Marriage Records, Maryborough, Co. Laois, 1850-55

Maryborough (Portlaoise), Laois (Queen’s Co.)
National Library of Ireland(NLI) (Dublin) film ref Pos. 4201

My references do not indicate that the LDS have a copy of this register even though they do have a copy of Mountrath which is on the same NLI film.  You will have to check this yourselves.

I have two notes about this set of parish records.  The register is in English.  My first notes on the actual condition of the filmed register is that it is in *terrible* condition.  I have written “VERY bad nick.  Hard to make out dates and writing terrible. Witnesses names seem to be missing in some places,, bride and groom don’t seem to be named in one entry, just the witnesses.  This is a terrible register!”

Later on the film, there is a transcript for Marriages 1850-1940

Of this I say, Modern transcript, arranged alphabetically.

In the material I transcribed more than one place name is mentioned in some entries.  For convenience I have moved all placenames into one column.  Please don’t take it that this is exactly the place either the bride or groom were from, it may have been given as the place that a witness was from.  Take this as a guide for place-names.  It is a long time since I transcribed this section of this register and I have no note to myself to tell me how much of the material I was transcribing.

All spellings are exactly as I read them

Groom Name Surname Bride Name Bride S  Place Date Year
Patrick Bergin Margt Moore 20-Aug 1850
Patrick Bergin Maria Hennessy 14-Jan 1851
Robert Bergin Mary Corcoran 29-Jun 1852
Timothy Bruder Maria Kay 07-Feb 1853
John Buggy Anne Whelan 07-Feb 1853
J Byrne Brigid Farrell 19-Aug 1850
James Byrne Marg Law?..ey Ballygo?rman 25-Feb 1851
Martin Byrne Ellen Maher 20-Feb 1855
George Campion Mary Guiott Town 12-Jul 1851
William Carey Margaret Murray Maryboro 15-May 1856
Peter Carroll Mary Heath) Tobin 29-May 1855
Daniel Carroll Mary (Maryborough) Lee Maryboro 10-Jul 1855
Patrick Carroll Jane Clarke Knocknagrove 04-Feb 1856
Michael Carry Anne Brophy ?Shane 12-Aug 1850
Patrick Casey Eliza Kelly 23-May 1855
William Casey Mary Whelan Heath 29-Jan 1856
Patrick Chester Catharine Bergin Taugher 24-Feb 1851
Patrick Clonan bridget Bergin 30-Aug 1853
John Comerford Mary Sheridan Maryboro 06-Aug 1855
James Con?roy Letitia Hickey Town 14-Oct 1851
Patrick Conroy Sara Dowling Ballydavis 16-Jul 1855
William Conroy Biddy Murphy Grange 01-Dec 1855
Matthew Conway bridget ?Farrell the Town 16-Apr 1850
James Coss Betty Bergin Lamberton (Dysartenos parish) 24-Feb 1859
Daniel Courtney Ony Whelan Kilpatrick 04-Feb 1856
Christopher Craw Mary Monlon or Nowlon Town 22-Jul 1851
Philip Cunningham Mary Neill 28-Aug 1854
Lawrence Cushion Elizabeth Murphy 11-Feb 1855
Patrick Cushion Anne Holohan Clonsoughy 25-Sep 1855
John Daly Catherine Wallace 08-Mar 1855
Timothy Delaney Anne Ains 17-Jul 1855
Michael Delaney Winny Delaney 22-Nov 1855
Jno Delany Maria Johnson the Town 07-Nov 1850
Alexander Dowling Anne Delaney 06-Jun 1855
Denis Drennan Judith Ramsbottom 30-Oct 1855
Andrew Duff Mary Bergin ?Taugher 30-Nov 1850
Pat Dunne Anne Fitzgerald Meelick 24-Jun 1850
Michael Dunne Jane ?Berry ?town 30-Nov 1850
Michael Dunne Elizabeth Colgan 24-Aug 1850
Daniel Dunne Julia Fenelly 20-Aug 1855
