Marriage Records, Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, 1847-55

The following is indexed according to the surname of the Groom. All spellings are as on the parish register. No guarantee is made as to accuracy, it is possible that some records were missed.

Name Abbreviations found in registers:
Wm = William Jas/Js. = James ; Mich/Mick. = Michael ; Margt. = Margaret ; Jn/Jno. = John or Jonathan; Ally = Anastasia (sometimes) ; Anty = Anastasia/Anastatia ; Lau. = Laurence ; Pat/Patt = Patrick ; May = Mary ; Jos. = Joseph ; Matt. = Matthew ; Onny = Winifred ; Cath. = Catherine ; Danl., Dan = Daniel; Hanna = Hanora or Anne ; Jer. = Jeremiah ; Sally = Sarah ; Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza ; Biddy/Bridgt. = Bridget ; Fanton = Finton. Nics./Nich = Nicholas ; Thos. = Thomas ; Nelly = Eleanor or Ellen ; Fanny = Frances

Castlecomer Marriage records for the period 15th July 1847 to 24th November 1880 are on microfilm Pos 5017 in the National Library of Ireland. (I have seen a different film reference number given in some books.)

Daniel Bergin
James Boland
Patrick Bowden
Patrick Bowe
Thomas Bradley
Thomas Bradley
John Brennan
Patrick Brennan
Owen Brennan
Kyran Brennan
Michael Brett
William Buggy
Richard Buggy
Joseph Burke
Michael Burke
William Cantwell
Timothy Carpenter
Daniel Casey
Michael Clear
Patrick Close
John Coghlan
Patt Collins
Edward Comerford
James Comerford
James Comerford
Luke Connery
John Considine
Edward Coogan
Patrick Corcoran
John Corrigan
John Costello
James Crenan
William Crennan
Patrick Cullenan
Thos Cullenan
Martin Currin??
John Daly
Edward Daly
William Deevy
Joseph Deighan
Kyran Delany
Pat Delany
John Delany
Thomas Dooly
William Dormer
Nicholas Dormer
James Dormer
Martin Doyle
William Drennan
Cornelius Driscoll
Michl Dunne
John Dunphy
Michl Fogarty
John Fogarty
Daniel Glennan
James Gorman
John Heffernan
Pat Holden
Michl Holland
Thomas Holohan
John Holohan
John Houlden??
John Kealy??
Michael Keating
John Keealy or Heealy??
Michl Keeffe
Richard Laless
Martin Laless
Thomas Landers
Patrick Larkin
James Lynch
James McCabe
Pat McCabe
Thomas McDonald
Michael McEvoy
James McGrath
John Mulhall
John Neil
Edward Neil
Daniel Neil
Patrick Neil
Joseph O’Deighan
Thos O’Hearne
Michl Osborne
Mathew Phelan
John Phelan
Joseph Phelan
Martin Prendergast
Patrick Purcell
Edward Purt??
Matt Quigley
Thomas Quin
John Reddy
John Rowe
Robert Rowe
James Ryan
Michl Ryan
James Shea
James Sheehan
Arthur Spencer
Henry Edmond Staunton
Michl Tobin
Patrick Walker??
William Walsh
Anthony Walsh
William Wilson
Margaret Ladden
Margaret Lyng
Bridget Brenan
Mary Egan
Bridget Murphy
Mary Shea
Betty Blansfield??
Bridget Dormer
Anne Moran
Mary Muldowney
Catherine Carthy
Anne Renehan??
Catherine Grace
Matilda Kerevan??
Bridget Drenan
Bridget Breen
Eliza Boyle
Mary Daly
Catherine Bolger
Winifred Cantwell
Ealiza? Cunan
Judith C?unan or Crenan
Cath ?
Mary Coogan
Anne Wilson
Catherine Bowes??
Mary Ryan
Margt Cody
Cath Brophy
Bridget Walsh
Bessy Guilfoyle
Ellen Lalor
Mary Brennan
Eliza Ganty or Garty
Margt Wooly
Bridget Lyng
Mary Mattey??
Mary Love
Margaret Brennan
Honoria Shelly
Mary Denair??
Anne Bowe or Rowe
Catherine Dalton
Mary Delany
Ellen Campion
Ellen Gorman
Jane Symons
Catherine Boyle
Anne Fitzpatrick
Anastasia Cremins
Mary Kelly
Sarah Heanebidge??
Ellen Corcoran
Mary Drennan
Mary Clear
Ellen Kennedy
Mary Bergin
Mary Wilson
Ellen Bradley
Margaret Chester
Margt Humphries
Catherine Peel
Mary Kennedy
Marg Brenan??
Anne Kays or Rays
Mary Coghlan
Judith Hamell??
Bridget Campion
Ellen Cunan
Ally Smith
Ellen Moran
Bridget Bergin
Anne Brennan
Anne Flemming??
Mary Kennedy
Ellen Martin
Mary Baney
Mary Becy??
Bridget Bergin
Ally Brenan
Mary Brenan
Honoria Shelly
Cath Price
Margt Buggy
Mary Brenan??
Mary Purcell??
Cath Walker
Judy Bolger
Betty Crennan
Margaret Ryan
Ellenoria Jordan
Eliza Purcell
Mary Murphy
Ellen Cleare
Ellen Connell
Eliza Comerford
Anne Doran
Judith Rielly??
Eliza Wilson
Catherine Lyng
Margaret Augusta Brenan??
Fanny Daly
Bridget Maher
Ellen Brennan
Eliza Coyne
Catherine Brophy
24-Jan 1856
02-Nov 1855
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