Whelan Drumagh Turra
Robert Whelan Ballylehane, Upper Ballylehane
Robert Whelan Clonbrock Newtown
Thomas Whelan Clonbrock Newtown
Thomas Whelan Clonagh Shrule
William Whelan Ballylynan Ballylynan
Patrick White Ashfield Arles
Ellen Whyte Arless Arles
Edward Willis Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
John Willis Ballylynan Town Ballylynan
Thomas Willoughby Mayo Newtown
Jacob Wilson Garrendenny Newtown
Mary Wynne Ballylynan Town Ballylynan

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