Patrick Dunphy Elizabeth Walsh 24-Jan 1853
?Thos Fallon Mary Ann Adelaide Mangan Baggot st., Dublin 08-Jan 1850
Matthew Farrell Eliza Kelly ?Killa 26-Apr 1851
Thos Fingleton Ann Dunne Rathno?mara 16-Jun 1851
Daniel Fingleton Margaret Finly Kilminche 29-Nov 1851
Wm Finly Mary Rorke the Town 01-Jun 1851
Edward Fitzgerald Mary Moylaid 20-Aug 1855
Patrick Foley Alice Walsh 22-Jan 1854
John Giny Catherine Whelan Kilteal 10-Feb 1850
James Gleeson Eliza Fitzpatrick Closeland 12-Nov 1850
John Gleeson bridget Donahoe Kilmany 28-Nov 1850
Thos Gowan Cathr Conran 31/6 1850
Michael Grace Julia Philips Maryboro 16-Feb 1851
Henry Grey Mary Erwin 19-Oct 1850
Henry Grey Maria Buggy Dysart 27-Nov 1851
Patrick Guilfoyle Catherine Brennan 24-Jul 1855
Michael Hargroves Catherine Whelan 11-Jan 1852
John Headon Eliza Connor Aughnakila 18-Feb 1851
Edwd Healon Catharine Black Town 09-Oct 1851
Lawrence Hinds Brigid Quinn 22-Oct 1855
Michael Hyland Sally Cotter 19-Feb 1855
Patrick Kane Brigid Kenna 12-Aug 1855
Lawerence Kavanagh Catherine Burke 26-Sep 1855
Patrick Keating Julia Brien 27-Nov 1855
Patrick Kelly Margaret Vanston 26-Sep 1855
Jas Kinsella Mary Ann Morrisy Dysart 30-Apr 1851
Patrick Lalor Mary Brophy 17-Oct 1854
Jno Larkin?? Margrett ??Mara ?Town 29-Nov 1851
Patt Lynch Eliza Neil Town 20-Jul 1851
Daniel Lynch Catherine Wallace 20-Feb 1855
Fantan Lynch Jane McDonald 20-Feb 1855
Robert Lyons Anne Cruise the Town 31-Aug 1850
joseph Mack Catherine Whelan 08-Nov 1855
William Mahon Bridget Drinan ?Purcelstown 26-Nov 1850
Michael Mane?? Ann Doyle Kilminche 08-Feb 1851
Denis Mara Catherine Robonson 30-Jan 1851
Thomas Martin Margaret Hanly 13-Aug 1855
James Maynagh Maria Hackett 03-Jul 1855
John McCormack Catherine Kelly 07-Feb 1851
John McDonald Mary Walsh the Town 24-Sep 1850
Philip McDonald Margaret Carville 21-Nov 1851
William McDonald Sera Brophy 08-Mar 1855
Patrick McEvoy Mary Guilfoyle 07-Feb 1851
Lawerence McGrath Brigid Whelan 19-Feb 1854
Thos Megrath Catharine Higins Dysart 26-Oct 1851
Peter Miway?? Ester Maher Ballygonnan 13-Apr 1850
John Nolan Margaret Brophy 14-May 1856
James (Barracks) Norton Mary Haslam 16-Jan 1863
Patrick Norton (Ballycarroll) Kilteale parish 12-Feb 1872
Laurence Quigly Margaret Quirk the Town 07-Feb 1850
Wm Quinn Mary Croak Ballicarrol 25-Apr 1851
William Randel?? Ellen Fitzpatrick the Town 26-Jan 1850
John Roberts Bridget Coss 21-May 1853
Timothy Rourke Elizabeth Holbrookes 10-Sep 1855
Paul Ryan Ellen Lalor 09-Oct 1853
Thomas Ryan Margaret Dowling 05-Aug 1855
John Sandys?? Sara Whelan Town 04-Jul 1851
Joseph Scott Christina Baldwin 27-Jan 1851
Patrick Short Elizabeth Dunne ?Strole 08-Nov 1851
James Short Mary Dunne 22-Nov 1855
Joseph Sissons Margaret Morrissey 27-Nov 1852
James Swain Judith Kane 08-Sep 1855
John Tallent Susan Herbert 03-Sep 1855
Robert Thompson Catherine Deegan 04-Sep 1850
Thos Walsh Mary Doolan the Town 04-Jun 1850
Walter Walsh Honor ?Miway ??? 25-Feb 1851
Robert Whelan Eliza Mcvoy Balla?connell 03-Mar 1851
Michael Whelan Anne Deevy 31-Jan 1853
Patrick Whelan Mary Mahon 07-Feb 1853
John Whelan Mary Kennedy 19-Oct 1854
William Whelan Elizabeth Guilfoyle 01-Jul 1855
Daniel Whelan Bridget Donohoe 03-Sep 1855
Michael Whelan Mary Maher 17-Sep 1855
Michael White Ellen Clear the Town 25-May 1850