Marriage Records, Boyle, Co. Roscommon, 1848-51

The last three sets of registers on this film are for Boyle, later records for Boyle are on Pos #4608. This names in this index were taken from the third set of Boyle records on the film.

1. Marriages July 3rd 1848 – June 30th 1864.

The first names are given in Latin for the section of the marriage film used to create this index, surnames are written in English. Placenames are not given. In some cases there is a note beside the Grooms name giving a regiment so a lot of the men named on this film could be soldiers from anywhere in Ireland stationed in Boyle. The register also has the names of the sponsors or witnesses to the marriages. No guarantee is given as to accuracy of the folling index, it is possible that some entries have been missed. Spellings are as best read by the transcriber (Jane Lyons) but someone else might read them differently. There were approximately 123 marriages recorded in this parish over the period 3rd July 1848 – 6th December 1851.

Index to Names found in the Roman Catholic Marriage Register 1848-51

Sorted by Surname of Groom

Bride surnames which do not appear as Groom surnames (incl. variations and questionables) : List not created yet.

Groom Bride Date
Peter Baker Mary Spellman 30-Apr 1851
Patritius Baunon Catharina McManus 03-Sep 1848
Thomas Begley Margarita Hunt 31-Oct 1848
Franciscus Benson Catharina Nevin 23-May 1850
Martinius Berne Maria French 30-Nov 1848
Andw Berne Margt Gavagan 11-Aug 1851
Samuel Boyton Catharina McKeon 12-Dec 1850
Bernardus Bradly Bridgida Taaffe 09-Apr 1850
Daniel Brady Brigida Conlon 20-Feb 1851
Thomas Brown Johanna Cunningham 13-Oct 1850
Joannes Butler Maria Cheeky 07-Feb 1850
Georgius Cardwell Eleonora Haly 04-Nov 1848
Jacobus Carroll Maria Regan 26-Feb 1849
Lucas Carty Maria Gafney 10-Feb 1850
Joannes Casey Anna Lowe alias McDonagh 10-Aug 1848
Patritius Cawley Bridgida Murray 11-Oct 1848
Matheus Clancy Honoria Colligan 03-Sep 1848
Patritius Coen Maria McGettrick 26-Sep 1848
Pat Coleman Sara Rogers 10-Feb 1851
? Coleman Miss Lough 04-Jul 1851
John Colligan Margarreta Lynch 13-Oct 1850
Patritius Colman Sarah Rogers 10-Feb 1851
Patritius Commons Maria Ward 25-Oct 1850
Martinius Commons Maria Forrey 04-Oct 1851
John Conlon Catharina Conlon 27-Feb 1849
Patritius Conlon Elleanora Berne 28-Jul 1849
Joannes Connaghton Margarita McDrury 26-Aug 1848
Daniel Conry Maria Fiehily 13-Sep 1849
Thomas Conry Brigida Sheeran 25-Oct 1850
Thomas Corcoran Maria Tristan 08-Apr 1849
Michael Corcoran Maria Flanagan 08-Apr 1850
Jacobus Corcoran Maria Regan 27-Nov 1851
Johannes Corrigan Cicilia Mullanny 03-Mar 1851
Patritius Cosgrove Maria Nephin 09-Mar 1849
Thomas Cox Honoria Gavigan 01-Feb 1849
Laurentius Cox Bridgida McGrath 16-Jan 1850
Pat Cregg Margt Lavan 25-Aug 1851
Jacobus Cryan Anna Carr 22-Feb 1851
Robertus Cullen Bridgida Travers 28-Jan 1850
Jacobus Cunningham Elizabeth ?Cavenagh 25-Sep 1848
Stephen Cunnyan Briget Dowd 11-Sep 1851
Matheus Devitt Winifreda Crowley 09-Oct 1848
Eugenius Dolan Winifreda Murre?n 11-Sep 1848
Thomas Dowd Anna Cox 07-Mar 1850
Gulielimus Doyle Margarita Hart 18-Jan 1850
Andreas Duffy Maria Cunnian 10-Feb 1849
Michael Durr? Margarita Regan 23-Nov 1848
