Lewis’ Topographical Dictionary, Co. Galway

Lewis’ Topographical Dictionary comprises of several counties, cities, boroughs, parish and villages – with historical and statistical descriptions – of Ireland. Here are From-Ireland.net’s records for Co. Galway.

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    BEAGH or ST. ANNE'S, a parish, in the barony of KILTARTAN, county of GALWAY, and province of CONNAUGHT, containing, with part of the post-town of Gort, 5343 inhabitants.

    This parish is situated on the confines of the county of Clare, and on the road from Galway and Loughrea to Ennis. A monastery of the third order of Franciscans was founded here about the year 1441, but by whom is unknown: in an inquisition of the 28th of Elizabeth it is denominated a cell or chapel, and its possessions appear to have consisted of half a quarter of land, with its appurtenances and tithes, which had been long under concealment. The parish comprises 12,331 statute acres, as applotted under the tithe act, and there is some bog; agriculture is improved, and there is good limestone.

    The seats are Loughcooter Castle, that of Viscount Gort; Cregg House, of F. Butler, Esq.; Ballygnagen, of W. Butler, Esq.; Ashfield, of D. M'Nevin, Esq.; Castle Lodge, of C. Lopdell, Esq.; River View, of Mrs. Lopdell; Sallymount, of J. Butler, Esq.; Prospect, of Mrs. Nolan; Rhyndifin, of E. Blaquiere, Esq.; Rose Park, of ??? Hugo, Esq.; and Rose Hill, of A. Keeley, Esq.

    Large fairs for cattle, sheep, and pigs are held at the village of Tobberindony, on July 12th, and Sept. 20th.

    It is a vicarage, in the diocese of Kilmacduagh, united with part of the rectory, and forming part of the union of Ardrahan; the remaining portion of the rectory is appropriate to the see. The tithes amount to £218. 1 shilling and 6 pence, of which £38. 15 shillings 4 and a half pence is payable to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners, and £179. 6 shillings 1 and a half pence to the incumbent.

    The Roman Catholic parish is co-extensive with that of the Established Church: the chapel is a plain building, but a new one is about to be erected on a site given by D. M'Nevin, Esq.

    There are six hedge schools in the parish, in which are about 340 children.

    Here are the remains of the ancient castles of Fidane and Arddameilivan ; those of the former are in good preservation and very massive. At a place called the Punch-bowl the Gurtnamackin river first disappears underground.