Munster Volunteer Registry, 1782, Co. Limerick

Kilfinnan Light Dragoons 1777
Captain Charles Coote
Lieutenant – ??
Cornet George Chapman
One Troop: Unirform, scarlet jackets, faced Pomona green, laced silver and epaulets; furniture, goatskin

County Limerick Horse June 8th 1779
Colonel John Croker
Major Edward Croker
Captains Edward Nash
Captain James Langton
Lieutenant – ??
Cornet James Mason
Chaplain Richard Croker
Secretary John Owens
Two Troops: Uniform – Scarlet, faced black, yellow buttons, buff waistcoat and breeches, yellow helmets; furniture, goatskin edged black.

Conagh Rangers June 1779
Colonel Robert Lord Muskerry
Lieutenant-Colonel William Percival
Major Thomas Lloyde
Captain Hugh Lloyde
Lieutenant R. Llyode
Surgeon J. Galluly
Secretary John Lloyde
Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, yellow buttons; furniture, goatskin

County Limerick Royal Horse
Colonel Hon. Hugh Massey
Major James Fitzgerald Massey
Captain Richard Taylor
Captain Maurice Studdert
Adjutant John McCormack
Chaplain William Massey
Surgeon john Brown
Secretary John McCormack
Two Troops: Uniform: Scarlet faced blue, furntiture, goatskin

Small County Union Light Dragoons
Colonel John Grady
Uniform: Scarlet, faced green

True Blue Horse
Colonel William Thomas Monsel

Connell’s Light Horse
Colonel Thomas Odell
Major William Odell
Captain John Westrop
Lieutenant – ?
Cornet Henry Westrop
Chaplain William Odell
Surgeon – ??
One Troop: Uniform – Scarlet, faced goslin green, dark green jackets

Riddlestown Hussars
Colonel Gerald Blennerhasset
Major John Bateman
One Troop. Uniform: scarlet, faced blue, silver epaulets, white buttons, white jacket, faced blue; furniture, goatskin


Royal Glin Artillery, June 1779
Colonel John Fitzgerald, Kinght of Glin
Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Burgess
Major Henry Griffin
Captain Anthony Raymond
First Lieutenant Gerald Fitzgerald
Second lieutenant Daniel O’Brien
Adjutant William Quin
Captain Edward Day
Surgeon James Dubtertrand
Secretary William Fitzgerald
One sergeant-major, one sergeant, four bombardiers, two corporals, sixty rank and file, beside a band of ten. Four metal six-pounders, two small brass grass hoppers, one pounders. Uniform: Blue, faced gold, gold epaulets, scarlet cuffs and collar, yellow buttons, gold laced hat.

Kilfinnan Foot, 1776
Colonel Right Hon Silver Oliver
Lieutenant-Colonel William Ryves
Major Standish O’Grady
Captain William Chapman
Captain Robert Holmes
Lieutenant Matthew Franks
Lieutenant Henry Touchstone
Ensign William Touchstone
Ensign John Clarke
Secretary Westead Franks
One company. Uniform: Scarlet, faced Pomona green

County Limerick Fensible Volunteers
Colonel John Thomas Waller
Captain George Fosberry
Captain T. Fosberry
Lieutenant George Evans
Lieutenant George Clancy
Uniform: Scarlet, faced light blue

Loyal Limerick Volunteers, February 10th, 1776
Colonel Thomas Smyth
Lieutenant-Colonel Richard Harte
Major Thomas Burgess
Captain Thomas Vokes
Captain Sexton Baylie
Captain Thomas Bennis
Captain George Pitt
Captain Henry Erduni Titchin
Lieutenant Arnold Eggars
Lieutenant Tobias Dillon
Captain William End
Captain Jacob Ringrose
Captain Andrew Watson
Ensign Henry Bennis
Ensign Thomas Burgess
Adjutant Tobias Dillon
Chaplain Ephriam Moncell
Surgeon James Hill Phillips
Mate Thomas Gloster
Secretary Arnold Eggars
Five companies – one grenadier, three battalions, one light. Uniform: Scarlet, faced white, white buttons

Castleconnel Rangers, July 8th, 1778
Colonel Richard Lord Muskerry
Colonel-Commandant Richard Bourke
Major Thomas Lloyde
Captain George Gough
Captain Simon Purdon
Captain James Crawley
Captain George Hastings
Ensign Francis Frewen
Ensign Cornelius Crawley
Adjutant James Crawley
Chaplain Hon. James Murray
Surgeon Francis Llyode, M.D.
Secretary David Dwyer, jun.
Battalion and in light infantry four companies. Uniform: Scarlet, faced black, edged white, silver wings

Adare Volunteers
Colonel Sir Valentine Richard Quin
Captain John Quin
Lieutenant ?? Quin
Uniform: Scarlet, faced green

Rathkeale Volunteers, July 1st 1779
Colonel George Leake
Major Mat. Lane Scanlan
Captain Robert Holmes
Captain Francis Yielding
Lieutenant Samuel Leake
Lieutenant Edmond Dartnell
Ensign John George Leake
Adjutant John Leader
Chaplain Chanc. Maunsell
Surgeon John Brown
Secretary Michael Young
One grenadier, one light company. Uniform, Scarlet, faced black, silver wings, officers, full laced.

German Fusiliers
Colonel James Darcey
Captain ?? Llyode

True Blue Foot
Colonel William Thomas Monsel

Limerick Independants, October, 1781
Lieutenant-Colonel Commandant John Smyth Pendergast
Major Caleb Powell
Captain John Gabbett
Captain Amos Vereker
Captain Walter Widdenham
Lieutenant Joseph Sergeant
Lieutenant William Fosberry
Lieutenant Charles Bolton
Lieutenant ?? Roche
Adjutant James Russell
One grenadier, one battlation, one light company. Two brass field pieces, four-pounders. Uniform: Scarlet, faced Pomona green, laced silver epaulets