Killermogh 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Killermogh in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Samuel Bailey Ballygague Beg Killermogh
Maria Bergin Coolderry Killermogh
Maria Bergin Tintore (pt of) Killermogh
Michael Bergin Tintore (pt of) Killermogh
John Bowe Rathmakelly Glebe Killermogh
Margaret Bowe Tintore (pt of) Killermogh
Mary Bowe Killermogh Killermogh
Patrick Bowe Coolderry Killermogh
John Cahill Rathmakelly Glebe Killermogh
Anne Campion Tintore (pt of) Killermogh
Ellen Campion Ballygague More Killermogh
John Carter Rathmakelly Glebe Killermogh
John Connors Coolderry Killermogh
John Cuddy Coolderry Killermogh
John Delaney Rathmakelly Glebe Killermogh
Thomas Dooley Rathmakelly Glebe Killermogh
Peter Doran Tintore (pt of) Killermogh
John Dunne Tintore (pt of) Killermogh
Patrick Dunne Ballygague More Killermogh
John Fitzgerald Coolderry Killermogh
Daniel Fitzpatrick Coolderry Killermogh
James Fitzpatrick Coolderry Killermogh
Richard Fitzpatrick Ballacolla Heath Killermogh
Julia Flanagan Coolderry Killermogh
Eliza Fogarty Killermogh Killermogh
John Hoone Coolderry Killermogh
Johanah Kavanagh Tintore (pt of) Killermogh
Patrick Kealy Coolderry Killermogh
Michael Keenan Rathmakelly Glebe Killermogh
Julia King Tintore (pt of) Killermogh
Richard, Rev. Knaresboro Tintore (pt of) Killermogh
Margaret Lawler Ballygague More Killermogh
Walter Lawler Coolderry Killermogh
Edward Loughman Tintore (pt of) Killermogh
William Loughman Coolderry Killermogh
James MAher Ballygague Beg Killermogh
James McDonald Coolderry Killermogh
William McDonald Rathmakelly Glebe Killermogh
Arthur Neville Tintore (pt of) Killermogh
John Oxley Coolderry Killermogh
Rev. Henry Paul Rathmakelly Glebe Killermogh
John Phelan Tintore (pt of) Killermogh
Michael Phelan Coolderry Killermogh
John Ryan Tintore (pt of) Killermogh
Robert Silley Rathmakelly Glebe Killermogh
Patrick Sullivan Cool Killermogh
Jane Talbot Cool Killermogh
Michael Tobin Tintore (pt of) Killermogh
Ellen Wall Coolderry Killermogh
Fanney Whelan Ballacolla Heath Killermogh
James Whelan Coolderry Killermogh
John Whelan Tintore (pt of) Killermogh
Joseph Whelan Ballygague Beg Killermogh
Michael Whelan Rathmakelly Glebe Killermogh
Patrick Whelan Rathmakelly Glebe Killermogh
Patrick Whelan Tintore (pt of) Killermogh

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