Baptism Records, Mountrath, Co. Laois, 1823-24

Mountrath, Roman Catholic Parish
Diocese of Kildare & Leighlin
Baptisms: Oct, 12th, 1823 – April 21st, 1867.

National Library of Ireland film ref Pos. 4201
LDS film ref: BFA 0926122

I have indexed the names of children and parents for the years 1823 & 1824.  The film was reasonably easy to read and in English.  Placenames are given for the most part.  Spellings in the index below are as I read them in the register.  The following list is sorted alphabetically by the surname of the child.

Child Name Surname Father Mother Name S Mother Place Date Year
Sera Brophy Pat Dolly McEvoy Island 12-Oct 1823
Martin Byrne James Biddy Dunn Chapel lane 16-Nov 1823
John Campion Henry Mary Doughiny Up. stree?t 12-Oct 1823
Cath Condran Richd Betty Hughs Kilbricken 10-Nov 1823
Ann Conners Mick ?lisa carroll Clun?drid 29-Dec 1823
Margt Conroy John Winifred Thoma?n Bridge 19-Oct 1823
Michl Darcy Tom Biddy Kelly Red castle 12-Dec 1823
Fintan Dealy Michl ?? Menton ?Croncoon 28-Dec 1823
Sally Deegan John Mary Phelan Up. street 26-Oct 1823
Charles Deevy Fintan Cath Humphreys ?factory 15-Dec 1823
Cathr Delaney William Margt Dowling 25-Nov 1823
Danl Dona?ldson James Margt Gleeson Town 26-Dec 1823
Michl Doran Willm Jane campion ?Coote street 04-Nov 1823
Murtha Fitzpatrick?? Batt Betty Fitzpatrick Down street 30-Oct 1823
Catherine Gorman John Betty Gorman Trumery 02-Nov 1823
Cathr Kilfoil Tom Biddy Dunbarr Coote st 19-Dec 1823
john Lalor Peter Betty Maher Clonenagh 19-Oct 1823
Margt Lalor Batt Mary Egan Rockannia 01-Nov 1823
Mary Lalor Batt Judy Dowling Rockanina 12-Nov 1823
James Larkin Denis Margt Banan Ringstown 13-Oct 1823
Teresa McCafry hugh Margt Shiel Down street 26-Oct 1823
James Murphy James Bridget Delaney Ringstown 07-Dec 1823
Mary Neil William Margt ?Hibbits 24-Nov 1823
Mary Neill James Margt Carroll Down street 06-Nov 1823
Eliza Perkinson?? Ned Margt Fitzpatrick Rockannine 12-Oct 1823
Edwd Rolls John Ellen Brennan Up. (?S)heet 13-Oct 1823
Cathr Shiel Myles Honora Menton Cloncoote 18-Nov 1823
Margt B?inks John Mary Delany Coote st 17-Oct 1824
Richd Bailon?? Willm Margt Doran Down street 29-Jun 1824
Cath Bennett Willm Mary Rochford Gurteen 15-Mar 1824
Mary Bennett Martin Susan Delany Gurteen 27-Aug 1824
Ally Bows Willm Sally Bray Oldforge 16-Jun 1824
Ann Bray John Judith Delany Down street 19-Dec 1824
Mary Brennan Tom Mary Walsh Clonard 24-Jan 1824
Monacha Brennan John Judith Cass Fumery 15-Aug 1824
Michl Britt John Judith Kavanagh Mt. Rath 24-May 1824
Eliza Bryan PAt Margt Tynan Shannon Bridge 14-Nov 1824
Honora Byrne James Mary Whelan Mt. Rath 13-Sep 1824
Margt Cahill Bernard Margt Fitzpatrick Mt. Rath 21-May 1824
Anne Cahill Tom Margt McEvoy ?Shannahan 28-Jul 1824
