Marriage Records, Clonallen, Co. Down, 1826-28

Clonallen (Warrenpoint) Roman Catholic Parish, Diocese of Dromore: Marriage Index, 1826-1828

The names of all people listed in the Marriage register for this parish are indexed below, alphabetically by the Groom’s surname. The register also contains the names of witnesses to each marriage and in some cases extra notes on the people being married. The townland that they came from is not noted in the register in most cases. This section of the register is reasonably easy to read.

Parish records on film for this parish:

Clonallon (Warrenpoint)
Nov 28th, 1826 – Nov 17th, 1838
Nov 19th, 1838 – Jan 9th, 1869
Marriages: Nov 23rd, 1826 – Dec 30th, 1880
NLI Pos. 5497 – National Library of Ireland
PRONI MIC.1D/22 – Public Records Office of Northern Ireland
LDS BFA 0926077 items 1-2 – Latter Day Saints Library


Groom : Name & Surname Bride : Name & Surname Date
Pat BennettPatrick Bradley

Terence Bradley

Thomas Brady

Peter Butterfield

Pat Cambell

John Carroll

John Connor

John Creney

Daniel Cunningham

Thomas Curtis

John Doran

John Dowdal

Hugh Downey

Pat Doyle

Edwd Duffy

John Dullaghan

Pat Farrell

Edwd Fegan

John Fegan

Christopher Fegan

Peter Goodwin

Thomas Gribben

James Hillan

Arthur Hillan

Michl Hughes

Pat Killon

John Linden

John Lively

Daniel Machial

Thomas Magee

James Mc?Atea

Robert McArthy

John McAteer

Stephen McAteer

Daniel McClory

James McConville

John McConville

Pat McConville

Matthew McDonnell

Bernard McIlroy

Pat McKevitt

Stephen McKivergan

Matthew McKivergan

Jas McLeavy

Arthur McLevey

Bernard McMahon

Michl McNulty

Michael McNulty

Bernd McNulty

Bernd McNulty

Arthur McNulty

Peter Murphy

Peter Nugent

Arthur O’Hare

Arthur O’Hare

Michl O’Hare

Patrick O’Hare

John O’Hare

Joseph Polin

Edwd Pullin

John Quinn

Paul Rice

Pat Rice

William Rooney

Pat Rooney

James Ryan

John Sheil

John Sloan

Own Slone

Peter Small

John Smyth

Edward Templeton

Hugh Tole

Edward Trainor

Rose MagoneMary McKevitt

Bridget Rooney

Anne McCourt

Anne Gribben

Mary Burns

Alicia Mohan

Margaret McCartan

Anne Parr

Catherine Small

Mary O’Hare

Mary Doran

Bridget O’Hare

Alice Grant

Anne Brady

Margaret McGarry

Jane Calwell

Eliza Doyle

Rose Sharkey

Esther calligan

Rose Murphy

Sarah jordan

Bridget McGuigan

Catherine Savage

Rose Maguigan

Mary Connolly

Mary Doran

Rose Mohan

Rose Grant

Rose Mooney

Margaret McDonnell

Rose Connolly

Francis Doran

Bridget Byrne

Catherine McCourt

Margaret Murnaghan

Margaret Magee

Mary Kelly

Eliza Morgan

Margaret McAvoy

Susanna Lynch

Mary O’Hare

Bridget Fegan

Eliza Byrne

Margt Garvey

Anne Carvill

Catherine Keenan

Bridget Ward

Catherine McGuigan

Mary Anne Fegan

Catherine McLevey

Rose Collins

Mary O’Hare

Sarah Simmons

Anne Feran

Sarah Grant

Mary Grant

Cath. Smyth

Rose Fegan

Maria Hagan

Alice Magee

Mary Keenan

Bridget O’Neill

Catherine McVeigh

Anne Murphy

Margaret McConville

Elizabeth McConville

Margaret Gribben

Mary Sloan

Anne McA?farson

Susanna Burns

Bridget Connolly

Anne Small

Rose Morgan

Mary O’Neill

09-May 182811-Jan 1827

21-Dec 1828

31-Dec 1826

15-Dec 1826

26-Oct 1828

22-Aug 1828

07-Jul 1828

05-May 1828

14-Jan 1827

26-Oct 1828

17-Aug 1828

31-Dec 1826

15-Aug 1828

19-Oct 1828

06-Jul 1827

03-Aug 1828

16-Sep 1827

27-Apr 1827

26-Oct 1828

16-Nov 1828

01-Dec 1826

12-Sep 1828

31-Jul 1828

11-Aug 1828

09-Nov 1828

26-Jan 1827

18-Nov 1828

07-Jul 1828

27-Feb 1827

24-Oct 1827

20-Apr 1828

18-Nov 1828

02-Jan 1827

01-Nov 1827

13-Apr 1828

26-Nov 1826

02-Dec 1826

18-Apr 1827

23-Oct 1827

23-Jan 1827

26-Nov 1826

15-May 1828

27-Jun 1828

27-Apr 1828

31-Dec 1826

03-Dec 1828

31-Oct 1827

16-Apr 1828

19-Jun 1828

16-Jul 1828

11-Nov 1828

29-Apr 1827

06-May 1827

08-Jan 1827

14-Jan 1827

26-Apr 1828

22-May 1828

05-Aug 1828

27-Dec 1826

20-Jun 1827

26-Jan 1827

04-Jan 1827

04-Jun 1828

07-Jan 1827

25-Jan 1827

03-Jun 1828

28-Dec 1826

13-May 1827

27-Feb 1827

31-Jul 1828

23-Nov 1826

22-Nov 1828

01-Aug 1828

24-Aug 1828