Marriage Records, Lisdowney, Co. Kilkenny, 1828-32

Bride & Groom Names, plus dates are given here. This index was transcribed and created by Jane Lyons. No guarantee is given as to 100% accuracy. Witness names are also given in the register, these were not transcribed. An attempt was made to read all records, there may have been some at the end of pages which were blocked out on the film. Over the years transcribed there were a total of 100 marriages recorded in the Roman Catholic parish of Portarlington

Bride Surnames or spelling variations which do not appear as Groom surnames : Barry?? – Blanchfil – Brophy – Burke – Byrne – Cashin – Costigan – Delahunty – Doyle – Dunne?? – Foley – Glindon – Gorman – Grogan?? – Guinan – Harney – Head – Hoyne – Keeffe – Kehoe – Kenny – Knaresborough – Laherty – Lannan – Lickton or Siclton?? – Loeylda?? – Maguire – Martin – Muldowney – Neil – Oxly – Power – Quin – Read – Ried? – Shorthall – Slattery – Talbot – Wall – White – Wolf

First Name Abbreviations
Ally = Anastasia (sometimes), Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza, Biddy, Bridgt. = Bridget, Betty = Elizabeth ; Cath. = Catherine, Danl., Dan = Daniel, Fanton, Finton = Fintan , Hanna = Hanora or Anne, Honner = Honora, Honoria, Jas. Js. = James, Jer. = Jeremiah, Jim = James , Jno. = John or Jonathan, Jos. = Joseph, Judy = Judith ; Lau. = Laurence, Matt. = Matthew, Michl, Mick. = Michael, Margt. = Margaret, May = Mary, Murty, Murtha = Martin ; Nelly = Ellen, Eleanor ; Onny = Winifred, Pat = Patrick, Peggy = Margaret ; Sally = Sarah, Thos., Thoms., = Thomas, Richd = Richard, Winn, Winny = Winifred ; Wm = William

