Blog: Cork Website Worth Visiting – Fáilte Romhat

Fáilte Romhat (‘Welcome to you’ : Irish words) John Hayes website, many a person has been to this site and many have left it with so much information that they had not when they first got there.  I wonder do they ever look to see who it was created the site or, do people think like that any more? Do they ever think now, ‘a person had the idea that this would be good information?’  Do they ever wonder, ‘How long did it take him to put this together?’ or, ‘How much did it cost him, money wise to collect this information?’

For anyone with ancestry in Clonakilty, Co. Cork, Ireland it is a fantastic website, for anyone else with ancestry in Cork it is also a fantastic website.

Let’s see – we have

Hayes genealogy
the O’Hea Pedigree

Selected marriage records
Quaker material
Hearth Money Rolls
Flax Growers
Lewis Topographical Dictionary of Cork
At least 7 Directories
Tithe Defaulters Cork, 1831

12 sets of Cemetery transcriptions or images
7 sets of maps, including a road map for 1777

I count 18 books that he has online, including “A Tour of Ireland 1776-77”

Clonakilty History – Magic for anyone from that area
Clonakilty Maps – wow

And then links, lots of them.

I’m not from Clonakilty though I do know the town.  I’d like to thank John Hayes or all the work he put into the creation and the maintenance of this website. I am giving you a link to his Map of Ireland page (Irish Free State) because many of you may not have this map.  Below, I have copied the words from the Home Page so that in my writing of this page I will not have excluded those who John thanks for contributing to his site.

Irish Free State Map

The words on the Fáilte Romhat Home page from John Hayes
“Welcome, this site contains genealogical information extracted from various census, directories, cemeteries and newspapers. Free sources of Irish genealogical information are rare on the internet!. This site offers a number of online Irish databases and transcribed documents, including Land Owners in Ireland 1876, Irish Flax Growers List 1796, Pigot & Co’s Provincial Directory of Ireland 1824, Slater’s Commercial Directory of Ireland 1846, Guy’s Postal Directory of Cork 1914 and cemetery transcriptions and photographs.

I would like to thank all those who have provided information for use on this site, especially Enda Lee, Henry McFadden, Jean Prendergast, Dave Sherry, Ginni Swanton, Sean Ahearn  and Jeffrey Wainwright.

Contributions of historical or genealogical interest for West Cork welcomed and appreciated. This site reflects my own interest in genealogy, but I am not a professional genealogist and I am unable to answer individual research questions.  Names currently being researched are Hayes, O’Connor, Brown, Fox, Santry, Callaghan and Murphy. My paternal grandfather came from Derryduff near Rosscarbery, my paternal grandmother was born in Dingle. My maternal grandparents came from Mullagh, Moynalty, Tierworker areas of Meath/Cavan.”