Marriage Records, Kyle and Roscrea, Co. Laois, 1810-11

This page features 81 marriage records from Kyle and Roscrea of Co. Laois in the years of 1810 and 1811. Return to County Laois Genealogy.

Month Groom Bride Witness 1 Witness 2 Year
April ?? McGrath James Kenny Catherine Shaughnessy ????? Byrnes Margaret 1810
April 20th Kewwan Darby Clarkson Eliza Clarkson Mary O’Shaughnessy Sean 1810
April 30th Gill William Sheridan Mary O’Shaughnessy Jane Byrne Mary 1810
April 30th Larkan John Moran Catherine O’Shaughnessy John, Rev. O’Shaughnessy Jane 1810
Dec ?? Dwyer James Cahill Mary Grady Mr. Grady Mrs. 1810
Dec 1st Loury Daniel Meagher Judy Bergin Mrs. Meagher Michael 1810
Jan/Feb ?Clintis Daniel Higging Judy Keeshan John Troy Mary 1810
Jan/Feb O’Brien Darby Feeghery Nelly Judge Judith Grady Mary 1810
Jan/Feb McLally Brien Carty Bridget McLally Jas or Jos?? Corrigan Anne 1810
July ??? Duffy ???? Cosgriff Catherine Stenson or Stevenson Fras. Byrne Mary 1810
July 11th Nowlan William Mooney Anne Bergin Martin Keeshan Margaret 1810
July 19th Bergin Kyran Dooly Anne Stenson James Dooly Anna 1810
July 26th Fannan John Delaney Bridget Rigney William Cantwell Judith 1810
July 4th Lahy Thomas Whelan Anne Whelan Michael Carroll Margaret 1810
June ??? Ahearn Walter Tynan Sarah Keeshan John Ryan MAry 1810
June ??? Dealy James Perkinson Mary Deacon James Doran James 1810
June 17th Trahan William Slattery Catherine Slattery Thomas Smith Mrs. 1810
June 24th Devitte John Meagher Sarah Holmes John Jackson Edward 1810
June 3rd McDonnell John O’Neill Mary O’Connor Owen ?Finnell or Farrell Bryen 1810
June 5th Connors Daniel Kelly Margaret Fannan John Delaney Margaret 1810
March ?? Corrigan John Brien Sally Beard John Corrigan Eliza 1810
March ?? Quinlisk Patrick Dean Joanna Egan William, Esq. Downes Bridget 1810
March ?? Tracy James Guinan Sarah Whalen Tim. F. Bergin Mary 1810
March ?? Farrell Thomas Carroll ?Anatia Cavanaugh William Delaney Margaret 1810
March ?? Flanigan Jos Horan Catherine Madden Michael Hays Mary 1810
March ?? Landy John Dugan Judy Landy Tim. F. Grady Catherine 1810
March ?? Lynch ??? Ganon ?Jan Ryan John., Rev Ganon Patrick 1810
March ?? Maher William Kerwan Bridget Egan William Egan Anne 1810
March ?? Maher ??? Maher Sally Maher Patrick Maher Judy 1810
March ?? O’Hara Michael Purcell Margaret Byrnes Mary Keenan Mary M. 1810
March ?? ?McGoly…?? Thomas ?Lewman Mary Canary Patrick O’Shaughnessy Jane 1810
March 22nd Borley Isaac Corcoran Mary Leahy ?Luct. Delaney Wm., Rev. 1810
May ??? Brennan Patrick Abbott Catherine ?Nowlin Michael ?P?? Margaret 1810
May ??? Brian James Allison Sarah Nowlan James Allison John 1810
May ??? Casey Bryan Carroll Anne Connelly Patrick Fogarty Anne 1810
May ??? Conroy John O’Donnelle Margaret Reynolds Edward Whelan Susannah 1810
May ??? Cormack John Henessy Catherine Kelly Peter Grady Mary 1810
May ??? Walsh William Loury Judy Meagher Catherine Loury Edward 1810
May ??? ?Fabinorsis Js. Kilfoil Mary O’Shaughnessy ?J?? Byrne Nancy 1810
