Sad Church, Killadeon, Co. Mayo

The thing is I tell everyone that our Ordnance Survey maps show them (me) where all the old Churches, graveyards and burial sites are BUT in this instance I can’t see a church marked on the map!

I know where I was or have a general idea in relation to where Killeen is except no church is shown in this area on the OS map.  If any of you have the same map and have seen, can find a church in the Killadeon area then I would really appreciate it if you could give me some directions, please and thanks.

This church to me is one of the saddest churches in Ireland.  Those of you familiar with my work will know that I have been to many many church remnants and my opinion is based on what I have seen in the past.

I was driving along looking to see what I could see.  I did have a list of places to go in Mayo, but on this particular day I set out to see a Megalithic tomb (in the end I never saw the one I was looking for).  The really good thing about travelling with no fixed agenda is that you can go anywhere you want and once you see one of those brown signposts, they’re the ones to follow.  I didn’t see a brown signpost but, I did want to be closer to the sea so I headed for Killeen and was extremely pleasantly surprised.

Then, it was a case of ” lets go along this road and see where I end up”.

I stopped to photograph the remnant of a house and then looked behind me and saw a church remnant up the hill.  Car and myself worked our way up the lane and I stood there looking at this church remnant thinking this is the saddest church I have ever seen.
Backgrounded by ‘fields’ – that is hill land in which nothing was living – except ‘grass’…and then looking out onto the Atlantic.  Next stop America.

A dead church.