Mary Campion John Betty Kilfoil Oldforge 10-Jun 1824
Anne Carr Michl Margt Supple Down street 13-Feb 1824
Matthew Carroll Mat Judy Malowney F?innmery 10-Mar 1824
Tom Carroll John Margt Dunne Clonad 31-May 1824
Pat Cashen PAt Bess Phelan Clonenagh 01-Apr 1824
Mat Claxton John Maudlinn Quirk Nockanna 31-May 1824
John Conners John Margt Cantfield Cloncoo?ce 24-Mar 1824
?Edwd Conners Malack Betty ?Fingen Clonadacary 18-May 1824
Mary Conrahy Denis Ann Quigly Coote st 28-Nov 1824
Margt Coony John Mary ?Navin Springmount 28-Jul 1824
Margt Coss Simon Betty Bryan Clonard 20-Jul 1824
John Costigan John Mo?ros or Moore Mt. Rath 29-Mar 1824
Martha Croasdaile Michl Bess Ryan Mt. Rath 05-Feb 1824
John Cuddihy Pat Ally Cuddy Oldforge 01-Jul 1824
Mary Cullen Tom Bridget Madden Clonenagh 02-Apr 1824
John Cusack James Mary Brophy Mt. Rath 03-Dec 1824
John Cusack PAt Judith ?Keegan Mt. Rath 12-Dec 1824
Ann Da?iling John Susan Heart Shannon ?Cann 24-Sep 1824
Bridgt Dagh?et PAt Margt Riely ?Brishin 30-Jun 1824
Willm Darcy Willm Margt Phelan Factory 11-Dec 1824
Tom Delany Denis Ann Donally Factory 13-Jan 1824
Edwd Delany Edwd Mary Butler Mt. Rath 29-Mar 1824
Mary Delany James Mary Moon Oldforge 25-Apr 1824
Esther Delany Tom Margt Honor Cappagh 10-May 1824
Denis Delany Mick Margt Delany Boley 26-Jul 1824
James Delany John Mary Wallace Mt. Rath 22-Aug 1824
Willm Delany Wm Cath Murphy Mt. Rath 04-Oct 1824
Mary Dilany Ned Mary Stapleton Mt. Rath 28-Apr 1824
Joseph Dilany Mick Mary Hooban Mt. Rath 27-Sep 1824
Mary Dobbin James Judith Brien Forest 16-Sep 1824
Mary Dolan James Betty Moon Clonenagh 01-Apr 1824
Martin Dooly Pat Mary Delany Deranagh 31-May 1824
Cath Dooly Mick Esther Rafter Mt. Rath 24-Sep 1824
Anne Dowling Tom Cath Whelan Killeany 04-Aug 1824
Tom Dowling Pat Bridget McEvoy Knockannia 19-Dec 1824
Edwd Doyle John Cath Honor Scotchrath 28-Jul 1824
Mary Duggan Joseph Judith Fitzgerald Fumery 11-Mar 1824
?? Dunne Denis Mary Mulhall Fumery 20-Mar 1824
Pat Dunne Edwd Mary Maguire Mt. Rath 03-Apr 1824
Cath Dunne Martin Betty O’Brien Mt. Rath 06-May 1824
James Finlay James Cath Cummins Mt. Rath 12-Oct 1824
Mary Fitzgerald Willm Mary Farrell n.g. 02-Mar 1824
Terence Fitzpatrick Tom Mary Fitzpatrick n.g. 18-Apr 1824
John Fitzpatrick Michl Mary ?Beahan Fumery 25-Apr 1824
James Fitzpatrick James Cath Phelan Mt. Rath 31-May 1824
Tom Fitzpatrick Ned Sally Stinson S. Bridge 14-Nov 1824
Honora Flanagan Peter Cath Bennett Fumery 04-May 1824
John Flinn PAt Betty Darby Shannon Bridge 21-Jun 1824
Ann Galvin John Mary Clarke Mt. Rath 01-Oct 1824
Mary Glacken James Betty Ryan Coolenasmutta 18-Feb 1824
John Gleeson Jno Ellen Quinn Coote st 28-Apr 1824
Edwd Grady Tom Mary Hyland n.g. 18-Aug 1824
James Graham James Debora Fitzpatrick Mt. Rath 25-Apr 1824