Groom Bride Date Year
Tom Balkin Mary Fogarty 07-Oct 1830
John Bergin Kitty Egan 19-Jul 1829
Nick Bergin Biddy Kelly 13-Feb 1831
John Bowe Kitty Foley 01-Mar 1832
Patt Brady Margaret Kelly 11-Jul 1830
Larry Brenan Ally Ried? 15-Jul 1829
John Brenan Biddy Brenan 19-Nov 1832
Martin Brenan Mary Dowling 29-Jan 1830
Patt Brenan Anty Hickey 02-Oct 1832
John Brenan Mary Maguire 07-Feb 1831
James Brett Biddy Muldowney 14-Feb 1830
Patt Broderick Nancy Bergin 16-Feb 1830
Michael Butler Anne Grogan?? 21-Oct 1830
James Butler Kitty Cahill 19-Jan 1832
Wm. Butler Nelly Head 01-Nov 1829
Owen C?onnell Anne Dooly 18-Aug 1830
Tom Cahill Biddy Glindon 08-Jul 1832
Wm. Campion Bridget Murphy 25-Sep 1829
Mick Cantwell Sally Delany 01-Feb 1830
Tom Cantwell Biddy Kenny 10-Oct 1830
Larry Cantwell Mary Mahony 05-Mar 1832
Thomas Carbery Mary Burke 16-May 1831
Nicholas Carroll Bridget Martin 04-Mar 1832
Richard Cody Ally Walsh 06-Mar 1832
Wm. Collatin Kitty Loeylda?? 25-Nov 1830
Dick Conway Mary Byrne 11-Dec 1831
Mick Coyne Mary Maher 10-Feb 1831
Nick Crean? Mary Fogarty 04-Feb 1830
Patt Cuddihy Catherine Cuddihy 22-Feb 1830
Dick Cuddihy Judy Kelly 25-Jul 1829
Denis Cussan Mary Purcell 27-Jan 1831
Martin Delany Kitty Bergin 25-Feb 1829
Barth Delany Anne Doyle 03-Mar 1829
Andy Delany Nelly Mulhall 26-Feb 1832
John Delany Mary Walsh 26-May 1830
Martin Dohony Peggy Glindon 17-Feb 1830
Michael Dooley Mary Power 14-Feb 1831
Tim Dooly Kitty Sexton 19-Feb 1832
John Dowling Mary Cashin 22-Feb 1832
Fergus Dowling Margaret Maguire 08-Feb 1831
Mick Dowling Betty Neil 13-Jul 1829
John Dunphy Biddy Dunne?? 14-Feb 1830
Wm. Egan Margaret Fitzpatrick 01-Dec 1832
John Fa?relly Peggy Shorthall 10-Feb 1831
Martin Fitzpatrick Mary Fitzpatrick 22-Feb 1830
Patt Fitzpatrick Anne Walsh 08-Jul 1831
Michael Fogarty Biddy Brophy 03-Jul 1832
Michael Forrestal Mar?gt Costigan 21-Oct 1830
Patt Forrestal Mary Costigan 24-Nov 1831
James Gahagan Mary Delahunty 19-Sep 1831
Mathw Grace Honor Knaresborough 28-Nov 1832
Frank Griffin Kitty ?…ken 31-Jan 1831
Michael Hickey Peggy Brenan 23-Feb 1832
Charly Hogan Biddy Talbot 11-Jun 1829
Jer Holden Mary Cantwell 23-Sep 1830
Wm. Horan Biddy Maher 24-Oct 1831
Wm. Houlahan ?Mary Mulhall 26-Jan 1830
John Jordan Mary Laherty 08-Feb 1832
Patt Jourdan Sally Guinan 11-Sep 1831
John Kavanagh Mary Walsh 13-Feb 1831
Wm. Kelly Biddy Brenan 18-Feb 1830
Wm. Kenedy? Judy Fitzpatrick?? 17-Nov 1829
Nick Kennedy Ellen Walsh 21-Feb 1830
John Kilfoyle Judy Walsh ?19/9 1831
Terry Kinsella Kitty Ryan 13-Aug 1832
Patt Lalor Mary White 11-Feb 1830
Martin Lowry Judy Cahill 23-Feb 1832
?Math Macdonald Kitty Barry?? 13-Aug 1829
James Maher Eliza Brophy 28-Jan 1831
John Maher Ellen Dooly 20-Apr 1830
John Maher Judy Fogarty 13-Jul 1830
John Maher Catherine Phelan 26-Nov 1828
John Maher Mary Phelan 08-Sep 1831
Mick Maher Mary Walsh 23-Aug 1832
John Mahony Mary Kenedy 16-Feb 1830
Mick Mansfield Peggy Fitzpatrick 27-Feb 1829
Riddy Mansfield Anty Fitzpatrick 03-Mar 1829
Peter McGuiness Anty Maher 03-Sep 1831
John Meighan Mary Phelan 11-Jul 1829
Ned Mulhall Bridget Kelly 25-Jan 1831
Patt Mulhall Betty White 27-Nov 1832
Henry Mulrooney Mary Harney 05-Mar 1832
Patt Murphy Biddy Campion 27-Nov 1828
Michael Murphy Kitty Phelan 06-Mar 1832
John Nowlan Ellen Doyle 27-Apr 1831
John Phelan Anne Cantwell 24-Sep 1829
Mick Phelan Mary Delany 15-Feb 1830
Dan Phelan Abby Hoyne 29-Feb 1832
Larry Phelan Peggy Phelan 23-Feb 1829
Mick Phelan Betty Read 10-May 1829
John Phelan Peggy Ryan 02-Mar 1829
Robert Philips Peggy Broderick 27-Feb 1829
Wm. Philips Biddy Wolf 06-Mar 1832
Philip Purcell Mary Cahill 24-Sep 1832
Tom Quealy Kitty Lalor 27-Feb 1829
Mick Quigly?? Ellen Fitzpatrick 03-Sep 1829
Martin Quinlan Judy Bergin 13-Jul 1831
Tom Rabbit Betty Kehoe 01-Mar 1829
Ned Ryan Kitty Corrigan 19-Jan 1832
James Ryan Kitty Gorman 22-Feb 1829
John Ryan Mary Wall 25-Jan 1831
Dick Sexton?? Anne Slattery 24-Jul 1831
Tom Shortall Kitty Grace 03-Mar 1829
Randal Smith Jane Oxly 26-Feb 1829
John Stapleton Mary Blanchfil 03-Feb 1831
William Sutton Mary Cody 25-Nov 1830
Wm. Thornton Peggy Lickton or Siclton?? 26-Feb 1829
James Walsh Anne Bergin 14-Feb 1831
John Walsh Biddy Dooly 15-Aug 1830
Kyran Walsh Judy Hoyne 05-Mar 1832
Kyran Walsh Anne Keeffe 15-May 1831
Patt Walsh Mary Lannan 27-Feb 1832
James Walsh Biddy Maher 11-Feb 1831
Ned Walsh Biddy Quin 02-Mar 1829