Marriage Records, Graigue, Co. Laois, 1870s

SO = Son of ; DO = Daughter of
Name Abbreviations found in registers:
Wm = William Jas. Js. = James Michl, Mick. = Michael, Margt. = Margaret, Jno. = John or Jonathan, Ally = Anastasia (sometimes), Lau. = Laurence, Pat = Patrick, May =Mary, Jos. = Joseph, Matt. = Matthew, Onny = Winifred, Cath. = Catherine, Danl., Dan = Daniel, Hanna = Hanora or Anne, Jer. = Jeremiah, Sally = Sarah, Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza, Biddy, Bridgt. = Bridget, Fanton = Finton.

Beginning at 1878

All surname & placename spellings are as written in the register

Entries Numbered on pages.


8. 10th Nov. Groom : James ? Kennedy from Ardenteggle son of Thos & Mary Doolan from Ardenteggle.
Bride Margaret Malone, Rossmore. Dau of Michl & Sarah Condren, Rossmore.
Witnesses:. Thos Malone, Rossmore & Sarah Kennedy, Ardenteggle
Note: This couple “ran away” and in punishment for doing it were brought to the altar in front of the congregation

7. 2nd November
Groom: John Hunter, Derringday, Co. Kildare. S.O. James & Mary James
Bride: Kate Scully, Killeshin. D.O John & Bridget Doran, Killeshin
Witnesses: Michael Mulvihill, Carlow & Sarah Doran, Keelogue
Note: John Hunter converted from Protestant

6. 2nd November
Groom: Michael Brennan, Number: SO: James & Mary Walshe, Number
Bride: Margaret Moore, Church St. DO: James & Mary Bergin, Church St.
Witnesses: James Byrne, Number & Johanna Brophy, Henry St.

5. 30th Oct.
Groom: James Kelly, Carlow Cottage. SO Thomas Kelly & Mary Cummins, Newbridge.
Bride: Bridget Farel, Knockly. DO James Farel and Margaret Brien. Can’t read rest.


3.Feb 5th
Groom: John Kelly, Castlehil. SO Michael & ellen Kelly, Moneve.
Bride: Margaret Walker, Graigue. DO John & Mary Walker
Witnesses. Thomas Kelly, Monieve & Maria Walker

6. Feb 10th
Groom: Patrick Hayden, Graigue. SO John & Carherine ?Brosky, Carlow
Bride: Eliza Fennell, Church St, graigue. DO Michael & Catherine Murphy, Church St.
Witnesses: Mathew Donohoe, Sleety St, Graigue. & Mary Farrell, Tullo St., Carlow.

7. May 13th
Groom: Patrick Kane, Chapel St., Graigue. SO Edwd & Marcella Maher, Graigue
Bride: Kate Brennan, Chapel St. DO Pat & Catherine Doran, Graigue.
Witnesses. Pat Fitzgerald, Carlow & Margaret Kenna, graigue.


1.25th Jan : Groom: Pat Haydon, Barn. SO Thos & Mary Hayden (deceased)
Bride: Alice Kelly, Rap….une, DO Martin & Bridget Kelly (deceaed)
Witnesses: Edward & Ellen Cuddy, Carlow

4. 9th Feb.
Groom: John Whelan, Carlow. SO James & Margaret Whelan (deceased)
Bride: Mary Kelly, Rossmore. DO Michael & Mary Kelly, Rossmore.
Witnesses: Michael Quinn, Tomad. Mary Kelly, Rossmore


16. Oct 8th.
Groom: John Byrne, Castleview. SO Andy & Mary Byrne, deceased
Bride: Anne Kelly, Rossmore. DO James & Margaret Kelly, deceased.
Witnesses William Murphy, Milford & Ellen ?Slater, ?Clievemore.

