St. Mary’s (Pauper’s Burial Ground), Athy Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare

The following St. Mary’s (Pauper’s Burial Ground), Athy gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

Charles McArdle Late Of Tipperary Who Died 20/6/1992

Edward O Donoghue Late Of Cork Who Died 1/8/1992

Patrick Feeney Late Of Rathangan Who Died 16/9/1989 Aged 79 Years

Francis McCourt Ballyroe Churchtown Who Died 17/11/1985 Aged 80 Years

Peter Keating Who Died 7/2/1985

Peter Carolan Who Died 29/9/1972 Aged 83 Years

Pat Donohoe Of Carlow Graigue Who Died 8/7/1877 Aged 37 Years

Christina …rd Died ….

Mary Gavin Who Died 15/10/196?

James Brady Who Died 19/1/1959 Aged 65 Years

Dominic C…… Who Died 27/6/1969 Aged 70 Years

Alice Clarendon Who Died 11/1/1970 Aged 72 Years

John Clarke Who Died 24/2/19…Aged 80 Years

John Connor Who Died 21/3/1963 Aged 72 Years

John Corcoran Who Died 15/8/….. Aged 75 Years

John Dolan Who Died 11/3/1963 Aged 60 Years

Maria Doyle Who Died 5/7/1977 Aged 82 Years

Andrew D…. Who Died 1/11/1955 Aged 62 Years

Annie Dunne Who Died 11/5/1…. Aged 78 Years

Jane Fagan Who Died 26/4/1958

Michael Foley Who Died 28/8/1973 Aged 45 Years

Michael Foster Who Died 15/6/1968 Aged 77 Years

Kathleen Gorey Who Died 15/2/1872

Sarah Graham Who Died 24/2/..

William Greene Who Died 22/5/1976 Aged 76 Years

John Herne Who Died 26/11/1968 Aged 60 Years

Agnes Horan Who Died 25/5/19… Aged ….

Edward Horan 28/7/1960 Aged 86 Years

James Hourigan Who Died 11/5/1963 Aged 33 Years

Norah Keane Who Died 7/3/1959 Aged 70 Years

Bridget Kelly Who Died 26/12/1912 Aged 80 Years

Bridget Keogh Who Died 24/7/1954 Aged ..7 Years

James Meagher Who Died 5/1965 Aged 77 Years

Charles McArthur Who Died 20/3/1973 Aged 85 Years

Mary McConnell Who Died 26/10/1953 Aged 70 Years

Francis McGuire Ballyroe Churchtown Who Died 17/11/1985 Aged 80 Years. (J Nolan Ballon)

Mary Nolan Who Died 17/2/1970 Aged 70 Years

Thomas O Connor Who Died 4/6/1976

James O Dea Who Died 30/6/1958 Aged 69 Years

Michael O Grady Who Died 2/12/1963 Aged 75 Years

Mary O Rourke Who Died 26/2/1959 Aged 74 Years

Matthew Russell Who Died 23/10/1967 Aged 79 Years

Thomas Shinners Who Died 23/11/1968 aged 72 Years

Patrick Ware