Marriage Records, St. Michael’s Parish, Co. Limerick, 1824-25

St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Baptismal Extracts

Baronies of Pubblebrien and Limerick City

Union of Limerick

St. Michael’s Civil Parish

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Listed below is an index to the names of the people who got married in the Roman Catholic Parish of St. Michael 1824-25. Between 1824 and 1825 a total of 100 marriages were performed in this parish. I do seem to have missed one entry as I have 99 sets of names

Ed Logan of Philly won five hours research with the Genealogy Raffle and he is interested in the surnames Fitzpatrick, and Thompson. He asked that some different years of the baptismal register be searched, we’ve had no success yet

This section of the marriage register has been indexed in full. There are no addresses given for any entry, the details given are the names of the Bride and Groom and those of two witnesses, plus the name of the Priest who performed the ceremony. It has not been indexed for Ed, but as a guide for those of you who are interested in particular surnames over these years in Limerick city. All spellings are as they were read from the register. This part of the register is relatively easy to read as indicated by the lack of question marks indicating where I had a problem reading something and the letters after the ?are my best guess.

The full details for entries relating to certain surnames such as McNamara and Quin or Quinn will be passed on to the respective Yahoo mailing lists for these surnames to which I am subbed. Details for some other surnames which are of interest to Y-IRL listers will be passed on to the Y-IRL mail list.

St. Michael’s Civil Parish (Co. Limerick) belongs to the Civil Registration District of Limerick for the purpose of Birth, Marriage, Death & Census records

Groom : Surname & Name Surname & Name – Bride Date
Patrick B?irminghamDenis Beehan

Martin Brett

Thomas Burnett or Bennett

John Butler

Richard Clarke

Patrick Cleary

William Clohesy

James Collins

Martin Connell

James Connell

James Cregan

Mathew Danlan

Denis Dawson

Richard Dempsy

James Donohoe

Patrick Donovan

Patrick Dore

?Cornelius Dwyer

Thomas Enright

John Farrel

John Finerly

Thomas FitzGibbon

Edmond Flanedy

Anthony Flavington?

Daniel Gavin

John Gilligan

Thomas Gleeson

Jeremiah Glinn

Thomas Gorman

Patrick Grace

Timothy Grady

William B. Hackett

John Hair

Patrick Halley?

Jerry Halpin

Patrick Hanneen

Thomas Harrigan

Thomas Hayes

Thomas Heffernan

John Hogan

john Howard

Michael Hunt

John Hynes

Patrick Jurdan

?William Kane

Patrick Keane

William Keane

Patrick Kearny

Edward Keating

Maurice Keleher

Edmond Kelly

Patrick Kennedy

John Kennedy?

William Kennelly

William Kerns

John Le?ary

Roger Lillis

James Lynch

Silvester M?undo?ra

Michael Ma?rtin

Edmond Magrath

?Morgan Mah?in

?John McAuliffe?

Jeremiah McCarthy

Michael McCarthy

Michael McMahon

Patrick McMahon

Michael McNamara

Thomas Meade

John Mollony

James Morony

William Nash

Jerimiah Naughton

John Naughton

James Nestor

Timothy Nolan

Thomas O’Brien

Cornelius O’Brien

Michael O’Brien

Patrick O’Brien

John O’Connor

James O’Connor

Thomas O’Donnell

William O’Shea

Florence Perry

James Phealan

John Quinlon?

James Regan

Michael Russell

Thomas Ryan

Daniel Shaughnessy

Michael Sullivan

Laurence Tierney

Thomas Wall?

Patrick Wallis

John Walsh

Edmond Walsh

Huile AnneO’Mealy Bridget

Gubbins Eliza

Hinchy Mary

Hanly Catherine

Clarke Honoria

Caufield Mary

Daniher Mary

Minihan Mary

FitzGerald Catharine

Hurley Ellen

Deely Mary

Gould Mary

Cooke Mary

Roche Mary

Leary Margaret

Connolly Judith

Cussen Bridget

Boyle Honora

H?ewson Belle

O’Neill Bridget

Murphy Eliza

FitzGerald Ellen

Winne Catharine

Lane Mary Anne

McCormack Margaret

Purcell Honora

Kennedy Margret

Deary Catharine

Mollony Terasa

Magrath Anne

O’Hara Anne

O’Callaghan Margret

Ca?sey Margret

Leahy Mary

Downes Anne

Kielly Ellen

Fenny?? Bridget

Corbett Mary

Ormond Mary

Nunan Mary

O’Regan Catharine

Sullivan Catharine

Collins Mary

Kennedy Catharine

Frawley?? ?Margret

Sheehy Catherine

Scanlan Mary

Carmody Margaret

Kennedy Ellen

Hule Anne

Ryan Marcella

O’Donnell Margret

Nolan Margaret

Farrell Judith

Dunn Mary

Prendivill Catharine

Ryan Susanna

Curtin Mary

Skeddy Margaret

Higgins Ellen

Gleeson Margret

Ahern MArgret

Cusack Catharine

Griffin Catherine

O’Connor Bridget

Gloster Bridget

McNamara Margaret

O’Brien Eliza

O’Brien Mary

Leahy Mary

Smith Anne

O’Brien Serah

Lahiff Mary

Kelly Mary

Scott Agnes

Griffin Ellen

Boyle Bridget

FitzGerald Alicia

O’Connor Anne

O’Mara Honora

Curry Ellen

O’Dea Mary

Winn Elizabeth

Connell Jane

O’Neill Elizabeth

Walsh Mary

Doody Margaret

Sullivan Johanna

McNamara Margaret

Sheahan Catherine

Ryan Harriet

Conway Catharine

Roberts Margaret

Ryan Sally

Murray Mary

Hogan Mary

Reardon Margret

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