18. Nov 23rd
Groom: Edwd Cuddy, Carlow. SO Edward & Mary Cuddy, deceased.
Bride: Ellene Kelly, Graigue. DO James & Bridget ? Rathvilly.
Witnesses: John Kinsella, Raheen & Mary Moore, Carlow

6. Aug 11th.
Groom: Edward Byrne,, Graigue: SO: Pat Byrne, graigue
Bride: Bridget Kelly, Graigue. DO John Kelly, graigue.
Witnesses: John Whelan & Anne Kelly, Graigue

11th Feb.
Groom: Thomas Kelly, Graigue. SO Pat Kelly
Bride: Mary Donohoe DO John Donohoe
Witnesses: Matt Donohoe & Elizabeth ?Ligurin

2. Feb 19th.
Groom: Michael Lyons, Clonmore. SO Michael & Julia, deceased.
Bride: Eliza Gascon, Cappalung. DO John & Julia, Cappalug.
Witnesses: Thomas Whelan, Clonmore & Mary Gascon, cappalug

15. Nov 19th
Groom: John Finne, Rossmore : SO Daniel & Margaret Finne, Rossmore
Bride: Agnes Kelly, Rossmore. DO Michael & Mary Kelly.
Witnesses. Andrew McDonald, Rossmore & Anne Kelly, Rossmore.

7. July 4th
Groom: Edward Dunne, Carlow. SO Thos. & Margaret, deceased.
Bride: Kate Donohoe, Graigue. DO Thos & Elizabeth Donohoe, Graigue.
Witnesses: James Maguire, the College & Elizabeth Farrell, Mill Lane.
James Maher, PP.

10. Oct 3rd.
Groom: John Hoar, Graigue. SO George & Agnes Hoar, Graigue.
Bride: Margaret Nash, Graigue. DO Luke & Bridget Nash.
Witnesses: Michael Waters, Graigue & Alice Dowling, Graigue.

Nov. 28th
Groom: Andrew McDonald, Springhill: SO Michael & Catherine McDonald, Springhill
Bride: ?Anne Kelly, Clop?eran: DO Michael & Mary Kelly, Clop?heran.
Witnesses David Pender, Sprinhill & Mary Nolan, Springhill

8. Oct 10th
Groom: John Kavanagh, Coorlane: SO Peter & Margaret Kavanagh, deceased.
Bride: Catherine Kelly, Coorlane; DO John & Catherine Kelly, Coorlane.
Witnesses William Kelly, Coorlane & Maria Kelly, Bilb?a

1. Jan 14th
Groom: ?William Whelan, ?Ballybrittas. SO Edward Whelan, Ballybrads
Bride: Mary Hickey, ?Clonmore. DO James Hickey, Clonmore.
Witnesses: Michael Lyons, Ballykellae. & Sarah Dunne, Clonmore.

17. Nov 14th
Groom: Pat Donohoe, Church St.SO Joh and Anne, Church St.
Bride Mary Nolan, Sleth. DO William & Mary Nolan, Sleth
Witnesses: Martin Donohoe, Church St. & Kate Kelly, Sleth St.

Groom: Patk Houlihan, Graigue. SO Denis Houlihan, Graigue
Bride: Catherine Donohoe, Graigue. DO Thos Donohoe, Graigue
Witnesses: Jas Dwyer, Carlow & Margt. Holohan, Graigue.
16. Nov. 12th
Groom Michael Byrne, St. Kevin’s Dublin. SO John & Anne Byrne, deceased.
Bride Margaret Casey, Clonmore. DO Tim & Mary casey, Clonmore
Witnesses. Michael Lyons, Clonmore & Mary Tracey.

Aug. 7th
Groom: Henry Murphy, Graigue: SO Martin & Anne
Bride: Margaret Corcoran. DO Edw & Julia
Witnesses: Pat Kelly, Coal? & Bridget Kelly, Carlow

Jan 3rd.
Groom James Donohoe, Graigue SO John & Anne, Graigue.
Bride?? Moran, Graigue: DO : Pat & Alice Moran.
Witnesses: Michael McDerby, Graigue & Kate Healy, Graigue.
1. Jan 3rd.
Groom Michael Kelly, Springhill, parents deceased.
Bride Mary Hogan, Graigue. DO Mary Hogan, Carragh.
Witnesses: Pat Delaney, Graigue & Biddy Hogan, Billingshill

2. Feb 14th
Groom William Farrell, Dromagh. SO William & Bridget Farrell, Dromagh.
Bride MaryAnne Maher, Lough. DO John & Ann Maher, Lough.
Witnesses: Gerald Foley, Clonmeen & Catherine Conwell, Mary St.

12. Sept 7th
Groom: Edward Fitzpatrick, Cooen SO Edward & Bridget Fitzpatrick, Cooen.
Bride ?Anna Hosey, Ardteggle. DO Ned & Jane Hosey, Ardteggle
Witnesses: John Bradly, Coona & Mary Kelly, Ardteggle