Kyle 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Kyle in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Michael Ahern Ballinla Kyle
Thomas Allen Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
John Bergin Castletown Moneymore
Mary Bergin Clonoonagh Kyle
Patrick Bergin Ballyduff Kyle
Patrick Bergin Rossdorragha Kyle
Bridget Boland Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
Catherine Breen Ballinla Kyle
Denis Breen Ballinla Kyle
Mary A. Breen Lackey Kyle
Thomas Breen Ballinla Kyle
Thomas Brien Tubrid Kyle
John Butler Clonoonagh Kyle
Johanna Carroll Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
John Carroll Cloncourse Kyle
Michael Carroll Clonoonagh Kyle
William J. Claxton Cloncourse Kyle
John Coffey Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
Patrick Coghlan Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
Patrick Connors Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
John Costello Ballyduff Kyle
Isaac Cruise Cloncourse Kyle
James Cunningham Ballintaggart Moneymore
Alice Delaney Tubrid Kyle
James Delaney Ballyduff Kyle
John Delaney Rossbaun Kyle
Mary Delaney Ballinla Kyle
Patrick Delaney Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
Patrick Delaney Rossdorragha Kyle
Patrick Delaney Tubrid Kyle
Thomas Delaney Rossbaun Kyle
William Delaney Rossbaun Kyle
Johanna Dooley Ballyduff Kyle
John Dooley Ballyduff Kyle
Michael Dooley Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
Thomas Dooley Cloncourse Kyle
James Doyle Cloncourse Kyle
James Doyle Castletown Moneymore
John Drennan Rossbaun Kyle
Timothy Drennan Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
Patrick Dunne Kilmartin Moneymore
William Dunne Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
Daniel Egan Rossdorragha Kyle
Denis Egan Clonoonagh Kyle
Mary Egan Rossdorragha Kyle
Thomas R. Ely Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
Alice England Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
Joseph England Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
Isaac Fairbrother Rossbaun Kyle
James Fairbrother Clonoonagh Kyle
John Fairbrother Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
John Fairbrother Rossnabarnagh Kyle
James Fitzpatrick Lackey Kyle
James Fitzpatrick Ballintaggart Moneymore
John Gleeson Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
Patrick Grady Clonoonagh Kyle
Thomas Grady Clonoonagh Kyle
John Guilfoyle Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
John Guilfoyle Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
Patrick Hayes Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
William Higgins Ballinla Kyle
Dr. E. Fr. Dr. Hogan, J.P. Ballyduff Kyle
Timothy Hyland Ballinla Kyle
Samuel Keenan Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
Martin Kelly Kyle Kyle
Patrick Kelly Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
Patrick Kelly Clonoonagh Kyle
Mary Kennedy Clonoonagh Kyle
John Kerwan Raheen or Charleville Moneymore
John King Raheen or Charleville Moneymore
Mary Knaughton Oldcamp Kyle
Timothy Landy Ballinla Kyle
Henry Leigh Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
John Lupton Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
Harriet Lynch Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
Bridget Maher Cloncourse Kyle
Michael Maher Barnaboy Kyle
James Malone Rossdorragha Kyle
William Marshall Raheen or Charleville Moneymore
Daniel McDonald Cloncourse Kyle
John McDonald Kilmartin Moneymore
Michael McDonald Kilmartin Moneymore
James McGilton Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
Thomas McGrath Kilmartin Moneymore
Michael McNamara Ballyduff Kyle
Maria Meehan Ballyduff Kyle
Robert, Rev. Mollan Kilmartin Moneymore
Arthur Moloney Ballyduff Kyle
John Moloney Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
Joseph Moloney Rossdorragha Kyle
Julia Moloney Ballyduff Kyle
Richard Moloney Ballyduff Kyle
James Moore Ballinla Kyle
Mary Nolan Rossdorragha Kyle
Patrick Nutley Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
Thomas Parkinson Cloncourse Kyle
Daniel Phelan Rossbaun Kyle
Margaret Phelan Tubrid Kyle
Mary Phelan Barnaboy Kyle
Mary Phelan Rossbaun Kyle
Timothy Phelan Ballinla Kyle
Bridget Quinlan Ballinla Kyle
Catherine Quinlan Kyle Kyle
Jeremiah Quinlan Oldcamp Kyle
Jeremiah Quinlan Tubrid Kyle
Margaret Quinlan Kilmartin Moneymore
Patrick Quinlan Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
Patrick Quinlan Oldcamp Kyle
Anne Rigney Ballinla Kyle
MAry Rigney Ballinla Kyle
Michael Rigney Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
William Rigney Lackey Kyle
Martin Ryan Cloncourse Kyle
John Scully Lackey Kyle
William Scully Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
William Scully Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
Richard Sheridan Ballyduff Kyle
Patrick Shortall Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
James Stanley Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
Harriet Talbot Kyle Kyle
Patrick Teahan Ballinla Kyle
Michael Tehan Barnaboy Kyle
William Wallace Cloncourse Kyle
Michael Walsh Ballaghmore Upper Kyle
Patrick Walsh Lackey Kyle
Thomas Walsh Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
Joseph Ward Ballyduff Kyle
Grace Whelan Ballinla Kyle
Mary Whelan Ballaghmore Lower Kyle
William Whelan Tubrid Kyle
Henry C. White Raheen or Charleville Moneymore
Julia Wren Kyle Kyle
Robert Wren Ballyduff Kyle

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