Military News, October 1845

Head-quarters of the 49th have arrived in Athlone from Dublin.

The 57th or ‘Die-Hards’ are ordered home from India after 2(?1) years service.

Captain Ormsby has taken command of the Royal Depot at Nenagh, Major Deane having left for Gibralter.

A son of Richard Sadlier, Esq., of Scalaheen, Co. Tipperary, is promoted to a company in the 41st, quartered in Dublin.

The 73d embarked at Cove for Giberalter on Saturday, on board the Apollo t=troop ship.

The entire of the services companies of the 54th are now in Cork, and will embark in a few days for Giberalter. On the embarkation of the 54th, the 34th from Fermoy will move into Cork, to embark for Corfu.

The 11th Hussars under Lord Cardigan, move from Dublin to Newbridge in a few days.

Lord Lieutenant Mountcharles, Scots Greys Capt. Mildmay, of the Bays and Captain Cathcart, 11th Hussars dined with the Lord Lieutenant on Tuesday evening.

Major General Wyndham has returned to Dublin from leave, and takes command of the garrison.

Lieutenant Carey, 44th, succeeds Captain Lynch, 57th at Omagh, on the recruiting service.

The officers and men of the 24th Regiment have, with a generous feeling of sympathy, ubscribed one days pay for relief of the may sufferers of fire at Quebec.

Two privates of the 25th, who deserted from Tralee with £10 belonging to Lieutenant Davis, Depot Paymaster, were arrested in Cork this week.