King James’ Supporters, Co. Monaghan

Monaghan gentry and farmers who died with King James, who were outlawed and who had property confiscated.

Terence O’Connolly, Parish of Clones – Gent
Conn M’Rory McMahon, Kinshanlis – Gent
Turlough M’Sorley M’Collin, Kinshanlis – Husbandman
Bryan O’Grend, Kinshanlis – Husbandman
Rosse McRurey oge McMahon, Kinshanlis – Gent
Turlogh McArdle, Parish of Tedavnet – Husbandman
Philip oge McGranan, Parish of Clones – Husbandman
Arthur Murphy, Parish of Tedavnet – Husbandman
Patrick Glass O’Howen, Parish of Tedavnet – Husbandman
Patrick M’Toole McKenna, Parish of Tedavnet – Husbandman
Edward McKenna, Parish of Errigle – Husbandman
Hugh McGonnell, Parish of Donagh – Yeoman
Art McKenna, Parish of Donagh – Yeoman
Cochonnaght McDunslevy McKenna, parish of Errigle – Gent
Patk. McManus McArdle, Parish of Mucknoe – Husbandman
Tirlugh O’Downey, Parish of Aughnamullen – Yeoman
Hugh McKilarney, Parish of Tullycorbut – Yeoman
Bryan Roe O’Duffy, Parish of CLontibret – Yeoman
Neil O’Duffy, Muckney, Parish of Clontibret – Yeoman
Donagh Boy O’Mulligan, Muckney, Parish of Clontibret – Yeoman
Patk. Modders McMahon, Parish of Kilanny – Yeoman
James Leese, Parish of Magheracloone – Yeoman
Patk. McArdle McMahon, parish of Donaghmoyne – Yeoman
Toole Boy McKenna, Parish of Magheracloone – Yeoman
Neill O’Hugh of Carrickmacross
Patrick Murphy, parish of Magheross