St. Mary’s, Carlow Town Graveyard Records, Co. Carlow

This page features free records for St. Mary’s, Carlow Town, transcribed by Dr. Jane Lyons and exclusive to

Surname Name Address Death Age
Browne Charlotte 37
Browne William 1840 77
Browne Clayton Mary Magdalena
Bruen Henry Oak Park
Burton Pollacton Carlow 07/03/1905
Clayton Browne Robert
Colpoys Bloomfield Ellen
Colpoys Bloomfield Godfrey
Coltman Mary Ann Hagnary Priory, Lancashire
Cuffe Burton Charles W. Pollacton 1902 80
Doyne Rev. Charles 66
Fitzroy Stanhope Vigors Charles 33
Gurley Bagnel 25
Jameson Rev. Joseph Carlow
McDowell Benjamin Francis 38
McDowell Charles William Otterholt 52
Nugent Thomas Aubrey Jocelyn 25/04/1915
Thomas Jocelyn H. W. Belmont 22/10/1932 93
Trouton Edmund 28

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