Fanny Grennan James Fanny Salmon Coote st 03-Sep 1824
Mary Anne Grinnan?? James Bridget Perkinson Coote st 03-Sep 1824
John Haslam John ?Ellen Fitzpatrick Cappagh 28-Nov 1824
Danl Henesy ?danl Margt Brophy Mt. Rath 30-Apr 1824
Mary Keating Tim Mary Byrne Mt. Rath 01-Apr 1824
John Kennedy John Margt Kenavan Clonard 18-Jun 1824
Thos Kenny Tom Mary Doherty Mt. Rath 29-Mar 1824
Margt Keys Denis Mary Martin Coote street 08-Feb 1824
Mick Keys Mick Cath Moon Mt. Rath 25-Dec 1824
Denis Kinnerney Willm Margt Doran Clonada?cary 08-Mar 1824
Mary Kinnerney John Ellen Clayton Clonadacary 14-May 1824
Edwd Kinsella ?Tom Cath Purcell Killeany 04-Aug 1824
Cath Lalor John Ellen Kinna Red castle 05-Apr 1824
Willm Lalor Willm Judith McEvoy Mt. Rath 20-Jun 1824
Mary Lalor Tom Betty Phelan Mt. Rath 20-Aug 1824
Denis Lalor PAt Cath Bray Forest 23-Aug 1824
Eliza Madden Dominick Margt Whelan Mt. Rath 08-May 1824
Ellen McEvoy Martin Ann Delany Mt. Rath 27-Sep 1824
Wm McEvoy Wm Betty Conners Clonard 23-Oct 1824
James McMahon Michl Mary McCormick Fumery 03-Apr 1824
Pat Mealy John Cath Mealy Mt. Rath 05-Mar 1824
Tom Meredith?? James Mary Kelly Red castle 28-Nov 1824
Ellen Mo?sley Jer Mary Phelan Mt. Rath 08-Jan 1824
Fintan Moon John Margt Dowling Mt. Rath 29-May 1824
Mary Moon Murtha Margt Mortimer ?? 31-May 1824
John Moon Michl Cath Keegan Cappagh 19-Jun 1824
Cath Moon John MAry Lalor Clonard 01-Nov 1824
Ellen Moon Andw Kitty Dowling Oldforge 26-Dec 1824
Anne Moony Wm Mary McDonald Knockannia 18-Dec 1824
Anne Murphy Martin Mary ?Himpson Mt. Rath 27-Apr 1824
Cathr O’Hare James Cath Driscol Mt. Rath 28-Apr 1824
James Perkinson Ned Betty Dee?vy Mt. Rath 21-Nov 1824
John Phelan Andrew Bridget Donally Clonard 09-Jul 1824
Mick Phelan PAt Mary Riely Clonard 17-Oct 1824
Barth Phelan Fintan Mary Deegan Clonard 28-Oct 1824
John Pigott John Mary Finn n.g. 26-Jan 1824
Mary Quade Andrew Mary Grinnan Mt. Rath 06-Nov 1824
Judith Quearny Mick Margt Delany Boley 10-Aug 1824
Eliza Quirk Willm Jane Brophy Shannon Bridge 18-Jun 1824
Charles Riely James Nelly Brady Cloncough 08-Aug 1824
Mary Riely Wm MAry Delany Fumery 17-Oct 1824
Pat Ronan or Honan?? PAt Mary Murphy Fumery 05-Dec 1824
Larry Ryan Larry Betty Delany Roskelton 18-Apr 1824
Pat Scully Willm Jane Watson Mt. Rath 31-May 1824
Bridgt Shea James Judy Fitzpatrick Mt. Rath 18-Feb 1824
Ann Shiel James Peggy Conrahy Rope Mill 29-Nov 1824
Mary Ta?te George Bridget Bennett Cappagh 19-Jul 1824
Willm Thompson Edwd Anne Finlay Forest 17-Oct 1824
John Tyrrell John Cath Nowlan Mt. Rath 29-Mar 1824
Ned Tyrrell John Margt Kelly Rope Mill 29-Nov 1824
John Walker Henry Honora Dunne Clonadacary 31-May 1824
Mary Walsh Pat Anne Murphy Mt. Rath 31-Oct 1824
Margt Whelan Denis Mary Mulan Mt. Rath 02-Oct 1824