Thomas Farrell Catharina Martin 19-Jun 1849
Jacobus Farrell Brigida Kennedy 23-Feb 1851
Michael Fineran Margarita Dolan 29-Sep 1849
Michael Flannery Honora Shannon 10-Feb 1851
Gulielimus Forrest Margarita Kennedy 03-Nov 1849
Joannes Gallagher Anna Waters 19-Feb 1849
Jacobus Gallagher Anna Mullarkey 15-Dec 1850
Hugo Ganly Elleanora McGarry 04-Nov 1849
Michael Gara Catharina Taylor 18-Feb 1849
Pat Grady Mary Casey 18-May 1851
Joannes Grey Maria McGrath 26-Nov 1848
Patritius Haly Catharina Crow?isny 29-Jan 1849
Wm Haly Mary Eagan 09-Jun 1851
Joannes Hamil Margarita Bohanan 02-Dec 1849
Patritius Harrington Winifreda Carty 05-Jul 1849
Timotheus Higgins Anna Carrigan 13-Jan 1850
Michael Higgins Catharina Carroll 16-May 1850
Thomas Hogan Maria Coleman 20-Jun 1850
Samuel Hogan Jane McKeon 26-May 1851
Patritius Hopkins Elizabeth Toolan 11-Feb 1850
Patritius Hughes Catharina Caffrey 06-Dec 1851
Patritius Hunt Sara Lowe 08-Oct 1849
Johannes Hunt Maria Cunningham 04-Dec 1850
Dionitius Jacob Maria Lowe 22-Oct 1848
Patritius Kean Elizabeth Reilly 20-Feb 1849
Patritius Keane Bridgida Kennedy 01-Apr 1850
Eduardus Keane Maria Ganley 18-Jun 1850
Johannes Keane Honora Dolan 05-Feb 1851
Thomas Keaveny Honoria Cox 03-Jul 1848
John Kennedy Maria Noone 12-May 1851
Jacobus Kenny Catharina McDermott 15-Feb 1849
Patritius Kilalea Maria McDermott 05-Feb 1849
Martinius Killelea Catharina Killalea 07-Mar 1851
Michael Kilmartin Brigida Gara 03-Mar 1851
Jacobus Leahey Julia Mulhall 12-Sep 1850
Jacobus Lee Maria Roden 15-Oct 1850
Michael Leviston Maria Gethins 12-Feb 1850
Johannes Looman Maria MaNaboe 03-Feb 1851
Joannes Lowe Sara McDrury 26-Nov 1848
Jacobus Lynch Catharina Corr 29-Aug 1848
Pat Lynch Alicia Condon 28-Apr 1851
Johannes Malley Margt O’Brien 27-Sep 1850
Patritius Maxwell Catharina Kean 23-Oct 1848
Johannes McCabe Anna Hanley 23-Jun 1850
Jacobus McCormack Elleanora McHugh 05-Oct 1851
Bernardus McGovern Anna Mullany 09-Feb 1850
Thomas McGrath Maria Corcoran 10-Sep 1848
Patritius McHugh Maria Kennedy 07-Jan 1851
Michael McNiffe Maria Clancy 05-Oct 1851
Patritius Meehan Bridgida Martin 29-Oct 1848
Jacobus Mulhern Bridgida Mullany 30-Aug 1849
Hugo Muloogue Margarita Noone 02-Feb 1849
Patritius Murray Anna Moran 13-Sep 1848
Andreas Murray Maria Berne 18-Nov 1848
Andw Murray Briget McLoughlin 21-May 1851
Patritius Nephin Bridgida Killalea 02-Feb 1850
Denis Oates Honora Killalea 30-Nov 1850
Gulielimus O’Beirne Francisca Morgan 07-Jan 1851
Thomas O’Brien Anna McMorrow 01-Jan 1849
Michael O’Gara Catharina Cheeky 12-Feb 1849
John Powell Agnes Fairly 04-Dec 1848
Jacobus Queenan Maria McCrann 27-Jun 1850
Patritius Reilly Margarita Waldron 30-Jan 1849
Lewis Ryan Brigida Gaynor 15-Oct 1850
Steppanus Sha?nnon Catharina ?Sharcott 31-Jan 1850
Johannes Shanket Brigida O’Tool 22-May 1850
Jacobus Showen Anna Foley 10-Jul 1848
Jacobus Stafford Maria O’Brien 17-Feb 1851
Michael Stapleton Mary Eagan 23-Aug 1851
Michael Tiernan Bridgida Byrne 01-Oct 1849
Eugenius Tiernan Anna Kielty 29-Nov 1849
Thomas Walsh Maria McGlin 13-Nov 1849
Bernardus Waters Maria Kevil 12-Feb 1849
Joannes Whyte Maria McHugh 09-Oct 1849
Francis Wynne Catharina McK?ewley 16-Oct 1848
Michael Wynne Anne Mieghan 12-Aug 1851

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