Baptism Records, Killeshin and Graiguecullen, Co. Laois, 1840s

The baptismal records for this parish begin in 1819.  I have transcribed the names of the children and parents for the year 1840 and the beginning of 1841.  Placenames were given for most records, I list them as I read them.  The first seven pages of these records.  Spellings are given as I read them, there are very few question marks so the records were reasonably easy to read given my experience.  These are from the second set of records on the film. The records are in English. I have these records sorted by the surname of the child.

Feb 12th, 1840-June 2nd, 1844.

The Latter Day Saints do not have a copy of these records to the best of my knowledge.

Name Surname Father Mother S Mother Date Year Place
Mary ?? William Eliza McGarry 27-Dec 1840
Anne Alcock John Margt Keating 26-Jul 1840 n.g.
William Bolger Pat Cathr Quin 09-Aug 1840 Anelegal
Bridget Brennan John Bridget Doyle 27-Sep 1840 n.g.
Catharine Brennan John Anne Lalor 12-Jul 1840 Ballyharman
Catharine Brennan Michael Biddy Watson 28-Jun 1840 Graigue
Pat Brennan Martin Mary Fitzpatrick 05-Jul 1840 Rossmore
Mary Brophy Pat Cathr Hilehan 29-Mar 1840 Graigue
Hugh Byrne Timothy Margt Balkin 17-Feb 1840 ?Chrisneen
Mary Byrne John Anne McGrath 18-Sep 1840 Killeshin
Margaret Byrne Robert Ellen Delany 19-Jul 1840 Ballyhide
John Carey Pat Mary Bolger 23-Aug 1840 Graigue
Anne Clansy Ned Anne Hosey ?3/5 1840 n.g.
Robert Coalman Michl Mary Foley 15-Feb 1840 Graigue
Catharine Collins Pat Biddy Hickey 25-Apr 1840 Coolhenry
Patt & Michl Comerford ?Martin Mary Glynn 27-Jan 1841 n.g.
Bridget Cooper Martin Mary Nolan 12-Mar 1840 Boro
John William Crane Patrick Meanen Cox 06-Dec 1840 Graigue
William Crosby Owen Elizabeth Dargan 28-May 1840 Spring Hill
James Curran James Ellen Corcoran Dec 1840
Patrick Delany Martin Anne Ward 12-Feb 1840 Slaty Street
Thomas Delany Thos Biddy Donohoe no date 1840 Church street
?Thomas Delany ?Thomas Bridget Donohoe 27-Dec 1840
Catharine Dempsey John Mary Whelan 18-Sep 1840 Coorlane
Anne Donohoe John Susan Reynolds 18-Sep 1840 Greenslough
Margaret Donohoe Jas Sally Doyle 18-Sep 1840 Augavoneen
William Dooling Martin Mary Collins 24-Apr 1840 Anelegal
Anne Dooling William Mary Kelly 12-May 1840 Anelegal
Patrick Dougue Pat Anne Heydon 19-Jul 1840 Killeshin
Mary Doyle Alexander Mary G(?oo)han 30-Jun 1840 Graigue
Michael Farrel James Mary Fenlon 07-Jan 1841 Graigue
Patrick Farrell John Bridgt Coady 25-Mar 1840 Graigue
Pat & Elizabeth Farrell John Elizabeth Reily 10-May 1840 Killeshin
Catharine Farrell Thos Mary Gannon 12-May 1840 Kelly Hill
John Farrell James Margt Bryan 26-Jul 1840 n.g.
Timothy Farrell Mich Cathr Cahill 26-Jul 1840 Augh?ine
Pat Fennell Jas Mary Brooder 06-Sep 1840 Chapel street
Esther Fitzpatrick Edward Mary Camell 20-Feb 1841 Ballyhide
John Fitzpatrick John Biddy Fitzpatrick 07-Apr 1841 Rossmore
