Marriage Records, Geevagh, Co. Roscommon, 1851-55

Geevagh Roman Catholic Parish – National Library of Ireland ref: Pos # 4607

Marriage Index 1851-1855

The first two sets of registers on this film are for Geevagh.

1. Marriages Jan 13th 1851-Nov 25th 1880. 2. Baptisms. Feb 25th 1873 – May 20th 1880

The first names are given in Latin for the section of the marriage film used to create this index, surnames are written in English. Very few placenames are given in this section. They are not included here. The register also has the names of the sponsors or witnesses to the marriages. No guarantee is given as to accuracy of the folling index, it is possible that some entries have been missed. Spellings are as best read by the transcriber (Jane Lyons) but someone else might read them differently.

Index to Names found in the Roman Catholic Marriage Register 1851-1855

Sorted by Surname of Groom

There were approximately 95 marriages recorded in this parish over the period 13th January 1851-30th December 1855. Towards the end of 1855, there seems to be some confusion with the headers on the pages. The last page of any register for any parish which includes entries for more than one year usually has the two years written e.g. 1855/56. With this register, over the entries for December 1855 and January 1856 the years are written as above 1855/56. However, the next set of two pages also carries the same years, even though the dates are for February – the year headings seems to indicate that the records are for 1855 even though there were 1855 entries two pages back. This index has only used the entries up to the first December 1855. The register would have to be studied in greater detail to ascertain whether or not there actually are more entries for 1855.

Bride surnames which do not appear as Groom surnames (incl. variations and questionables) : Bartly – Clarke – Clements – Collery – Conry – Cooney – Creamor – Donele – Donlon – Doud – Doyle – Dunbar – Euiw? – Feeney – Flynne – Gallagher – Garbey – Gillen – Gormly – Grey – Hall – Harte – Laing – Lally – Martin – McCormick – McDonogh – McGarry – McKaen – McLoughlin – McVaumna – Monaghan – Owens – Pye – Roarke – Rorke – Teenan? – Wren

Placenames which appear(including questionables) :Annagh – Ardline – Aughnacloy – Ballynashee – Barroe – Cabragh – Carramore – Carrickard – Carrowcashill – Carrownadargny – Cloneenhue – Gap? – Geevagh – Glen – Greenmore – Kil?murry – Mount Town – Ro(?b)er – Shaduff – Shancough – Shraduff – Tap? – Ummerar?ge

Groom Bride Date
Johannem Berrane
Thaddeum Breheny
Martinam Breheny
Patritium Brennan
Patritium Burges
Johannem Campbell
Carabram Carroll
Michaelem Cogan
Patritium Conlon
Michaelem Conlon
Dionysium Conlon
Dominicum Conlon
?Lacibemia Conlon
Johannem Conlon
Michaelem Conlon
Michaelem Conlon
Jacobum Connaghton
Michaelem Costello
Petrum Costello
Michaelem Cranna
Bernardum Cullen
Johannem Cunnawn
Michaelem Daly
Jacobum Dignan
Jacobum Donoher
Martinum Doude
Michaelem Duffy
Johannem Fallon
Michaelem Fallon
Thomam Fallon
Gulielimum Fallon
Petrum Fallon
Patritium Farrell
Martinam Flynne
Jacobum Flynne
Edwardum Flynne
Johannem Flynne
Patritium Flynne
Johannem Foley
Mare?nne Foley
Johannem Gaffney
Thomam Gaffney
Thomam Haraghy
Johannem Harren
Thaddeum Hart
Patritium Hart
Patritium Healy
Johannem Heart
Johannem Higgins
Johannem Higgins
Jacobum Jordan
Bartholomum Kaveny
Johannem Kea(?ney) or cey?
Johannem Keany
Patritium Kearns
Phillipum Keegan
Patritium Kelly
Bernardum Kennedy
Petrum Kill?inan
Patritium Kill?orn
Jacobum Kilmartin
Jacobum Lavin
Patritium Lehe(?n)y
Jacobum Mallany
Michaelem Mattimoe
Patritium Mattimoe
Milen Mc?Padeu
Patritium McDermott
Jacobum McDermott
Patritium McDonagh
Jacobum McDonogh
Eugenium McGauran
Thomam McGennis
Dominicum McGlinn
Patritium McKeon
Patritium McKoen
Michaelem McManus
Farrelium McMorrow
Huganum McNama?mna
Jacobum McNella
Huganum McParlen
Jacobum McPartlan
Bernardum Mulcahy
Patritium Mullany
Michaelem Mullany
Martinum Mullany
Johannem Mulvanny
Johannem Nangle
Jacobum Noone
Michaelem Oates
Patritium O’Brien
Jacobum Sweeney
Johannem Tobin
Rogericum Valentine
Patritium Waters
Elizabetham Heart
Annam Cullen
Mariam Gallagher
Brigidam McKaen
Brigidam Breheny
Mariam Mattimoe
Mariam Connaghton
Franciscem Rorke
Elizabetham Clements
Mariam Conlon
Margaritam Conlon
Catherinam Conlon
Brigidam Conry
Catherinam McCormick
Brigidam McManus
Mariam Rorke
Honoram Grey
Brigidam Gormly
Margaritam Hart
Catherinam Euiw?
Ceciliam Cullen
Brigidam Doyle
Margaritam Feeney
Annam Noone
Mariam Cooney
?Annam Fallon
Margaritam Lavin
Brigidam Burges
Mariam Collery
Brigidam Conlon
Catherinam Donele
Margaritam Fallon
Brigidam Laing
Margaritam Breheny
Mariam Doud
Brigidam Gillen
Honoram Grey
Brigidam McLoughlin
Annam Gaffney
Annam Waters
Mariam Gaffney
Margaritam Kearns
Annam Breheny
Brigidam Martin
Brigidam Feeney?
Honoram McDonagh
Brigidam Garbey
Mariam Roarke
Mariam Lally
Mariam Pye
Catherinam Fallon
Eleanaram McDonogh
Mariam Conlon
Elizabetham Breheny
Brigidam Donlon
Catherinam Kelly
Annam Creamor
Mariam Dunbar
Honoram Monaghan
Honoram Harte
Catherinam Hall
Brigidam McCormick
Brigidam Noone
Honoram McNella
Catherinam Cooney
Annam Mattimoe
Brigidam Daly
Brigidam Clements
Catherinam Owens
Mariam Valentine
Brigidam Conlon
Annam McKeon
Honoram Nangle
Mariam Cooney
Brigidam McDonogh
Brigidam McGarry
Catherinam Flynne
Brigidam McLoughlin
Brigidam Flynne
Brigidam Conlon
Annam Clarke
Catherinam Breheny
Brigidam McDonagh
Mariam Healy
Brigidam McDonogh
Catherinam Mullany
Margaritam Breheny
Brigidam Daly
Catherinam Wren
Brigidam Teenan?
Brigidam Bartly
Mariam Conlon
Elizabetham McVaumna
Brigidam McManus
Catherinam McKeon
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