Marriage Records, Kilfenora and Killoraght, Co. Clare, 1865

National Library of Ireland film number 2440

Latter Day Saints film number BFA 926065
Register quite faded

Reasonably clear first page. Name abbreviations or nicknames: Mort/Murt = Martin, Pat = Patrick, Michl = Michael, Margt. = Margaret

1865 Marriages: Dec 2nd
Michael Donohoe to Julia Cahir. Witnesses: ?Mort Donohoe and Kate Nagle
Dec 10th
Michael Tierney to Bridget Jordan. Witnesses (Wts) Francis O’Brien & Mary Hogan

Only two registrations for 1865.
Feb 6th.
John Curin to Ellen Egan. Witnesses: Michl Hegerty & Mary Egan
Feb 10th
John Tuttle to Susan ?Mobury. Wts: Michl Tuttle & Mary Mobury
Feb 12th.
Laurence Hogan to Bridget Glynn. Wts: Andrew ?Kuin or Huin & Mary ?Morricy
Feb 13th.
John O’Brien to Margt. Nelligan. Wts: John Donohoe & Bridget ?Garden
June 7th
Michl Smyth to Honor Shannon. Wts: Thos O’Neile & Bridget Galliher
June 9th.
Terence McNamara to Mary Egan. Wts.: Michl. Egan & Bridget Connors
June 12th
Michl. Murphy to Cathreine Hogan. Wts.: Thos. Fitzpatrick & Honor Fitzpatrick
June 23rd.
James Kierse to Bridget Donohoe. Wts: Michl Donohoe & Bridget O’Loghlen
Aug. 15th.
William ?Connole to Bridget Mullins. Wts. Brtholomew Crowe & Bridget Mullins
Oct 21st. Michl ?Kilnashn to Anne Lynch. Wts. Matthew Hogan & Susan McMahon

Jany 13th. Patk O’Loughlin to Elizabeth Hoare. Wts: Michl Molony & Bridget O’Loughlin
Feb 12th. Michl. O’Neil t oMargaret Galvin. Wts. Pat O’Brien & Margt. McInerny
Feb 20th. Michl Hogan to Honor Castin or Calin. Wts.John O’Brien & Maria O’Brien.
Feb 25th.
Thos. Linnane or Lunnane to Mary Roach. Wts: Garret Liston & Mary Crowe
Feb 27th.
Thomas Griffey to Mary Molony. Wts. James Griffy & Mary Griffey.

Official Title on film: Diocese of Galway Kilfenora
Bapt Sept 3rd, 1854 – Sept 12th, 1876
Name on register:
St. Fachanan’s Church, Kilfenora

Official Galway, Kilfenora Bap June 1st, 1836 – May 15th, 1847
Name on register: Kilfenora & Killoraght Baptismal register commencing 1836 and marriage register commencing 1842.