Milford District Marriage Records, Co. Donegal

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Milford in Co. Donegal and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Alcorn Jane 1855
Allison William 1851
Bail Grizzy 1855
Calhoun Rebecca 1857
Callaghan William 1865
Carr Anne 1869
Carr Bernard 1869
Carr Darby 1865
Carr Edward 1869
Davison Mary 1846
Dorrian Ellen 1896 1st
Kennedy Margaret 1864
Kennedy William 1865
Killen Eliza 1864
Killen John 1864
King David 1864
Lyons Anne 1849
Lyons Catherine 1851
Murray John 1865
Murray Mary Jane 1845
Porter James William 1849
Speer Mary Chambers 1908 2nd
Telford Anna Maria 1850
Wilson Thomas 1851
Woods Mary Jane 1851

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