Mass Rock, Oughaval, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co.) Photographs

I’ve never seen a Mass Rock before and I saw that there was a path to the Mass Rock when I looked at the ‘Notice Board’ at Oughaval Woods, so, I decided let’s go that way and the dogs didn’t mind which way I went so long as they got a good walk!

On the path, we came across a ‘sign post’ for the Mass Rock and I have to say before I got to it I wondered if it would be marked at all!

Mass Rock sign, Oughaval Woods, Laois

Mass Rock sign, Oughaval Woods, Laois

It’s really a very nice walk.  The initial part is a bit hilly but after that there are only a few ups and downs.  I didn’t realise we were at the Rock and I thought Bambi had just found a stone that looked like it could hold Holy Water and then after taking a few photos of this, I looked up and realised I was actually there.

It is a beautiful setting in amongst the trees.  Here are the photographs.

People leave their thoughts or hopes or prayers for some ‘deed’ they would like ‘done’ – the recovery of a friend or a loved one would be the usual prayer, with these thoughts, they leave something like a rosary beads.  You can see some of these on the photo of the top of the Cross and even on the St. Bridget’s Cross.