John Foley Denis Anne Curran 31-Aug 1840 Courneen
Catharine Grehan Christopher Peggy Cutterell 31-May 1840 Graigue
Michl Hearns John Cathr Lee 29-Jun 1840 Cruneen
Patrick Helehan Denis Ellen Kinsella 14-Feb 1841 Graigue
Mary Henesy Thos Margt Horohan 29-Aug 1840 Bally Harmon
Catharine Hosey Edward Jane Reddick 24-May 1840 Borough
Michl Hosey John Mary Maher 05-Oct 1840 Aughavoneen
Bridget Hosey Michl Eliza Conran 20-Sep 1840 Rossmore
John Kavanagh Pat Elin Quinne 09-Mar 1840 Graigue
Ellen Kavanagh Pat Ellen Moran 17-Oct 1840 n.g.
Martin Kelly Thomas Mary Fitzpatrick 24-Apr 1840 Rossmore
Henry Kenedy Michl Cathr Brennan 12-Apr 1840 Ardegal
Henry Kenedy Michael Cathr Brennan 12-Apr 1840 Arelegal
Margaret King James Margt Rooney 19-Feb 1840 Graigue
Pat King Thos Judy Hoyle 19-Oct 1840 Killeshin
Catharine King James Margt Rooney Dec 1840 Graigue
Mary King Abbin Biddy Farrell 14-Feb 1841 Holly Mount
William Lalor William Mary Hacket 19-Oct 1840 ??
Edward Lalor Jas Anne Byrne 26-Jul 1840 n.g.
Thomas Lalor Terence Ellen Curran 02-Apr 1841 Clonmore?
Anne Leonard Jas Biddy Kearney 07-Apr 1841 ??
Anne Lynch Jas Anne Fitzpatrick 14-Jun 1840 Rossmore
Anne McDonald Randal Mary Muldowney 14-Jun 1840 Rossmore
Mary McDonald Martin Catharine Flanagan 31-May 1840 Rossmore
Bridget Medlan Michl Mary McDonald 29-Sep 1840 Church st, Graigue
Mary Mooney John Mary Murphy 20-Sep 1840 Graigue
Anne Moore Jas Betty McWry 12-Feb 1840 Graigue
James Moore James Mary Bergan 28-May 1840 Church street
Patrick Moore John Ellen Moore 02-Dec 1840 n.g.
Catharine Moran Jas Judy Nolan 03-May 1840 n.g.
James Moran John Mary Connelly 05-Oct 1840 Killeshin
Ellen Muldowney Thos Margt Dunne 23-Aug 1840 Ballyhide
Patrick Murphy Pat Bridgt Fenlon 12-Mar 1840 Laugh
Miles Murphy Michl Mary Kennan 29-Mar 1840 Laugh
Bridget Murphy John Ellen Dunne 31-May 1840 Graigue
Bridget Murphy?? Martin Mary Quin Dec 1840
Mary Neil Pat Betty Ryan 09-Aug 1840 Keelogue
Michl Nolan John Mary Dempsy 02-Oct 1840 Knock ?Big
Catharine Nolan Michl Sally Bergin 13-Sep 1840 Courneen
Michael Nolan Andrew Cath Murphy 10-Jan 1841 ?
Margt Purcell John Mary Dooling 03-May 1840 Killeshin
Margaret Quigly Michl Cathr Whelan 19-Jul 1840 n.g.
Barnabass Reily Barny Mary ?Rodin 11-Jan 1841 n.g.
Agnes Ryan Stephen Cathr Byrne 12-Feb 1840 Leighlin St., Graigue
Anne Sheehan Michl Serah Kenna 29-Mar 1840 Slaty Street
Bridget Wall Thos Honor Galvin 03-Aug 1840 Derry Moyle
John Wallace Thos Margt Dempsy 18-Sep 1840 n.g.
Catharine Walsh Michl Mary Clerke 12-Apr 1840 Graigue
Peter Walsh James Mary McGuire 10-Aug 1840 Graigue
Michael Watter Michael Mary McDonald 05-Jul 1840 Graigue
Catharine Whelan Pat Margt Fitzpatrick 06-Dec 1840 Slaty
John Whelan Peter Cathr Coleman 28-Jun 1840 Graigue
John Whelan Thos Mary ?Timonin 05-Jul 1840 Graigue
Pat White James Cathr Byrne 06-Sep 1840 Spring Hill