May ??? Flaherty John Curren Catherine Curran Mrs O’Shaughnessy Jane 1810
May ??? Keenan John Palmer Eliza O’Shaughnessy J., Rev. Byrne Mary 1810
May 24th Keeshan William Bourke Mary O’Shaughnessy Jane Downes Bridget 1810
May 30th Cahill Patrick Tracey Sarah Grady Timothy Grady Catherine 1810
Nov 18th Delaney Thomas Quinlan Margaret O’Brien Edmund Delaney Lawrence 1810
Nov 23rd McEloy or McEvoy? John Jones Elizabeth Connor JAmes Delaney Catherine 1810
Nov 5th McLenigan Henry McDonnell Betty McDonnell Mrs Madden ???? 1810
Oct 16th Whelan Dennis Quinlan Sally Davy Edward Phillips Mary 1810
Oct 21st ?Pattwell John Casey Winifred Madden Sergant Fannon John 1810
Oct 22nd Finch Joseph Ryan Anne Finch James Chambers Mary 1810
Oct 25th Britt Patrick Delaney Margaret Meany Darby Quinlan Judith 1810
Sept 24th Molony Patrick ?Hooly Eleanor Rice Joseph Day Anne 1810
Jan ?? Cardialle Silvester Oats Sarah Keeshan MIchael McMahon James 1811
Jan 10th Moony Daniel Meagher Catherine Kavanaugh Patt Kavanaugh Margaret 1811
Jan 14th Meagher John Lambert Catherine Leonard Edward ?Quick or Quirk Anne 1811
Jan 15th Egan Michael Feely Winifred Harty William Harty Sarah 1811
Jan 17th ?Diordan? John Hawley Mary Browne Sophia O’Shaughnessy Jane 1811
Jan 4th Reilly Michael Ryan Mary Fannon John Byrnes Mary 1811
Jan 9th Ward Patrick Lawlor Mary Foster Sergant Conlon Martin 1811
July ??? Stacey George Gleeson Sarah McGinnis William Rowley William 1811
July 16th Brennan James Phelan Mary Phelan Timothy Grady Timothy 1811
July 18th Carroll William Keeshan Catherine Tierney Thomas Troy Mary 1811
July 23rd Hogan Daniel Reynolds Bridgette Smyth Joseph Egan Francis 1811
July 8th Walsh John Meagher Margaret Lewis William Meagher Mary 1811
June 18th Bergin Thomas Gavin Mary O’Brien Charlotte Armstrong Margaret 1811
June 2nd Sprawls James Scully Anne Hogan John Mullins Elizabeth 1811
May 29th Keenan Michael Keogan Mary Gomery Thomas Keogan Mary 1811
May 2nd Troy Michael ?He?? Mary Bergin Darby Woodlocke Patt 1811
May 9th Lynch Nicholas Lee Henrietta Coghlan John Coghlan Margaret 1811
Nov 11th Byrnes John Whelan Sarah Delaney Dennis O’Shaughnessy Jane 1811
Nov 19th Meagher John Cleary Mary Bergin Patrick O’Leary Elizabeth Anne 1811
Nov 20th Tracy Dennis O’Brien Charlotte Brierley John Armstrong Margaret 1811
Nov 20th Whelan Daniel Leahy Winifred Phelan Michael ?O’Slapptetan Margaret 1811
Nov 30th Brien Patrick Coonan Catherine Woodlocke Thos. Woodlocke Patrick 1811
Nov 30th Ferns Michael Kenny Mary O’Shaughnessy Jane Whelan Thomas 1811
Nov 30th Haverty William Harty Sarah O’Shaughnessy Jane Harty Mary 1811
Oct 13th Britt Patrick McDonnell Mary O’Brien Anthony Hogan Catherine 1811
Oct 19th Foy Matthew Whelan Catherine Dooley Patrick Whelan Judith 1811
Sept 24th McCoy Daniel Byrne Anne Dwyer Daniel Dwyer Margaret 1811
Sept 29th McGuire Richard Doyle MAry O’Shaughnessy Jane McRedmond Sally 1811
Sept 3rd Delaney William Kelly Catherine Whelan Patt Whelan Margaret 1811
Sept 4th Keeshan John Delaney Anne Keeshan Patt Keeshan Mary 1811