Marriage Records, Carrigeen and Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny, 1799

Notes on with some extracts from the section of this register which covers marriages 1799. Marriage register is titled “Carrigeen and Mooncoin”. People are listed as being from Polrone and other parishes. All that could be read easily for Jan & Feb 1799 transcribed completely.

Note – first few marriages are listed that the people are both of the parish of Polrone – why??

Jan 16th Thos. Walsh & Mary Carroll – Poulroan parish
Michael Carroll & Elizabeth Walsh

Jan 25th Richd Doherty & Margaret Kenedy.Polrone Parish
Edmd Macky & Maurice Phelan & Willm Carroll

Jan 27th
Michael Dullard & anstas Dunphy of Polron parish
Martin Dunphy, Edmd Dullard & Walt Grant

Jan 27th
Jas Feore of Aglis Catherine Henebry of Ballybrazill
Edmd Feore, Nicholas Henbry & Willm Broders

Feb 3rd.
Patrick Hickey of Cloga to Margaret Grant of Cur?boddy
Kyran Brennan, William McDonnell & Patrick Knox

Feb 5th
Jas. Howley to Mary Begley – Polrone parish
Willm Dunne, Philip Carroll & Ell?a Commerford

Feb 5th
David Keefe to Jean Walsh both of ?Glin
Robbin Walsh, Walt Walsh & James Conway

Feb 9th Michael ??ibs of ?Dowr?mone to Catherine Cuddihy of Donebrone?
Jno Quin, Edmd Stone & Edmd Grant

Feb 11th
Martin ?Nonane of Monchoine to Anne Browne of Ardry.
Thomas Dunphy, Edmond Heign & John Connors

Feb 12th
Jno Phelan of Ballincurry to Catherine Power of Polrone
Rihd Hayes, Jas Morahan, & Richd Phelan

Feb 15th
Jas. Divine, parish of Ownen to Joan Walsh of Silversprings
Michl Cullanan, Thos Walsh, Ann Tobin

Feb 15th
Edmd Walsh, Portnascully to joan Henebry of Ballybrasil
Nicholas Henebry, Danl Walsh & Margaret Macky

Feb 16th
Jno Broders and Anstas Walsh of Doonane
Jno >Dedy, Thos Henebry & Richd Feore

Feb 17th
Edmond McDonel Eleanor Walsh both of Doonane
Richard Walsh, Richard Feore & Anstace Walsh

Feb 18th Patrick Balden of Mothel parish to Elizabeth Brennan of Rath?Crub.
Edmd Fielding, Jno Duggan, Walt Walsh

Feb 18th
Richd Hogan & Mary Fribs both of Grange
Robert Fribs ??? Hogan & Patrick Duigan

Feb 12th, 1792
Married : Thos. Reddy of Kilmacow parish by a certificate from Revd. Mr. Gorman) to Catharine Maguire of Rathkyran present: Mathew Reddy, David Lyons and Thos. Maguire

May 1799
Rathkyran: May 7th. Married, John Reed to Joan Cudihy. Both of this parish and related in the 3rd degree of consanguinity
Wit: Thomas Reed & Margt Reed & Cathy Knox

Ballala?siria. Septr 12th. Married Thomas Ready to Margt Cudihy
Both of this parish
Witnesses: Richd Reed & Cathy Walsh