King’s Co. Chronicle Advertisements

The King’s Co. Chronicle
Vol. 1 No. 3
Wednesday, Oct 6th, 1845

Royal Harmonic Saloon
No. 7 Westmoreland Street, Dublin
ROBINSON and BUSSELL respectfully beg leave to announce that their Ware-rooms are laid out with as elegant assortment of PIANO FORTES and HARPS, especially selected for them by Messrs. FRANCIS and JOSEPH ROBINSON at the manufactories of Messrs. Broadwood, Colard, Eeard and other eminent Makers, which they will dispose of at prices affording considerable advantages to purchasers.

Violins, guitars, Violoncellos, Rudal Flutes &c. A large variety of Accordions, Roman and English Harp, Guitar and Violin strings with every new musical Publication of merit. Instruments lent on hire in Town and Country.
Lately re-published, The Irish Melodies, with words by Thomas Moore, Esq., the Symphonies and Accompaniments by Sir. John Stevenson, Mus. Doc.
Caution: Robinson and Bussell being the only Proprietors of this Copyrights for this country, for the above Popular Works, the Trade is Cautioned against Selling any other Edition than that published by them and bearing their signatures.