Manorhamilton District Birth Records, Co. Leitrim

This page features civil Birth Records for the district of Manorhamilton in Co. Leitrim and includes full names (where possible), the year of birth, and the quarter in which the birth occurred. A searchable index of all available birth records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Congrim William 1866
Conolly James 1864
Dolan Francis 1866
Dolan Francis 1866
Dolan Francis 1866
Dolan Francis 1875
Dolan Francis 1882 2nd
Dolan Francis 1880 3rd
Dolan Francis 1878 4th
Dolan Francis 1880 4th
Gaffney Bridget 1884 4th
Gallagher Ellen 1876
Kelly Florence 1884 1st
Martin Anne 1867
McDonnell Eileen P. 1925 4th
McDonnell James 1925 1st
McPartland James 1871
McPartland Sarah 1871
M’Hugh Mary Catherine 1882
M’Kee Mary 1867
Molneaux Fanny 1866
Molyneux Bartholomew 1866
Molyneux James 1866
Spear Annie 1888 1st
Wynne Johanna 1867

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